Mock Schedules

I see the idea but even though a lot of Seven’s general programming is underwhelming, having Sky’s content in place of the usual Seven shows would be 10x worse IMO.


A good bit of comedy is always good!

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If Seven regained the AO:

6am: Sunrise
9am: The Morning Show
10:30am: Australian Open: Pre-Show
11am: Australian Open - Day Session
3pm: Australian Open - Afternoon Session
6pm: Seven News
7pm: Australian Open - Night Session

And on days where play starts late afternoon:
3:30pm: Australian Open - Pre-Show
4pm: Australian Open - Afternoon Session
6pm: Seven News
6:30pm: Australian Open - Night Session
10pm: Australian Open: Late Night Session* (used if only men’s games are scheduled that night)

and lastly, finals
6pm: Seven News
6:30pm: Australian Open - Pre-Show
7pm: Australian Open - Women’s Singles Final
9pm: Australian Open - Women’s Doubles Final

4pm: Australian Open - Mixed Doubles Final
6pm: Seven News
6:30pm: Australian Open - Pre-Show
7pm: Australian Open - Men’s Singles Final
9:30pm: Australian Open - Men’s Doubles Final

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have an idea how Nine could get some ratings against the AFL. My idea is you could put an English game show on at five o’clock and then heavily promote a program, that you could put against the AFL. it’s worth a try!

What do you think?

Nine tried Tipping Point UK in summer primetime before and it didn’t last long. Why try it again?


9Go! how i wish it was:
4:30pm: 3rd Rock
5:30pm: That 70’s Show or Movie
6:30pm: Raymond or Movie
1pm: Hill Street Blues
2pm: Good Times
2:30pm: My Favorite Martian
3pm: I Dream of Jeannie
3:30pm: Bewitched
4pm: Green Acres
4:30pm: Bob Newhart Show
5pm: Mary Tyler Moore
5:30pm: All in the Family
6pm: MASH
6:30pm: Murder, She Wrote
7:30pm: Antiques Roadshow
8:30pm: Mysteries
10 Peach:
12pm: Love Boat
1pm: Taxi
2pm: King of Queens
3pm: Becker
4pm: Cheers
5pm: Frasier
6pm: Friends
7pm: Young Sheldon
10 Bold:
3:30pm: Hogan’s Heroes
4:30pm: Get Smart
5:30pm: MacGyver
6:30pm: The Twilight Zone
5pm: Black-ish
5:30pm: My Name is Earl
6pm: The Simpsons
7pm: Futurama
7:30pm: Family Guy or Law and Order or Buffy
8pm: American Dad!
8:30pm: First Dates or Kitchen Nightmares or SVU or Movie
12pm: Rockford Files
1pm: Miami Vice
2pm: NYPD Blue
3pm: Six Million Dollar Man
4pm: Magnum
5pm: Knight Rider
9pm Sunday: Columbo

I have always been a supporter of The Project but now feel it’s holding back the rest of prime time programs on 10.
My 10 Mock schedule.
4:30pm B and B
5.00pm News
6:00pm Local version of Tipping Point (if not tied to 9)
7:00pm Blankety Blanks or Sale of the Century (game show)
7:30pm Reality Show
8:30ish HYBPA, WILTY, Gogglebox, Cheap Seats etc.
9:30ish Late Night News
10:00 Late Night Project or Late Night (new name)
11:00ish American Drama shows
My idea for the Late Night Project is for two presenters a news person and someone not so serious. They could cover the news and the entertainment scene with live guests etc. I know this sounds a bit like what Graham Kennedy used to do with Ken Sutcliffe and John Mangos but make it a mix of the current Project and a tonight show.


Or another game show. Suggestions? Don’t think Christ is interested. :grin:

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3pm Ten News
4pm Cooking show
4.30pm The Bold and the Beautiful
5pm Neighbours (from night before)
5.30pm The Project
6.30pm Game show (Sale or Deal or No Deal)
7pm Ten News
8pm Entertainment Shows
9.30pm Neighbours
10pm Panel Shows

10 Evening line up (East coast)

4:30 - Bold and the Beautiful
5pm - 10 News First (local)
6pm - Neighbours
6:30 - 10 News First (local)
7:30 - evening reality staple
9:pm (ish) - The Project
10pm - comedy/drama
11pm - Late Show with Stephen Colbert
12pm - The Project (repeat).

Adelaide (maybe Perth) lineup:

4:30 - 10 News First (local)
5:30 - Bold and the Beautiful
6pm - Neighbours
6:30 - 10 News First (local)
7:30 - evening reality staple
9:pm (ish) - The Project
10pm - comedy/drama
11pm - Late Show with Stephen Colbert
12pm - The Project (repeat).

With Nine News being outrated on a national level now, it’s time for some changes.

I’m proposing they change to the 7 News regional model that is highly successful. Ultra local news at 6pm and a national bulletin at 6:30pm with national news, sports and weather.

Monday - Friday
5pm Jeopardy Australia
5:30pm Tipping Point Australia
6pm Nine Local News with current presenters
6:30pm National Nine News with Charles Croucher from our nations capital
7pm A Current Affair

The 6pm half hour would be extremely attractive to viewers as it will just be news from their state. Ultra local. All other national and international news will be seen at 6:30pm.


Would WIN News/NBN News fill the 6pm slot for affiliates or would the Nine Local News brand be used for the regional areas as well?

Great question.

I’d remove the NBN/WIN brands.

Having a country wide Seven News brand the past year or two has really bolstered the brand and I think has somewhat strengthened it.

It could work the same for Nine News.


That’s what I’ve been saying for years. Just rebrand it all to Nine. Makes the brand stronger.

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My prediction of 10’s 7.30pm line-up from August 2023
Sunday: Thank God You’re Here
Monday: The Masked Singer
Tuesday: The Masked Singer
Wednesday: The Masked Singer or Ambulance Australia
Thursday: Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly Australia
Friday: Location Location Location


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If the three major commercial networks segregated the sports segments from their flagship 6:00pm bulletins and established separate programs for them, this is what I’d like to see:

6:00pm 7NEWS
6:30pm Sportsworld (local)
7:00pm Home and Away

5:00pm 7NEWS at 5 (does not air in Melb/Adel/Perth during AFL season)
5:30pm Sportsworld (national; airs on 7mate Melb/Adel/Perth during AFL season)
6:00pm 7NEWS (as normal)

6:00pm Nine News
6:30pm Wide World of Sports (local)
7:00pm A Current Affair

6:00pm Nine News (would also include a sports segment as usual but with a preview to WWoS at the end of it)
6:30pm A Current Affair
7:00pm Wide World of Sports (local)

5:00pm Nine News at Five
5:30pm Wide World of Sports (national)
6:00pm Nine News (as normal)
7:00pm A Current Affair (Sat)/60 Minutes (Sun)

5:00pm 10 News First
6:00pm Sports Tonight (local)
6:30pm The Project

10:30pm 10 News First: Late Edition

5:00pm 10 News First: Weekend Edition
6:00pm Sports Tonight: Early Edition (national)
6:30pm Normal programming

after 10:30pm Sports Tonight: Late Edition (national)

As was the case in the 90s/00s, the Late Edition would recap the night’s football results but I scheduled it for after 10:30pm as all football matches for the day/night (esp AFL/NRL) would have finished by then.

All sports programs would be reformatted to news bulletins similar to Sports Tonight in the 90s/00s. The third segment may have feature stories, though.

I think they’d automatically lose audience in the 6:30 timeslot if they did that.


I know SBS had a stand-alone sports program in a similar vein to Sports Tonight titled “Toyota World Sport”, which copped the axe in 2006 despite some reasonable ratings during the FIFA World Cup.

The reason for its axing was due to SBS being concerned about the drop-off in ratings after the flagship 6:30pm news. When the Sydney Morning Herald reported on its axing they had this headline: “Toyota World Sport shown the red card in SBS reshuffle”.

Sadly, it wont work weekdays.

10 could potentially air a weekend edition of Sports Tonight at 6pm. The ratings for Saturdays and Sundays at 6pm are extremely low as it is, so no harm in airing it there. Recapping the days sports and showcasing what’s ahead (on Saturdays), and showing us the weekends games on Sundays.

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