Missing Members


Is he ok? We chatted a few years back on private message and he mentioned a few things he was going through. If you chat to him send him my best.


At all? Whaaat.


Oh no!! It’s always been a fun time with @Salty on the forum. Go well :call_me_hand:


Shame that he won’t be back. Wish him the very best of luck for the future


Ol Firetorch has been gone for seven months now. Presumably off at some left wing, greenie retreat.


Just burnt out, perhaps?


It’s possible.


Or defected to North Korea to help Kim Jong-Un with his plans to improve the World.


That is very possibly likely…


Or spontaneously combusted?


Probably got liquidated in one of the admin team’s internal party purges


I’m recovering from recent surgery so l will be around the forum from time to time.


I see, good to see you again. Best of luck.


@EyewitnessTV hasn’t been around for a couple of months. Hope all is well

Hope all is well now. It was a bit quite without you on here for a while :wink:


Good to see you back Salty. :slight_smile:

He has still been posting regularly on Popedia.


Where is @Mitchell_Nock anyway?


After school detention? :wink:


Anyone know what’s happened to (the name I’m having a mental blank on) but I think he’s from Perth and had a Channel 7 profile pic? Active up until earlier this year. He’s new-ish.

I had realised my daily dose of laughing while reading ratings comments had stopped, he was a reason I stopped commenting so often especially in that thread tbh.

Media Spy: The Early Years


Simple truth is, he disagreed with being put on moderator queue, threw a hissy fit at the mods and left. He is welcome back anytime, should he wish to follow the board rules.


He liked a few comments (obviously in one of the Seven threads) a couple of days ago, but hasn’t commented since May. I think he’s probably just going to get angry again when we say shit about Seven.