Mock Schedules

They could consider having a dedicated sports news program either after or within the late bulletins. Nine and 10 could bring back the brands Wide World of Sports and Sports Tonight, potentially co-branding them with Stan Sport or Paramount +, and airing them after the late news or as a separate program. Additionally, Seven could reformat and extend The Latest to incorporate a Seven Sport Live supplement.


10 should bring back a weekend edition of Sports Tonight, to air at 10.30pm, to cover NRL and AFL matches including twilight and night games.

The drop-off in ratings for SBS World News remains a perennial issue to this day.


10 in Q4: After some thinking, I gathered they can air a shortened Sports Tonight Show on Friday night, and a “Sports Panel Show” on Sat night, hosted by the A-League team. Also, a “Sports Project” panel type show can air too in the earlier slot on Saturday.

7.30: Lifestyle show
8.30: The Graham Norton Show
9.35: HYBPA (rpt) or Comedy Show like Just for Laughs
10.40: shortened Sports Tonight (A-League highlights, Cricket reports)
11.00: The Project (rpt)

6.00: filler
6.30: The Sports Project (discussion of the day in sports, and previews 10Bold’s A-League game)
7.30: US Drama
8.30: US Drama
9.30: US Drama:
10.30: The Sports Show. The A-League Panel can host it. Discuss the days soccer results. Briefly talk about other sports scores)
11.00: Filler.

Prediction for Nine from February 2024

4:00pm Afternoon News
4:30 (N/W) Hot Seat
5:00 Hot Seat
5:30 (W) Local News
5:30 (N) Sale Of The Century with David Campbell
6:00 National Nine News
6:00 (N) NBN News
6:30 A Current Affair
7:00 Sale Of The Century with David Campbell
7:00 (N) A Current Affair

Lol 9news won’t be pushed back to 30mins and I don’t think they’d show the same game show twice in a day…


Is this even happening? ^^

Reckon he or Hamish Blake might be better off presenting a locally-produced version of Tipping Point from Nine’s Docklands studios, if it does comes to fruition.

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The same game show wouldn’t screen twice on same day on main channel. If you re-read you would see it’s a variation for Nine Newcastle

Why would they need a variation when they rejoin state programming at 7pm anyway?

They wouldn’t until 7:30pm.

Please re-read the schedule. Regional variations in bold italics with region in brackets


N for Newcastle/NNSW

W for Wollongong/ WIN Nine stations

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Ah yeah sorry mate. Didn’t realise the one hour of NBN News

Why tf would the regional news be an hour but the metro news half an hour?

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A composite bulletin as it currently is

This is what I would love to see from Nine in 2024 on their secondary channels (9Gem and 9Go!)

Monday to Friday
9:00am Antiques Roadshow
10:00am Pointless
11:00am Hot Seat (rpt)
12:00pm Days Of Our Lives
12:55pm Young And The Restless
1:50pm Movie
4:00pm My Favourite Martian ( or other sitcom)
4:30pm Murder She Wrote (or other afternoon drama)
5:30pm Antiques Roadshow
6:30pm Nines (5pm east coast) afternoon game show encore
7:30pm as is

Saturday and Sunday
9:00am Encores of infotainment style shows such as Getaway, Garden Gurus etc

Monday to Friday
Until 9:30am As is
9:30am Home shopping
11:00am as is

Saturday and Sunday
Until 10:00am as is
10:00am Home Shopping
11:00am as is

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I wish 10 would do something along these lines when they get Neighbours back. Stop persisting with the losing 5 pm news and at least get it into primetime and try and fix The Project by cutting it down and making it snappier.

4.00: Everyday Gourmet With Justine Schofield
4.30: Tbe Bold & the Beautiful
5.00: US Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy
5.30: Neighbours (Fri: Additional ep of Wheel or Jeopardy)
6.00: 10 News (Local)
7.00: The Project

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I wouldn’t abandon the 5.00pm News straight away…. Rather gradually phase it out overtime. Something like this below is less riskier.

4.00: The Bold & the Beautiful
4.30: Neighbours
5.00: 10 News @ Five (Local)
5.30: New Game Show.
6.00: 10 News @ Six (Local)
7.00: The Project


I think Ten should look at each state individually, nothing every market is different.

Do we know what is happening with the timeslot occupied by Dr Phil when it end?

I’m assuming that the reality encore will move back to 1pm, which could create a News opportunity around 3pm.

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I would like to see something similar to this. There are 2 schedules I have proposed. Both are explained. I have 2 ideas on how The Project could be handled, one considers a 7pm edition that is encoded at the earlier time of 9:30 in the hope to boost ratings. The other has it as a first run to take on The Latest and Nine News Late, this option would remove the need for as much censorship as opposed to an earlier screening. Also unless a major event occurs, it would be trimmed to 30 minutes if screened as first run at 9:30pm

Option 1 moves Studio 10 back into the firing with The Morning Show and Today Extra.

Option 1
Monday to Friday
9:00am Studio 10
11:00am Morning News
12:00pm Bold And The Beautiful (rpt)
12:30pm Neighbours (rpt)
1:00pm Reality encore
2:00pm Afternoon Kitchen ( initially placing 2 cooking shows back to back Good Chef Bad Chef and My Market Kitchen, and then alternating with other cooking shows to fill the hour)
3:00pm Afternoon News
3:30pm Judge Judy
4:00pm International Game Show (Wheel Of Fortune or Price Is Right)
4:30pm Entertainment Tonight (if Ten chooses Wheel of Fortune)
5:00pm Bold And The Beautiful
5:30pm Neighbours; (Fri) Sports Show
6:00pm Ten News
7:00pm Australian Game Show
(possibility The Price Is Right) or The Project
7:30pm As is (eg Reality Tentpole)
9:30pm The Project
10:00pm programs currently screening at 9:30pm pushed back half hour

Option 2 looks changes in afternoon into the night.

Option 2
Monday to Friday
12:00pm Ten News
1:00pm Reality encore
2:00pm Afternoon Kitchen (as described under option 1)
3:00pm Ten News
4:00pm International Game Show
4:30pm Entertainment Tonight
5:00pm Bold And The Beautiful
5:30pm Neighbours; (Fri) Sports Show
6:00pm Ten News
7:00pm Price Is Right or The Project
7:30pm As is
9:30pm The Project
10:00pm programs that are currently at 9:30pm pushed back half an hour.

Please Note this schedule is based on the assumption Dr Phil won’t be broadcast on the main channel once the final season airs. If it continues to air, my assumption would be a mid to late afternoon slot on 10Bold or 10Peach, although my preference would be to screen reality encores on 10Peach and Dr Phil remain on main channel

That sports show you mentioned could/should be a third reboot of Sports Tonight. Matt Burke could host.

He’s not going back to 10…

Why would you go up against live sport? No one will watch.