Mock news presenting/reporting teams

What if you could change or mix up the news presenting teams for Seven/Nine/Ten News in your market?

I’ll start off with -

Network 10

10 News First Sydney
News with Sandra Sully (Monday-Thursday), Mark Ferguson (Friday)
Sport with Brad McEwan
Weather with David Brown

10 News First Melbourne
News with Jennifer Keyte
Sport with Stephen Quartermain (Mondays-Thursdays), Michael Christian (Fridays; he rejoins the network)
Weather with Jane Bunn

10 News First Queensland
News with Kay McGrath
Sport with Steve Haddan
Weather with Josh Holt

10 News First Gold Coast (this would air at 4:30pm before 10 News First Queensland)
News with Bianca Stone
Sport with Dominique Loudon
Weather with Luke Bradnam

10 News First Adelaide
News with Jane Doyle
Sport with Mark Soderstrom
Weather with Amelia Mulcahy
yes, bring over some of the Seven team to Ten
some of you will also know that in 1987, SAS-10 and ADS-7 changed frequencies

10 News First Perth
News with Narelda Jacobs
Sport with Ryan Daniels
Weather with Samantha Jolly (returns to Ten)

10 News First: Weekend Edition
News with Mark Ferguson
Sport with Mel McLaughlin (returns to Ten)
Weather with Tim Bailey
now, as per @SydneyCityTV’s wish, this would pave the way for Michael Usher to move to weeknights on Seven News!

10 Breakfast (rebooted)
Presenters: Matthew White and Samantha Armytage
News with Natarsha Belling
Sport with Ryan Phelan
Weather with Steve Jacobs
Entertainment with Angela Bishop

Sydney reporters: Leonie Ryan (Monday-Wednesday), Samantha Brett (Thursday-Friday)
Melbourne reporters: Nathan Templeton and David Woiwod (both return to Ten)
Queensland reporter: Bianca Stone
Adelaide reporter: Gertie Spurling
Perth reporter and local newsreader: Chiara Zaffino
Canberra/political reporter: Olivia Leeming

10 News First: Morning Edition (from Melbourne)
News with Candice Wyatt
Sport with Nathan Templeton (he’d have to return to the studio in time after his commitments as Breakfast correspondent)
Weather with David Brown (remains based in Sydney)

10 News First: Late Edition
News with Chris Bath

Sports Tonight
Brad McEwan (Monday-Thursday), Rob Canning (Friday)

Ten Overseas Correspondents
Europe: Eamon Atkinson and Sophie Walsh (joins Ten from Nine; in real life she will join Nine’s Europe bureau next month)
US: Ashlee Mullany and Emma Dallimore (returns to Ten)

10 Breakfast. This reminded me of when TEN aired Breakfast with Paul Henry, Andrew Rochford, Mag Roze and Kathryn Robinson. Originally, it was meant to premiere on 27 Feb 2012, but was pushed forward to 23 Feb 2012.

He has been part of TEN for years and covering a lot of stories. Gossage also did commentary for Channel 10 AFL matches in Perth and hosted the Western Front. As well as this, Michael Schultz was a meteorologist working for Channel TEN Perth for more than 20 years. If both of them go, it would be bitterly disappointing.

IIRC this was because of the political spill surrounding Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd. I think Ten’s biggest mistake was rushing it forward, unannounced, so it could cover the story.

Reminds me of when Nine suddenly sprung a surprise edition of Today on Saturday on 2 May 2009; we all know how that turned out.

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The TEN Breakfast was produced via Sydney and is a very expensive production.

After The Breakfast, this was preceded by The circle (from Melbourne). THat year was a controversial year, where Yumi and George made stupid comments about a war hero, Ben Roberts Smith. Many people slammed these two presenter’s comments on facebook, twitter. The Circle struggled in ratings in 2012.

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ABC News Breakfast: Virginia Trioli and Deborah Knight

On NBN, I’d have Jane Goldsmith presenting weeknights instead of Natasha Beyersdorf (she can move to weekends).

I’d also find someone else to replace Paul Lobb, I would have gone for Samuel Djodan, except that he has now left. Not sure who now.

Sack everyone on Ten and WIN News and bring in Naked News (if you don’t know what that is, Google it). Reinstate the axed WIN News bulletins and bring in NNSW bulletin(s).
Certainly would make dreary news easy to swallow, and even opens up some saucy options for late night. :wink: :rofl:

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Would love to see WIN News here in Newcastle.
NBN News needs some competition.

Can’t see it happening now unfortunately, particularly after the cuts announced yesterday.

dumping Georgina in Brisbane is a bad move. Likewise have Mel return for weekend sport.


When Kochie retires, and if Nat heads back to Perth to head up Seven News Perth, this would be my Sunrise presenting team:

Co-hosts: Basil Zempilas and Samantha Armytage
News: Edwina Bartholomew
Sport: Mark Beretta
Weather: James Tobin
Entertainment: Sam Mac

Weekend Sunrise
Co-hosts: Michael Usher and Monique Wright (Usher will remain presenter of The Latest)
News: Sally Bowrey
Sport: Simon Reeve
Weather: Angie Asimus

The Latest: Seven News
Presenter: Michael Usher (Mondays-Wednesdays), Angela Cox (Thursdays)

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Sydney/NSW news presenting teams we deserve, but will probably never get:

Seven News Sydney Sunday-Thursday: Michael Usher & Melissa Doyle, Jim Wilson on Sport & David Brown on weather.
Seven News Sydney Friday/Saturday: Chris Reason, Matt Carmichael & Angie Asimus.

Nine News Sydney Sunday to Thursday: Peter Overton & Deborah Knight, Cameron Williams on Sport + Graham Creed (poached from the ABC) on weather.
Nine News Sydney Friday/Saturday: Jayne Azzopardi, Erin Molan on Sport & Vanessa O’Hanlon on weather.

Prime7 Local News: Madelaine Collignon & Liz Gwynn, Elly Wicks on Sport, Karl Lijnders on Weather. Bulletin format would be changed to an hour long composite one. Still running the local stories first, but with state/national/international news & sport presented live + pre-recorded weather including local, state & national information.

Nine News Southern NSW/ACT: Danielle Post (main fill-in newsreader, Natassia Apolloni), Mike Lorigan on Sport & Gavin Morris on Weather.

NBN News weeknights: Jane Goldsmith & Tyson Cotrill, Kate Haberfield on Sport & Gavin Morris Weather.
NBN News weekends: Paul Lobb & Natasha Beyersdorf (I know those two have been there the longest, but they’re more suited to weekend news IMO) News & Weather + Mitchell Hughes Sport.

WIN News Illawarra & Canberra when Geoff Phillips retires: Bruce Roberts on News (with an up and coming WIN News star reporter like Jared Constable or Samara Gardner taking over the Victorian bulletins) with Amy Duggan on Sport & Tanya Dendrinos on weather.


Not exactly a mock, but I think Nine News Queensland should have gone with the following in 2010 through to the end of June 2011 (which is when Heather Foord left Nine altogether):

News: Andrew Lofthouse and Melissa Downes
Sport: Wally Lewis
Weather: Garry Youngberry

News: Bruce Paige and Heather Foord
Sport: Ian Healy
Weather: Sylvia Jeffreys or Paul Burt

To the present, and if Lofthouse and Downes are moved on in the near future, this is what I think the Nine News Queensland line-up should look like:

News: Jonathan Uptin and Sylvia Jeffreys
Sport: Darren Lockyer
Weather: Garry Youngberry

Fridays and Saturdays
News: Emmy Kubainski (apparently she returned to Brisbane soon after copping the axe from STW; I personally think she would be great for Nine News Queensland)
Sport: Michael Atkinson
Weather: Paul Burt (Nine should pull out the big bucks to get him back to the network)

Afternoon News
News: Emmy Kubainski (Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays), Wendy Kingston (Wednesdays and Thursdays)
Sport: Darren Lockyer (Mondays-Thursdays), Michael Atkinson (Fridays)
Weather: Garry Youngberry (Mondays-Thursdays), Paul Burt (Fridays)

I personally think Darren Lockyer would provide a fresh voice to Nine News Queensland’s sports segments. This would also see him go H2H with another Brisbane Broncos legend in Shane Webcke who has been presenting sport on the rival Seven News since 2007, the year after he retired from the NRL.

I also think Nine News Queensland should adopt the Sunday-Thursday and Friday/Saturday format so that the week would start off the back of live NRL, as it does in Sydney.

When Peter Hitchener retires from Nine News Melbourne, the line-up should be:

Afternoon News
News: Alicia Loxley (Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays), Tim McMillan (Wednesdays and Thursdays)
Sport: Tony Jones (Mondays-Thursdays), Clint Stanaway (Fridays)
Weather: Livinia Nixon (Mondays-Thursdays), Justine Conway (Fridays)

News: Brett McLeod
Sport: Tony Jones
Weather: Livinia Nixon

Fridays and Saturdays
News: Alicia Loxley
Sport: Clint Stanaway
Weather: Justine Conway

I think that Nine News Melbourne should adopt the Sunday-Thursday and Friday/Saturday format sooner rather than later to match Seven News Melbourne, which adopted this format in March last year.

Have you heard Lockyer, even after his surgery? Tommy Raudonkis would sound better.

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From what I have heard, Lockyer sought a speech therapist to improve his tone for television commentary after retiring from rugby league at the end of the 2011 NRL season. Eight years on, and I think he sounds much better now. I also think he has the capability to cover other sports such as AFL, too.

I like the NBN line up.

A couple of notable omissions in the Nine News Sydney line up (compared to what they have now), but I’m not surprised with your selections :smile:

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What an all-female Sunrise/Weekend Sunrise line-up would look like (though very unlikely in real life):

Co-presenters: Samantha Armytage and Natalie Barr
News: Edwina Bartholomew
Sport: Mel McLaughlin
Weather: Jane Bunn (from Melbourne)

Sydney reporters: Amber Laidler (Mondays-Wednesdays), Samantha Brett (Thursdays and Fridays)
Melbourne correspondent: Emily Angwin
Queensland correspondent: Bianca Stone
Adelaide correspondent: Amanda Bachmann (Mondays-Wednesdays), Gertie Spurling (Thursdays and Fridays)
Perth correspondent: Samantha Jolly
Consumer correspondent: Jessica Ridley

Weekend Sunrise
Co-presenters: Monique Wright and Sally Bowrey
News: Angela Cox
Sport: Michelle Bishop
Weather: Angie Asimus

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Local afternoon news (or possibly local weekend editions) on 10 if they decided to use a different team of presenters:

Melbourne: Natasha Exelby
Sydney: Hugh Rimington (Weekend : Chris Bath)
Brisbane: Joe Hill
Adelaide: Alan Murrell
Perth: Natalie Forest


Nine News:

Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon
News with Deborah Knight
Sport with Tom Steinfort
Weather with Tim Davies
Entertainment with Richard Wilkins

Weekend Today
David Campbell and Sylvia Jefferys
News with Jayne Azzopardi
Sport with Clint Stanaway
Weather with Natalia Cooper
Entertainment with Brooke Boney

Today Extra
Steve Jacobs and Sonia Kruger

Weekend Today Extra
David Campbell and Lara Vella

A Current Affair
Monday to Friday Tracy Grimshaw
Sat and Sunday Georgie Gardner

If I could shuffle the reporting decks at Seven News a bit:

  • Europe correspondent: Jessica Ridley (Laurel Irving returns to Melbourne) - personally I think Ridley is a good fit for the role - she is of Italian descent.
  • Europe bureau chief: Cameron Price (Hugh Whitfield returns to Sydney) - He did some work for Nine News and Sky (not the Sky News he joined in September 2011 after his time at Nine came to an end) in London in the first half of 2010. This would also make him a good fit for the role.
  • Sunrise Melbourne correspondent: Jacqui Felgate (swaps roles with Nathan Templeton who becomes sports editor/presenter on Seven News Melbourne)
  • Sunrise Melbourne reporter: Georgia Comensoli (swaps roles with David Woiwod who becomes The Latest’s Melbourne reporter)
  • Joel Dry becomes the permanent Sunrise correspondent in Queensland putting him head to head with his wife, Jessica Millward, who acts in the same role on Today. Bianca Stone stays on as Sunrise reporter (same arrangement as Melbourne).

I reckon, if Flashpoint becomes a national program (which I can’t see happening in the short term), presenters for these markets would be:

Sydney - Michael Usher (Angela Cox or Angie Asimus would replace him on The Latest on Mondays only)
Melbourne - Naomi Robson (she’d be brought back to the network)
Brisbane - Kay McGrath (she’d work three days a week)
Adelaide - Kelly Nestor (I think she works in one of the Adelaide papers these days)

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