Misses of 2019

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Discussion of program and schedule misses* of 2019.

* AKA underperformers, disappointments and other nice ways of saying flops.


Big Bash and Seven letting the tennis go to Nine tops the list so far, surely.


Show Me the Movie


Manifest bumped to late night after a poor showing.


Instant Hotel


It was only renewed for Netflix anyway. Doesn’t really need to rate for Seven, it makes money from its streaming deal.


So who gives a stuff if its performance causes Seven to lose viewers, shares and give Nine and others a competitive edge. If it’s on Netflix and they’re paying it doesn’t matter?


Yep, pretty much. Welcome to the new economics of television


What were they thinking putting it in a timeslot right after bloated MKR?


Can’t see Seven smiling at the thought of becoming the CW of Australian free to air networks. Besides it’s not like they needed a new reality hit so again, doesn’t matter if Instant Hotel failed. :roll_eyes:


Zumbo’s Just Desserts is being brought back for the same reason. It’s not their entire lineup, but the economic reality of television in 2019 is very different. When Netflix throws money at you for shows that bombed, you’re gonna take the money, grin and bare the poor domestic ratings, and put the money into your known hit shows (and paying off that cricket rights debt)


I disagree somewhat. Travel shows that air in daytime and even the infotainment shows make huge money but they’re not given prime real estate in primetime because the audience is so low. Seven would have wanted and needed Instant Hotel to succeed. If they had no expectation or desire for it to do so they would have given it the Sydney Weekender, Yummy Mummies or Getaway treatment IMO.


It’s still an hour to fill their primetime lineup with new content, meet their quota, branded content ops, etc. And all paid for by Netflix. I’m sure they would have liked it higher, but my point is, it’s not a disaster on the same scale as their other shows (and Yummy Mummies is also a Netflix title)


What was only renewed for Netflix?


If you just looked at the conversation above: Zumbo’s Just Desserts.

It wasn’t just brought back for Netflix but they did partly fund a second season after it had success there.


I was aware of Zumbo but the conversation sounded like Insant Hotel was renewed for Netflix. Which it wasn’t. It was renewed before it even went on Netflix.


The reference was more probably to Instant Hotel where Netflix showed season one and is promising to show season 2 after its FTA broadcast in Australia.


OK. My bad. I see there was an earlier mention of Instant Hotel along ghe same lines.

Again, partly funded by Netflix so Seven will keep making these shows because they’ve already said they make more money from shows they produce themselves than sport telecasts.


7Food needs to be on this list I’ve decided