Missing Members

Go to his profile and click his last posts. You’ll see the whole convo there and then he says he’s leaving here cause we are racists.

I always thought his username was hilarious


He always seemed to have an aunt or cousin that was in a perfect and specific circumstance to fit the point he was making.

And that’s an issue because ? I found some of his posts interesting and more to the point than others on issues he knew about it.

From what I can gather, he was falsely accusing members as being ‘racist’ due to them describing one of The Block’s 2022 contestants cheaters (from the Middle East).

From his posts, he also seemed to be a bit defensive, and over the top about the whole discussion.

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Oh wow , wasn’t there for that.

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What happened to @littlegezzybear? I was going through some old posts recently and one of their posts popped up. They posted regularly in the past but haven’t posted or even been active since 2021.


If memory serves, they got annoyed that an off-topic post of theirs got deleted so they called it quits.


Ah, this thread has managed to jog a memory!

I joined Media Spy sometime in 2016 during the height of @Firetorch. He was very passionate about what he believed in, let’s put it that way. I agreed and disagreed with his views many times but would usually just watch from afar and not comment.

I can distinctly remember many tense and heated arguments between him and one particular member who has also seemed to have disappeared. I can’t remember the name, but they used the Channel 1 Russian logo as their avatar for many years. I think at one stage just about every thread on Media Spy had some form of argument between the two.

I honestly couldn’t name a more iconic duo. I think another member at one stage speculated they could be the same person :person_shrugging:

I wonder what has happened to both?


i noticed Bort has now been posting less, and is no longer a modmin - i hope he’s okay


This member you’re referring to is still here although he has a different name (Pelican I think).


He doesn’t know it yet but @Bort is my MS mancrush

Oops :speak_no_evil:

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Wow. I know i shouldn’t judge, because i am no pretty mullet, but wow. I feel almost normal having just read that. Not sure why people get so upset over small things on the internet, especially in this member’s regard. Must have been having an off day.


I’m all good, just decided to take a step back :slightly_smiling_face:


Good to hear legend.


I still frequent the site on occasion but haven’t logged in or posted in a while. I went through some pretty serious medical issues at the end of 2022 and needed to take a step back from all things social. After recovering I tried to prioritise positivity and felt the thread was taking over a little. Also I don’t tend to watch a lot of FTA or television anymore.

I think you of all people would know I was never embarrassed or would leave based on a little disagreement. I even contacted you numerous amounts of times when we and others had disagreements with you to check up on you. My leaving had nothing to do with other peoples opinions or views on any matters. It was simply personal.

It’s a forum I was apart of for over 15 years (nearly half my life). It’s a wonderful community that taught me so much. I have even caught up with some members in the past. So no my leaving has nothing to do with anyone. I wish everyone all the happiness in the world. Chat to you all soon.


Good to hear from you! Hope to see you back here sometime.


Hi guys,

One of our members @Jack_Baulch2003 has gone missing on a hike.

A little reluctant to post this because his last name hasn’t been shared by Police and therefore isn’t technically public - but after a heads up from another member we agreed it’s definitely him. (My reluctance to share his name/his right to privacy is outweighed by the hope/ chance someone may read this on here and be nearby in the area and be able to search/help in some way)


Shit. Shit.

I hope you’re ok Jack. Get home safely mate.


Herald Sun is reporting he’s been found