Mock Schedules


Ten would be crazy to vacate the 5pm timeslot. Look at how TVAM/Sunrise expanded once Ten were out of the picture with News/Breakfast television offerings (albeit a few years later).

I wouldnt want to change the 5pm to 6pm much if at all. However here is something I think Ten could do from Christmas week til the end of Janaury

5pm Ten News/Ten News First
5:30pm Pointless (or another game show)*
6:00pm Ten News at Six
6:30pm The Sports Project
7:00pm The Project

  • This program could be pulled if a major event is occurring.

The later in the night on 10Boss

9:30pmThe Project (rpt)
10:00pm The Sports Project (new)

Then late night

11:30pm The Sports Project (encore of the broadcast on 10 Boss)
12:00am The Project (rpt)



I am still not a fan of removing news from that 5:30 slot. I think 10 would be silly to do it. 7 or 9 could just start their news service early. Especially 9 when you look at how Hot Seat rates. I just wouldn’t do it.

I am, however, starting to think news is the only thing 10 can really try next in that 6pm slot. Even though its not something I would watch at that time.



5:00 10 News First. Local Editions.
6:00 The Project. News and current affairs. Done differently.
7:00 10 News First. Hyper-local editions. Fast paced. Standing presentation.

For this to work it has to be 7 days a week with a consistent team. Monday through Thursday. Friday through Sunday. It will fail if this is not the case.

This implementation has to coincide with the massive promotional push that they have said they will under for The Project from March.

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What do you mean by consistent team? Could you not have say Lisa working Sunday and Mondays and Carrie Tuesday-Thursday?

It goes everything I have advocated about Australian shows and products in primetime but I believe 10 should see if Judy can spice up 6pm. I have a feeling she could provide some life at 6pm.



The other alternative could be to keep the schedule I proposed except retain the 1 hour news service and move the game show (whatever that may be at the time) to either 4pm or 4:30pm (if Ten has its heart set on a daily game show) with Bold And Beautiful in the other half hour between 4pm and 5pm.

I know that a lot would disregard WIN Television here, but WIN could then screen WIN Local News at 6pm (or 6:30pm) with the Ten program (in the chosen slot) being bumped to 10 Boss or 10Peach



Haven’t they tried Judy at 6pm? Don’t get me wrong, it likely can’t do any worse than Pointless so in the interim could be worth a shot.



When did they try it? I always thought it was just bold and the beautiful that was tried.



Hmm maybe that was it. I thought Judy was thrown in around the time of the “news revolution”



I am not sure. I didn’t think it was but you could be right. I just think she could be a cheap option and could possibly be successful.



Late ‘90s IIRC.

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Perhaps 10 could just leave the game shows that are stripped for now and just leave daytime as it is? Later they could look at some clever game shows that air weekly rather than every night. They could make these shows big event television like Millionaire used to be. Look at how well hard quiz does on ABC, there is a place for a game show in a weekly slot.



2012 on Saturdays. Lasted a few months before being replaced by The Simpsons



An idea for 7 early evenings

4:30 The Chase Australia
5:30 Home and Away
6:00 7 News
6:30 Today Tonight
7:00 7 News



If Home and Away is forced out of 7pm then 5:30pm is not a bad idea. But it shouldn’t be forced out for more news.

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The Channel Seven Schedule of 2020.
5:30AM - Sunrise
9AM - The Morning Show
11AM - Morning News
11:30AM - Home and Away (encore)
12 noon - Movie
2PM - The Daily Edition
3PM - The Chase UK
4PM - Localised Arvo News
4:30PM - The Chase
5:30PM - Home and Away
6PM - News
6:30PM - Today Tonight (only in Adelaide/Perth. Perhaps if Darwin viewers get Adelaide Bulletins due to same timezone in April-September)
7PM - Reality Show/AFL Countdown (Melbourne/TAS). [Adelaide to get first 30 Mins of coverage on 7mate before moving to Primary Channel. Rest of states stay on 7Mate.]
7:30PM - AFL

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I would suggest 4.30pm would be more likely for H&A. No way Seven would be stupid enough to touch something that is working fairly well (The Chase).

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Would 4:30 count towards their quota?



(I should eat my words out)
A 4:30pm timeslot for hAA will be ideal as this competes against 10’s bold and beautiful. I think this will eventually work for 7.

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I actually like this idea. The only possible change would be in the Eastern states, I would have TT head to head with ACA. Friday nights WA/SA/NT could drop the 7pm edition for AFL.

Also as a side note, I would encore H&A on 7Two at 7pm (just so the folk that miss the earlier screening can catch up)

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I would actually change this schedule slightly
5:00AM - Sunrise - Axe the 5am news and give a headstart on Today
8:30AM - The Morning Show - Its already no 1 morning show in its slot - thinking go head to head with Studio 10 and get a headstart on Today Extra
11AM - Eleven AM - Revive the morning news/public affairs program that ended in 1999 replacing the Morning News
12 noon - Movie
2PM - The Daily Edition
3PM - Home and Away (encore) - The Chase UK could move to 7Two and screen at 3:30pm (as a lead in I would screen Million Dollar Minute at 2pm and Deal or No Deal repeats on 7TWO at 3pm to form a 2 and half hour game show block)
3:30PM - Localised Arvo News - retain the 1 hour news service here
4:30PM - The Chase
5:30PM - Home and Away

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