Mock Schedules


This is the strategy I would use for Ten News, current affairs and sports based programs

State based editions (except WA)
7:00am Ten Early Morning News - 1 hour bulletin
6:30pm Ten Evening News - half hour edition - with possibility of expanding to 1 hour from 6pm if successful

National based editions (except WA)
10:30am Ten Morning News - half hour edition
5:00pm Ten News First - 1 hour bulletin
9:30pm Ten Late News

State based editions (WA only)
7:00am Ten Early Morning News - 1 hour bulletin
5:00pm Ten Evening News - half hour edition

National based editions (WA only)
10:30am Ten Morning News - half hour edition
3:00pm Ten News First - 1 hour bulletin
6:30pm Ten Late News


The Project would screen 7:00pm EVERY NIGHT
Studio 10 would air 8am til 10:30am weekdays and 8:00am til 10:00am Saturday and Sundays

New current affairs programs
Revive Page One - original 1 hour format screen it at 10:00am Sunday mornings
Close Analysis - weekly affairs program - ideally would be fronted by either Lisa Wilkinson (or Chris Bath if Ten can secure her services)
Australia’s Most Wanted/Crimestoppers - revive this program possibly in a half hour format again with possibility of becoming a 1 hour program

Introduce news sports program under a working title of either Sports Action or Sports Zone - 1 hour format with possibility of expanding to 2 hours

Sports Tonight 6pm Saturday and Sundays



Just too much news for me. 6:30 news failed before and I don’t think the current landscape needs the 6:30 bulletin.

I would much rather 10 utilise their multichannels and create BOLD news.



Whatever comes around next will be called News First as well. That is the brand

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That’s a good schedule. CBS This Morning should always air close to US broadcast time (or better still, have it live streamed on 10 All Access if possible), like Seven used to do with NBC Today in the 1990s.



9am Sunday 10 Face the Nation with PVO, Samantha Maiden and various guests. 10 had Meet the Press which was axed in 2013 leaving only Insiders as the sole Sunday politics show on FTA TV.



I had a few reasons for the schedule other than the one you pointed out - that its close to when it actually screens in the US. Ten could insert 5 munte pre-recorded Ten Newsbreaks in during CBS This Morning. I also thought because they say a lot of these talk shows are cheap, the overnight could be filled with them.
I would bump the overnight infomercials and religion to 10Boss and 10Peach, and yes I would do what some would say is the unthinkable and slot infomercials on during the day to maintain the current amount of hours (possibly 10am and 11am respectively).

Ten needs to do things differently and if Ten became the only FTA main commercial channel not to have infomercials, it would have the potential to give it a competitiive advantage



Except 10 would be making less money without the informercials at midnight.

And before you say 10Peach and 10Bold during daytime, that’s even more reasons for people to switch off those channels becuase of the informercials. 10Peach and 10Bold rate decently during the day, so why change it for the worst?

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Your argument could be valid, but I am looking at it from this perspective. 9Gem screens infomercials from 1am through to 10:30am each day and I dont see that a 1 hour block mid to late morning would hurt, especially if you are wanting viewers to tune in to Studio 10, Again I know Studio 10 isnt everyones cup of tea, but if the other channel provides an adequate substitute, then it could provide the right balance.

Another forum member had previously suggested dropping infomercials to 2 hours per night on the main channel - which again as you suggested, would reduce Tens revenue source unless you can find an adequate substitute for the lost time.

Under Packer, Murdoch and Gordon Ten literally went to the dogs and my suggestion is about trying to build the network and if CBS can make Ten worth watching. because although you point out 10Peach and 10Boss does well, neither are not the primary channel



An Idea (slightly fictional) for 10 when Masterchef is ready to air:

6:00 Sports Project
6:30 The Project
7:30 Masterchef
8:30 Sunday Night Takeaway

6:00 Come Dine With Me
6:30 The Project
7:30 Masterchef
8:30 Have You Been Paying Attention

6:00 Come Dine With Me
6:30 The Project
7:30 Masterchef
8:30 Tuesday Act
New chat show hosted by Courtney Act featuring a drag show at the end

6:00 Come Dine With Me
6:30 The Project
7:30 Masterchef
8:30 My Life is Murder

6:00 Come Dine With Me
6:30 The Project
7:30 Masterchef
8:30 Trial By Kyle

6:00 Sports Project
6:30 The Project
7:30 The Living Room
8:30 Graham Norton



I like it, only have a few qualms.

  1. Sports Project: if you’re going to do it, stick with the Sports Tonight branding. Much stronger than The Project imo.
  2. Sunday Night Takeaway: I understand this is a fantasy schedule but I doubt 10 will stretch it outside of the period between Celeb and Masterchef. Also, better off as 7:30 programming than 8:30, especially on a school night.
  3. Tuesday Act: an interesting idea and something I’d be interested in seeing. Are Australia as ready to embrace a character like Courtney Act as say the US or UK market? I don’t know how a drag show will go down given the success of I Will Survive but could make for an entertaining program.

Overall, the schedule is pretty accurate.

Masterchef will run Sunday to Thursday 7:30pm. I think 8:30pm programming will be: NCIS or Mr. Black (Sunday), HYBPA (Monday), Trial by Kyle or Mr. Black (Tuesday), My Life Is Murder (Wednesday) and Body Hack (Thursday).

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See I thought The Project’s image was probably a little more well known than Sports Tonight and I wanted to go away from just a sports news service but rather a similar panel show similar to the Project with some comedy aspects.

I agree regarding Sunday Night Takeaway - probably don’t want to over do it.

As for Tuesday Act (obviously name would need work) - I think this is something 10 should really consider. It is time to engage in a new audience and risks can pay off.

As for the likely schedule you are probably right. Mr Black is something I did forget and will probably be paired with Kinnie Tonight.



Idea for a relatively cheap Channel Ten Early Evening Lineup in life after Pointless.

5pm: 10 News Fourth First (they still need to get rid of that highly misleading name)
6pm: The Project
7pm: Primetime programing begins, to get the jump on the other networks who still have commitments to news/current affairs (or in Seven’s case, a soap opera on some nights of the week) in that timeslot.



I just don’t think the project should be moved. It does quite well at 7pm and it would only provide future problems. 10 would also be required to spend a lot of money on 8pm and 8:30 (although as a viewer that wouldn’t be too bad).

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Ideas for 6pm timeslot:

  1. Entertainment Tonight: presented out of Sydney studios (filmed before 10 News First)
  2. Neighbours: shift over from 10 Peach
  3. Family Feud: revive format
  4. Come Dine with Me: cheap and easy to produce
  5. Jeopardy!: cheap and easy to produce
  6. The Big Quiz: interactive quiz show that allows viewers to win prizes through an app
  7. Crime Watch Daily: hosted by Hugh Riminton, focuses on one major crime story each day.
  8. If You are the One: unlikely, dating game show (probably hard to get rights from Seven)

ET would be my preference.



This is what I would personally like to see:

5.00pm - Ten News : First At Five
5.30pm - Game Show (e.g Sale of the Century)
6.00pm - Ten News First
6.30pm - The Project
7.00pm - Reality programming

This would ensure a level of consistency in Ten’s early evening schedule, while also catering for the viewers who are not home in time to watch the 5pm flagship bulletin. Realistically, news/current affairs is likely to be one of the very few formats that will achieve success at 6pm. Launching a new game show or airing a drama in the timeslot just isn’t viable IMO.

Under this plan, the “First At Five” and 6pm bulletins would both be localised. The 5pm bulletin would be presented by the same presenting team (e.g Sandra Sully, Tim Bailey), while the 6pm bulletin could be anchored by Chris Bath. I feel as though Chris Bath’s talent is being wasted by her only presenting the weekend bulletins, so this would be a great opportunity to increase her exposure and allow her to challenge Mark Ferguson and Peter Overton. I think such a move would also appeal to quite a few Seven News viewers who used to watch the bulletin regularly when Chris Bath was presenting, but haven’t done so since Mark Ferguson took over the role back in 2014.

Another benefit that would come out of this move would be the point of difference of the bulletins being 30-minutes long (rather than an hour). In this fast-paced world, people don’t always want to sit down and watch a news bulletin for over an hour. They want the latest in news, sport and weather right then and there.



I think news is the only option. National? Perhaps.



I do like this move, although keep flagship reality starting at 7:30pm.

The only problem I can see is the short turnover between 10 News First at 6pm and The Project (if I am correct the Melbourne news is filmed out of the same studio?). I’d love to see a heavy advertising campaign in Sydney with Chris Bath however, I don’t know whether she wants to be presenting news on weeknights.



Seven Sunday mornings

6.00-9.00am Weekend Sunrise with Basil Zempilas and Monique Wright
9.00-10am Meet the Press with Mark Riley
10-11am AFL Game Day



I think Ten could do something different to Nine and Seven in the sports department and produce a 1 hour AFL/NRL football show… possibly under the title of either Footyworld or The Football Project - screen it at 9:30pm/10:00pm Wednesday nights

Clause 1
on the nights the AFL Footy Show airs on Wednesday night, move it forward to screen at a special time following the 7:30pm franchise.

Clause 2
Assuming that it does not conflict with the above clause, on NRL State of Origin nights screen it at 10:00pm/10:30pm and include a match wrap up



Melbourne have 2 studios, the one that the News comes from the The Project are separate.