Misses of 2017

Discussion of flops, misses and fails in new programs and scheduling for 2017.

Lethal Weapon

24: Legacy

Hawaii Five-O

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Network Ten? :stuck_out_tongue:

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All bar one. :laughing:

Ten Eyewitness News :joy:


First Season of double digit negative growth. No doubt causing panic inside Seven HQ.

Definitely not a miss though…

Nine News Regional for not having a Perth sized set and its use of green screen, as per MS members demands :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I would say Hoges is a miss already?

Putting it into perspective with the network it’s on & Molly last year.

Down nearly 1m in overnight!

Some may disagree, as 800k+ is still strong, but as I mentioned put it into perspective and it aint flash at all :confused:

I think that is fair to say. However I wouldnt pass judgement until the second episode airs and how it performs in +7 and +28 figures. Its also fair to note MKR was up by over 500k for Molly.

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Would we include the new one-hour version of Hot Seat?


Sure looks like it now with a massive gap to The Chase.

Also, The Celebrity Apprentice.


Life in Pieces - TEN
Whose Line is it Anyway? - TEN
24: Legacy - TEN
Homeland - TEN
Bondi Rescue - TEN
Ten Eyewitness News - TEN
Hoges - Seven
Lethal Weapon - Nine

You forgot to the list their whole Saturday night line up which has just been dumped from the schedule.

Murder Calls

Putting this down to the stupid decision from nine to schedule it in direct competition with same same show Murder Uncovered, cancelling each other out and now Nine coming off second best.


Planet Earth II, Ch 9

Don’t agree. Not a hit but not a miss. It is still in the top 11 of the night and filling a slot. Only around 150-200k behind I’m a Celeb so not exactly being killed. Obviously they could have something better in the schedule but that would come at the expense of less weeks Married is available for.

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Life in Pieces
Whose Line is it Anyway

all should be put in that list now.

Technically a miss of 2016.


How are they misses?

They’re getting great DVR and VPM numbers, they also rate better during MasterChef.

Remembering it’s Ch 10 too, while they’ve still got solid audiences, they’re not a “miss”.

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