Mock Schedules


Now when I think about it, I think that would probably be a bit safer than Ex on the Beach (because Back with the Ex failed spectacularly). Bride and Prejudice could easily slot in behind MKR (after, didn’t it perform quite well behind MKR in its first season?).

Another thing is that when Instant Hotel and Zumbo airs, a ‘Tonight’ show would work quite well in the Sunday slot (the other two can go to Monday-Wednesdays). Someone like Larry Emdur would lead out a night of hard news, entertainment, comedy and interviews. Just a thought bubble.



I completely forgot about Back with the Ex, Seven have tried so many tacky romance reality shows over the last couple of years. Airing Bride & Prejudice off the back of MKR might be a better option, you are right, particularly given this last season’s ratings.

I’ve always loved the idea of a late night show hosted by Larry Emdur (or Hugh Jackman but how likely is that to ever happen). Would be a nice option instead of Sunday Night.

I want Seven to really start investing in high-quality programming that hasn’t been done before as opposed to recycling the same dodgy shows that have failed before. Here’s hoping something happens in 2020 and beyond.

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Same here. If they invest in quality programming they will maintain their No.1 status for years to come.



Why not both? 7TWO can easily serve as a lifestyle/imported drama/rerun/classic show channel with a female-oriented and slightly older demographic (let’s say, 25-54 aged females). Sitcoms such as Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother and Seinfeld reruns would also fit this channel.

7Flix should live up to its name and become a fulltime movie channel with nothing but movies (first-run, classic, trending, premieres, whatever). Like I said, have Jason ‘Jabba’ Davis do movie related review shows, panel shows etc. for this channel.

7Mate should ideally not only target 25-54-year-old men but also target the 16-39 demographics and kids, with kids shows like It’s Academic reruns, Disney sitcoms etc moving across as well in addition to the current slate of bogan programs and The Simpsons and Family Guy. It allows the channel to be more competitive against its direct competition, which at this stage looks like 9GO.



How would viewers outside the eastern states be able to participate?



The problem with 10 is that there really is no brand consistency across their platforms let alone across their schedule.

Here is what I would do to achieve this:

10 daily as the networks new and infotainment staple. This would be linked back to on air, and carry subpages for programs on air across the day – 10 News First, Studio 10 etc.

5:00 10 News First – Early Edition. High profile anchor. Similar format to ABC News Radio – 4 x 15 minute ‘mini-bulletins’.

6:00 10 This Morning. 3-person team. Scrap the silliness of Sunrise and Today. My picks would be Sarah Harris, Narelda Jacobs and Hugh Riminton (weekday)

8:30 Studio 10 with Natasha Belling, Angela Bishop (bigger emphasis on entertainment and scoring exclusives) and Joe Hildebrand. 4throtating panellist.

11:00 10 News First – Morning Edition. National.

12:00 Network Programming.

3:00 Judge Judy

3:30 Bold and the Beautiful. New time.

4:00 ‘Jessica’. Talk-show similar in vain to Ellen and Opera out of the US. Hosted by Jessica Rowe.

5:00 10 News First – Local Evening Edition.

6:00 10 This Evening. The Project renamed and reworked with new set etc. 3-person team. More of a current affair focus. Carrie Bickmore, Waleed Aly and Tommy Little (weekday). 7 days a week.

7:00 Network Programming.

10:00 10 News First – Local Late Editions.

10:45 10 Up-late. 3 person. Panel-esque. Late night talk-show. Would love to see Rove, Shaun Micallef and Mark Humphries involved.

11:30 Network Programming.

Evenings from 7:00 I would run something like this:


7:00 I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

8:00 The Child in Time. New UK Series

9:00 Miracle Workers. New US dramedy starring Daniel Radcliffe


7:00 Sunday Night Takeaway with Chris and Julia

9:00 Miracle Workers. New US dramedy starring Daniel Radcliffe


7:00 I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

8:00 Good News Week New Season. Would retain HYBPA viewers. Whatever else they put here will fail.

9:00 Back. New UK comedy

9:30 Car Share. New UK comedy


7:00 Ambulance: Australia. New Season

8:00 Good News Week. New Season. Would retain HYBPA viewers. Whatever else they put here will fail.

9:00 Back

9:30 Car Share


7:00 I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

8:00 How to Stay Married

8:30 Happy Together

9:00 A Million Little Things


7:00 Dancing with the Stars

9:00 Catastrophe. New UK dramedy


7:00 I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

8:00 Celebrity Name Game

9:00 The Kids are Alright

9:30 Single Parents


7:00 Changing Rooms

8:00 My Life is Murder. New Australian Series.

9:00 YOU. New US Series.


7:00 I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

8:00 The Comment Section. Based off US program of the same name. Can also take the piss out of news articles and comments on them. Cheap to produce. Fronted by up and coming comedic talent or simply Lee Lin Chin.

9:00 Curfew. New UK dramedy.


7:00 Changing Rooms

8:00 Gogglebox. New Season.

9:00 Hughsey We Have a Problem. New Season.


7:00 The Living Room

8:00 Graham Norton Show

9:00 Friday Night Dinner. New UK dramedy.


7:00 The Living Room

8:00 Show Me The Movie. New Season.

9:00 Friday Night Dinner. New UK dramedy.


7:00 I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

8:00 End of the Fucking World. New UK dramedy

9:00 CBS 48 hours


7:00 Ambulance: UK

8:00 Motherfatherson. New UK Series

9:00 World on Fire. New UK Series.

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Could Studio 10 be rebranded as 10 This Morning airing 10 News First from 6-8.30am. This then brings it more in line with 10 This Evening aka The Project.

Invest in reviving Ready Steady Cook at 3.30pm followed by Entertainment Tonight at 4.30pm (Angela Bishop) shifting B&B to 10Peach 6pm leading into Neighbours, 3pm would have Everyday Gourmet.

I don’t see the point of investing in dramas/comedies from the UK when 10 already have the CBS library with shows like NCIS. If there needs to be something there, push 10 Up Late forward to 9pm. Australians go to bed early, few people will be watching after 10pm.



I think Nine’s post-MAFS (Married at First Sight) line-up in February and March will be:
Sunday - 60 Minutes
Monday - Bad Mothers
Tuesday - The Big Bang Theory / Young Sheldon
Wednesday - New Amsterdam (confirmed)
Thursday - Dynasties, then NRL for NSW and Queensland



Stan has rights to this. End of the F*n world Netflix. A Million Little Things has been moved to 10All Access and You is on Netflix .



I don’t think dramas/comedies from the UK would work on 10’s main channel but I think 10 Peach would need some of them. Other than repeats there’s nothing to watch on that channel and I think they desperately need some new content and this category might tick the box. You can then have the American stuff on 10 Bold.



I am just not a fan of rebranding a successful platform like The Project. So I cannot see past your schedule because of that. The Project has a huge online presence to try and get that back with a new show is just a huge task.

And are these just shows that have been played out on Netflix?



not sold on this morning schedule…

my schedule would involve moving infomercials and religious programming to the secondary channels and turn the midnight to 6am slot into chat and entertainment based programming


12:00am The Sunday Project
1:00am Graham Norton Show
2:00am The Doctors
3:00am Dr Phil
4:00am ET
4:30am CBS This Morning

12:00am The Project
1:00am 48 Hours
2:00am The Doctors
3:00am Dr Phil
4:00am ET
4:30am CBS This Morning

Tuesday to Thursday
12:00am The Project
1:00am The Late Show
2:00am The Late Late Show
3:00am The Talk
4:00am ET
4:30am CBS This Morning

12:00am The Project
1:00am The Late Show
2:00am The Late Late Show
3:00am The Talk
4:00am The Doctors
5:00am Dr Phil (rpt)

12:00am 48 Hours
1:00am The Late Show
2:00am The Late Late Show
3:00am The Talk
4:00am The Doctors
5:00am Dr Phil (rpt)



My idea for 10 for the back end of this year and 2020.

I am going to break it up with what I will do in timeslots and during the year - I am not focusing on the 8:30 slots but will offer a few types of shows that I would commission if I were 10.

10 News - continues in this slot where it has been successful for many years.

The Sports Project - Hosted by Tommy Little - This will just air on Friday’s, Saturdays and Sundays.
Come Dine With Me Australia - This will air Monday-Thursday

The Project - airing Saturdays as well

The 7:30 Slot
November - December (6 Week Run)
I’m a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here - Airing it earlier giving 10 some valuable content over summer.

1st Sunday of January - March (10 week run)
Big Brother - shorter season than normal.

March - May - (10 week run)
Sunday - Sunday Night Takeaway
Monday - Dancing With The Stars
Tuesday - Bachelor in Paradise
Wednesday & Thursday The Apprentice

May - August (12 Week Run)

August - October (8 Week Run)
Sunday - The Masked Singer
Monday - Survivor Australia
Tuesday - Survivor Australia
Wednesday - The Bachelor
Thursday - The Bachelor

October - November (6 Week Run)
Sunday - The Amazing Race Australia
Monday - The Amazing Race Australia
Tuesday - The Amazing Race Australia
Wednesday - The Bachelorette
Thursday - The Bachelorette

November - December
I’m a Celebrity

The 8:30pm Slot
Ambulance Australia - will move to 8:30pm
Sunday Night Takeaway
48 Hours Australia fronted by Hamish Macdonald
Wanted Australia fronted by Sandra Sully to return

Then the obvious returning shows

The 9:30pm Slot
Entertainment Tonight - Hosted by Angela Bishop

The 10pm Slot
10 Late News



Minor nit-pick:

  • For the March/May section I’d make BiP run twice a week (Monday/Tuesday) - as that is how it was formatted last year (with Eliminations every other episode)

  • I’d make TARAu run twice a week in the October/November section (Monday/Tuesday) as 6 weeks of 3 episodes (18 overall) is too many episodes for TAR (most versions - US, Canadian, Asian, the Ch7 version of TARAu - do/did around 12)

With the above changes in place DWTS would move to Sunday in the October/November section.

Otherwise, good schedule,

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I’d love to see Big Brother back on Ten. Air it over summer perhaps ?



What I think 10 could do now with the shows they have available.

6:30 The Project
7:30 Sunday Night Takeaway
9:00 Graham Norton

7:30 Dancing With The Stars
9:30 Law and Order SVU

7:30 Ambulance Australia
8:30 Hughsey

7:30 Changing Rooms Then Bachelor in Paradise
8:30 NCIS

7:30 Changing Rooms Then Bachelor in Paradise
8:30 Gogglebox Then Celebrity Name Game



Since we all believe 10 has plenty of potential within their schedule, here’s what I’ve got planned.

Year round
5:00 - 10 News First (STATE)
6:00 - The Project, everyday of the week (Pointless gets shunted to 10 Peach, Bondi moves to 10 Bold as exclusive content)
7:00 - 10 News First (City) (Monday-Friday only)
9:30 - 10 News First: Late (All week, presented by rotating presenters)
10:00 - Sports Tonight (All week, presented by Matt White Monday-Thursday, Emma Lawrence Friday-Sunday) - except Summertime


7:30 I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here! (Sunday-Thursday), Living Room (Friday), ^Spicks and Specks Summer (Saturday)

9:00 Graham Norton (Sunday), Sports Tonight Summer (Monday-Friday, recapping the day’s sports in cricket/tennis/A League), ^Thank God You’re Here: The Competition (Saturday)


7:30 Sunday Night Takeaway (Sunday), Dancing with the Stars (Monday), Ambulance Australia (Tuesday), Changing Rooms/Bachelor in Paradise (Wednesday-Thursday), Living Room (Friday), Spicks and Specks: The Super Game (Saturday)

8:30 Graham Norton (Sunday), Trial By Kyle (Monday), Hughesy (Tuesday), My Life is Murder (Wednesday), Gogglebox/Todd Sampson’s Body Hack (Thursday), Show me the Movie (Friday), Thank God You’re Here: The Competition (Saturday)


7:30 Masterchef+Masterclass (Sunday-Thursday), Living Room (Friday), Spicks and Specks: The Super Game (Saturday)

8:30 Graham Norton (Sunday), HYBPA (Monday), ^Beyond the Law (Tuesday), Five Bedrooms (Wednesday), Todd Sampson’s BodyHack/Celebrity Name Game (Thursday), Kinne Tonight (Friday), Bring Back Saturday Night (Saturday)


7:30 ^Project 10 (Sunday), Australian Survivor (Monday-Tuesday), The Bachelor (Wednesday-Thursday), Living Room (Friday), Spicks and Specks: The Super Game (Saturday)

8:30 Graham Norton (Sunday), HYBPA (Monday), Beyond the Law/Shark Tank (Tuesday), Playing for Keeps (Wednesday), Celebrity Name Game/Gogglebox (Thursday), Kinne Tonight (Friday), Bring Back Saturday Night (Saturday)

October-Early December

7:30 Project 10 (Sunday), Secret Life of Four-Year-Olds (Monday), ^Number 10 Lucky Street (Tuesday), The Bachelorette (Wednesday-Thursday), Living Room (Friday), Spicks and Specks: The Super Game (Saturday)

8:30 Graham Norton (Sunday), HYBPA (Monday), Shark Tank/Taboo (Tuesday), The Secret She Keeps (Wednesday), How to Stay Married/Mr Black (Thursday), Kinne Tonight (Friday), Bring Back Saturday Night (Saturday)


7:30 Come Dine with Me (Combined with Christmas Special and New Years Eve Grand Dinner Party) (Sunday-Thursday), Living Room Summer (Friday), Spicks and Specks Summer (Saturday)

8:30 Graham Norton (Sunday), Sports Tonight Summer (Monday-Friday), Bring Back Saturday Night (Saturday)

New Programs

^Beyond the Law - 10’s answer to Sunday Night and 60 Minutes. Hosted by Hamish McDonald and Sandra Sully, this show investigate the criminals and their activities that have shaped the world we live in today. We don’t just bring you the stories, we dig deeper and we find out the hows and whys. What we investigate will be a world away from your imaginations. Credible journalism? Tick!

^ Project 10 - Hosted by Hugh Riminton and Gorgi Coghlan, Project 10 is a feel good, action-packed TV phenomenon which sees ordinary Australians, A-grade celebrities, politicians and more join together for a good cause: A common project that could be anything from a musical to building a new school for those with special needs. It’s feel good reality TV at its heart.

^ Number 10 Lucky Street - A Family sitcom that is based on a fictional street called Lucky Street. It follows the family that lives on Number 10 and their hilarious everyday lives. Formatted from Home with Kids and Growing Pains (Except the whole family is involved)

^Spicks and Specks: The Super Game - Yes! Your calls for revival have been answered! Adam Hill returns with the iconic Spicks and Specks and are joined by captains Alan Brough and Myf Warhurst. More games, no gimmicks, no tricks, no canned laughing. Spicks and Specks: The Super Game is your typical Saturday night giggles plus plenty of fun with the world of the melody…and a whole lot more in this supersized version of the Australian Music and TV icon.

^Thank God You’re Here: The Competition (or can be named Thank God it’s Saturday) - Hosted by Gretel Killeen, this classic show marks the beginning of a new era in comedy, where being funny isn’t enough. In fact, being competitive is the new key to comedy gold. Tune in every Saturday night to capture the laughters and fun as comedians try to outdo each other in hilarious skits and competitions.

Really good @turdall. I would suggest however that Hughesy would be paired well with DWTS (similar audience) and Ambulance with Law & Order.



Yeah I just don’t think DWTS will go on Tuesday as it will air too long. That’s why I have it Monday’s.



Which is a good idea in itself since Ambulance does very well on Tuesdays. What I meant was having Hughesy on Mondays and Law&Order on Tuesdays. But I get your point.

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Yeah your right ideally Hughesy should be on Monday’s. I was trying to go off what 10 had confirmed already.