Mock Schedules


I don’t know about changing the names of bulletins. “The Earliest”, “The Recent”, “The Closest” doesn’t sound very good.

Don’t know if axing Home and Away is a good idea. If you are going to do so maybe an interactive primetime game show (see above)?



Accidental satire is the best kind



With the Masked Singer premiering with 9.4 million and pulling in record figures in the 18-49 demos, the networks are in for a tug of war. Would love to see Endemol/Network 10 collaborate on the format.

They could give Bachelor in Paradise or I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! a rest, and air the show for an 8-week run before Masterchef.

Format the show similar to the South Korean version with a new cast of celebrities each week. I would suggest the following format:
Sunday - All eight celebrities perform in four separate one-on-one heats, judges pick the best in each matchup to go through. The losing celebrity is revealed at the end of each match-up.
Monday - Two semifinals then a final followed by a performance by the ‘Fan’s Favourite’.

Shows would be aired live, an opportunity for some harmless fun. Runtime would probably be 90-120mins with commercials.

For the premiere it would be awesome if they did a masked reveal of each of the judges after performing a song.

Now for my favourite part: creating a dream cast.

Hosts: Sam Hammington or Lawrence Leung
Judges: Dami Im (lock), Dicko or Marcia, comedian (Tahir or Ronny Chieng)

Now imagine the possible ‘celebs’ you could get. There are a ton of comedians, reality tv stars and ex-footy players looking for some exposure. Can’t wait to see what Jack Riewoldt has up his sleeve.



I would love to see 10 put I’m a Celeb in November and possibly Paradise in December.

I do think the Masked Singer would be good on 10.



Ah champagne comedy…
Oh wait… it was serious?



I personally think Seven should have a go at something like this. I know it skews 10’s younger audience, but they’re desperate to get any viewers in the 2nd half. I don’t think their current lineup is going to fire so Seven should try this show. Julia Zemiro to host.



It’s a good option for any network, personally I think it would need new talent as host (not Zemiro), but that’s for later down the track. It will be a race between the three commercial networks for the format.

Nine Network will give it a go with The Voice declining. I do think Seven may come late to the table though as they’ll be waiting to see how AGT performs.



My take on the TEN’s schedule. Weekday line up.


12.00am The Late Show
1.00am Home Shopping
2.00am Home Shopping
3.00am CBS This Morning
4.00am The Project - Rpt
5.00am 10 News First - National - New National news Bulletin
5.30am TEN This Morning - New national morning program
8.30am Studio 10
11.00am 10 News First - National - New National news Bulletin
11.30am Cooking Programming

Afternoon and Evenings

12.00pm Dr Phil
1.00pm Reality Programming - (Rpt from night before)
2.00pm Entertainment Tonight
2.30pm Judge Duty
3.00pm 10 News First - National - New National news Bulletin
4.00pm Neigbours
4.30pm Bold & Beautiful
5.00pm 10 News First - Melbourne
5.30pm Pointless (or new Game Show)
6.00pm 10 News First - Melbourne - New local news Bulletin
6.30pm The Project
7.30pm Reality Programming
8.30pm Australian Content (Drama/Entertainment/Comedy)
9.30pm 10 News First - Melbourne - New local news Bulletin
10.00pm CBS Content (American Programming) New
11.00pm CBS Content (American Programming) Rpts



Seven really need to step up their game next year with the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, using this as a launch-pad for some new formats. There are some hidden gems out there that would perform well in the Australian market. I have removed sixteen programs from the schedule, and replaced them with six new shows. Quality over quantity.

18.00 Seven News, 19.00 Home and Away, 22.00 The Latest

February-April: My Kitchen Rules (Sun-Wed)
May-July: House Rules (Sun-Wed)
July-August: Tokyo 2020
August-September: Sorry About That (Sun), The Masked Singer (Mon-Tues), Little Big Shots (Wed)
October: Instant Hotel (Sun-Wed)
November: Zumbo’s Just Desserts (Sun-Wed)

February-April: Sunday Night (Sun), Ex on the Beach (Mon-Wed)
May-July: Sunday Night (Sun), First Dates (Mon), Between Two Worlds (Tues), Interview (Wed)
July-August: Tokyo 2020
August-September: Sunday Night (Sun), The Castle/Frontline (Mon), Secret Bridesmaids’ Business (Tues), 60 Minute Makeover (Wed)
October-November: Sunday Night (Sun), The Castle/Frontline (Mon), Wanted (Tues), 60 Minute Makeover (Wed)

Thursday: 19.00 Home and Away (double episodes), 20.00 A Country Practice
Friday: 19.00 AFL (Better Homes and Gardens on 7Two)
Saturday: 19.00 AFL

Following the My Kitchen Rules final on Sunday in week 13, The Full Monty will premiere on Monday followed by Ladies’ Night on Tuesday. House Rules starts the Sunday of week 14. Following the House Rules final on Sunday in week 24, Tokyo 2020: Greatest Olympic Moments will air Monday to Thursday in the lead-up to Tokyo 2020 on July 24.

What’s New?
Ex on the Beach - Eight single men and women enjoy a summer holiday at the beach, looking for love. What will happen when their exes will come up? Some will be looking for revenge, others for a second chance.

Sorry About That - Based on the award-winning Flemish television show Sorry voor alles, an unsuspecting member of the public is followed by hidden cameras over 30 days. After a month of extraordinary and bizarre experiences set up by family, friends and colleagues, they will walk into a TV studio where it is revealed that almost everything that happened during the last month was a setup. They will then participate in a quiz based on the events, with the opportunity of winning prizes. Presented by Julia Zemiro.

The Masked Singer - Each week, eight celebrities hidden behind elaborate masks will compete head-to-head in the ultimate singing contest. No-one will know just who is performing, it could be an ARIA award-winning artist or a washed-up footy star with a hidden talent for performing. Which celebrity will rise to the top? Hosted by Sam Hammington with celebrity judges Lawrence Leung, Dami Im and Dannii Minogue.

60 Minute Makeover - Join Tara Dennis and her team of designers as they attempt to redecorate and makeover a number of rooms in just 60 minutes. Can the team completely remodel a home before the home owner returns home?

A Country Practice - The revival of the classic soap opera, A Country Practice follows the workings of a small hospital in the fictional New South Wales rural country town of Wandin Valley.

Frontline - A revival of the original 1994 series, it follows the fortunes of a fictional current affairs show, Frontline. Gain an insight into the machinations of the ruthless producers, self-obsessed airhead host, and the ambitious, cynical reporters, all of whom resort to any sort of underhanded trick to get ratings and maintain their status.

The Castle - The Kerrigan home, in the outer Melbourne blue-collar suburb of Coolaroo, is filled with love as well as pride in their modest lifestyle, but their happiness is threatened when developers attempt the compulsory acquisition of their house to expand the neighbouring airport. Fall in love all over again with Darryl Kerrigan and his family. It’s not a house. It’s a home. Based on the 1997 film.

Cancelled: All Together Now, Australian Gangster, Australian Spartan, Australia’s Got Talent, Bride & Prejudice, Extreme Weddings, Ms Fisher’s Modern Mysteries, Orange is the New Brown, Take Me Out, The Blake Mysteries, The Proposal, The Super Switch, Today Tonight, Undercurrent, Wife Swap, Yummy Mummies.




6am: 10 News First with Sarah Harris
Fast paced news heavy program, no cash giveaways just the stories that matter.
8am: 10 Daily
Morning show looking at the biggest stories online, featuring guests and a 3-host format (advertorials)
11am: The Talk (US show)


Studio 10

That is a really good plan. Really innovative, loads of variety and miles better than what they have now.

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Can someone please get this guy a job in the Seven Network programming department? Because that schedule looks brilliant!



I would personally keep all of these shows (Ms Fisher, Undercurrent, Gangster) because they all have the potential. The rest? Yeah that can be chucked out and I wouldn’t really miss them.

Question. I would love a revival of this (or Blue Heelers), but if it was to air in a 1 hour timeslot then what will they air at 9pm? I would expect overseas imports or factuals such as Border Security/Highway Patrol to take this slot since they still do alright from what I’ve seen.



Sorry for double posting, but I think Seven’s Food Network channel is a waste of bandwith and could be better used as a drama channel, titled 7Drama.

7Drama/7Pop: Channel 74 (MPEG-2)

Targetted at those who enjoy good classical dramas (Early Home and Away, A Country Practice, Blue Heelers, Packed to the Rafters, 800 Words) and decent American imports (The Resident, Modern Family, Manhunt etc. Good Doctor and 9-1-1 can stay on main channel as they rate well). Morning kids shows and kids sitcoms + How I Met Your Mother/Seinfeld from 7Flix would be put on this channel as well. Because of this, the channel will also have another name, 7Pop.

7Flix can then be utilised as a full-time movie channel with new titles and classic titles 24/7). Jabba Davis could do special movie reviews for the channel, similar to Couch Time on the former Channel Eleven.

7Food can disappear altogether because no one cares about their American cooking reality shows when we have too many here ourselves. Ramsay’s Nightmares/Hell can go back to the main channel or 7Mate.




I have to disagree. 7Food serves a strong niche and would certainly get more advertiser revenue and sponsorship than a 7Drama channel.

It deserves its place as one of Seven’s multichannels alongside 7mate. I would like to see 7Two and 7flix find their identity. At the moment 7Two seems to be unsure as to whether it is a lifestyle channel or a drama channel.

Multichannels aren’t made to get big audience share, they are made to serve a niche and have a loyal audience that advertisers can target. Food is much stronger in terms of loyal audience share and advertising opportunities than Drama (which is very broad).



Something I don’t like isthe 7 o’clock starts and dragging reality shows for 2 hours. I’m not sure if extending episodes of House Rules and MKR (which al struggled recently) is really lifting their game.



I think he might’ve accidentally written 7pm even though he meant 7:30, given that Home and Away is still mentioned as having double episodes on Thursdays (ending at 8pm, meaning that it’s staying at 7pm).



My bad. I meant to write 7:30pm not 7pm. Although Sunday would start at 7pm followed by Sunday Night at 8:30pm.

You are right, My Kitchen Rules and House Rules are starting to drag a little. I don’t know how much they have left in them, 2019 will be a big test with two seasons of MKR.



I see no worries. I really like your ideas! I know you have it canceled but an idea is bride and prejudice or 7 year switch in the house rules slot (currently no networks have this type of show at this time of the year).



Yeah, I was on the fence about Bride & Prejudice. Initially had it where Zumbo’s Just Desserts is but kept it because of the Netflix deal, same goes for Instant Hotel. Could be rested and come back for 2021 or even occupy the 9pm slot instead of First Dates, Interview or 60 Minute Makeover.

Also as Tom_TV7 suggested, Australian Gangster and Ms Fisher’s Murder Mysteries could find a place somewhere in the schedule however that depends heavily on ratings. Again, these shows could take the place of either First Dates, Interview or 60 Minute Makeover.