Missing Members

Is he ok? We chatted a few years back on private message and he mentioned a few things he was going through. If you chat to him send him my best.


At all? Whaaat.

Oh no!! It’s always been a fun time with @Salty on the forum. Go well :call_me_hand:


Shame that he won’t be back. Wish him the very best of luck for the future

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Ol Firetorch has been gone for seven months now. Presumably off at some left wing, greenie retreat.

Just burnt out, perhaps?

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It’s possible.

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Or defected to North Korea to help Kim Jong-Un with his plans to improve the World.


That is very possibly likely…

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Or spontaneously combusted?

Probably got liquidated in one of the admin team’s internal party purges


I’m recovering from recent surgery so l will be around the forum from time to time.


I see, good to see you again. Best of luck.


@EyewitnessTV hasn’t been around for a couple of months. Hope all is well

Hope all is well now. It was a bit quite without you on here for a while :wink:

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Good to see you back Salty. :slight_smile:

He has still been posting regularly on Popedia.

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Where is @Mitchell_Nock anyway?

After school detention? :wink:


Anyone know what’s happened to (the name I’m having a mental blank on) but I think he’s from Perth and had a Channel 7 profile pic? Active up until earlier this year. He’s new-ish.

I had realised my daily dose of laughing while reading ratings comments had stopped, he was a reason I stopped commenting so often especially in that thread tbh.


Simple truth is, he disagreed with being put on moderator queue, threw a hissy fit at the mods and left. He is welcome back anytime, should he wish to follow the board rules.


He liked a few comments (obviously in one of the Seven threads) a couple of days ago, but hasn’t commented since May. I think he’s probably just going to get angry again when we say shit about Seven.

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