Missing Members

He has been in and out of hospital from what he’s posted previously. It is not good that he has suddenly vanished, particularly as an admin.


And looks like he stopped being active on Twitter around the same period. A bit concerning. Hope all is well.


I know a member on Whirlpool who used to post a lot and was really nice , helpful, a lot of people PM’d them about stuff and they were very friendly and helpful . Suddenly they stopped posting just around Christmas 2021 into 2022 … 3 months later in 2022 someone mentioned they had passed away in their early 50’s of organ failure :frowning:

Though i guess best not to assume the worst whenever someone stops posting .


Some folk just get tired of the site and want a clean break. Nothing more complicated than that. To be honest forums like this are a luxury when most are busy on the work/family treadmill and keeping their heads above water. I do hope this is the case for our ‘missing members’ yet to be found.

I have done away with social media but still post here, mainly as a critical writing exercise.


I was never really into social media in the first place.

I’m on Facebook but only really for things like school reunions and as a way for people to contact me, but it’s been years since I’ve actually posted anything in my Facebook feed.


I don’t want to bring the vibe down more but I recently went through this.

I was following someone on Instagram. And I think they were following back. There would be the odd interaction but mostly viewing each others posts. One day I realised he hadn’t posted for some time. When I went and looked further into it, he had passed away by his own doing which was confirmed by comments on his page.

It was a very odd sensation as I mourned this person I’d never ‘met’ or had even spoken to outside of the odd comment. But the way social media works, you have these ‘relationships’ with all of these people that can just end without any real closure.


Your answer is below…

Trust me…no it ain’t! If you know, you know.

I’ve been mentally and physically unwell in recent years. And unfortuantely, people who really should not have been caught up in the crossfire of my mood swings and god knowns what, you’ll be delighted to know karma has kicked me in the arse.


Good to hear from you!

Hope you are getting better and hope this means you’ll be beck sometime soon.

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Wow, can’t believe it’s been two years since we last heard from you! :hushed:

Hope the time away has helped, and as @Radiohead expressed, it would be nice to see you around here again more eventually.

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I missed your absolutely hilarious yet accurate remarks about certain things. Good to hear from you again and hope you’re doing better.


Not sure if that’s a return from you or whether you’re still going through things but I do hope things are getting better for you. You’ve been around here for a long time and I was a little bit worried for you the way you were sounding before, I hope that things are on the up and the future is looking better for you.


Does anyone know where @Squee went? He hasn’t posted since mid-May and hasn’t visited since June 9.


He’s having some time away from the site


Hey Team,

Long shot as you guys probably would have updated us but is there any news at all on NewsWeary?


Unfortunately, no


I fear the worst now. It’s been nearly a year.

God bless him wherever he is.


I know he’s ‘seen himself out’ but I hope @ElCapitanCranky is doing ok.


What happened to @turdall? He used to post quite frequently but it looks like he hasn’t posted in over a year.


He was offended that viewers and members were claiming that the winners of The Block 2022 were cheaters and took offence to the word “dodgy”.

Wait really?