Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 8, 2021

DAB+ ratings:


… am I reading this right? Did 6IX beat Triple M Perth, 5.7% to 5.3%?


In Sydney, 2GB remains at #1 with 14.5% (-1.2), followed by ABC Sydney with 9.4% (-2.9). WS remains at #1 with 8.8% (+0.7), followed by KIIS with 8.3% (+0.3), Smooth with 7.9% (Steady), Nova with 6.8% (+1.4), JJJ with 6.2% (+1.9) & 2MMM with 4.9% (-0.5). 2Day went up 0.3% to 3.8%.

In Melbourne, 3AW remains at #1 with 16.6% (-2.3), still well ahead of a two-way 2nd place of Gold 104.3 & ABC Melbourne (10.1% each). This is followed by Smooth with 8% (+1.0), Fox with 6.6% (+1.1), Nova with 6.2% (-0.3), KIIS with 5.6% (+1.0) & 3MMM with 4.8% (+0.8). Of the AM music stations, Magic fell 0.5 to 1%, whilst 3MP fell 0.1 to 0.9%.

In Brisbane, 97.3FM takes out the #1 spot with 11.2% (+0.2), followed by 4KQ with 10.6% (-0.7), Nova with 9.7% (-1.8), 4MMM with 9.1% (+0.2), B105 with 8.3% (-0.2) & 4BC with 8% (+0.1). 4BH rated 2.4%, down 0.2%.

In Adelaide, ABC Adelaide knocks Mix 102.3 off the top spot, rating 12.2% (+0.9), whilst Mix fell to 2nd place with 10.9% (-0.6). This is followed by a two-way tie for 3rd with Cruise & 5MMM at 9.9%, which the latter went up 1.3%, followed by another two-way tie between Nova (-0.4) & FiveAA (-0.5) at 9.5%. SAFM fell 0.7% to 7.4%.

And in Perth, Nova remains on top with 12.6%, whilst Mix 94.5 climbed back to the 2nd spot with 12% (+0.8), pushing 96fm down to 3rd place with 10.7% (-0.7), followed by 6PR with 8.9% (+0.6) & ABC Perth with 8.4% (+0.2).

Yes, and it’s not the first time this year that 6iX beat Triple M either, in which it previously happened in Survey 5.


Champagne will be flowing at 6ix
92.9TripleM has it rock bottom - How the mighty have fallen.


With COVID lockdown having ended in Melbourne, commercial FM stations were starting to pick up listeners again, especially at breakfast. Fox’s Fifi, Fev and Nick had the biggest gain with 1.9% followed by Smooth with 1.2%. Nova however fell by 0.8%.
Gold remained the FM breakfast leader despite dropping 0.6% from the last survey.

3AW suffered big decreases in all timeslots during weekdays.


So ARN has the top 2 rated stations in Brisbane with 97.3 and 4KQ including the two top breakfast shows as well. Crazy that they will sell the number 2 station with the number 1 breakfast.

4BC’s breakfast with a big increase.


Nine Radio finishes 2021 on a high

2GB and 3AW clear No.1 all through 2021

4BC Breakfast records best result in 13 years

6PR records strong survey as live and local delivers results

Nine Radio has finished 2021 as the clear No.1 in the key markets of Sydney and Melbourne and demonstrated strong growth across Brisbane and Perth in the final survey of the year.

GfK Survey 8 saw Sydney’s 2GB and Melbourne’s 3AW again retain their undisputed leadership positions as the No.1 stations in each city throughout all 2021.

In Sydney, 2GB Breakfast host Ben Fordham has finished his second year on air with a dominant 18.5% share, while in Melbourne Ross and Russ on 3AW Breakfast have finished with a phenomenal 24.1% share. In Mornings Ray Hadley and Neil Mitchell both remain the most listened to presenters in their respective timeslots.

This survey also saw strong results for Brisbane’s 4BC with Breakfast host Neil Breen finishing the year with a 10.7% up 1.4 points. This is Breen’s highest result ever and the best 4BC Breakfast result in 13 years. Ray Hadley was again No.1 in 4BC Mornings in talk with a 11.1% share.

In Perth 6PR also finished the year strongly with Gareth Parker in 6PR Breakfast lifting 0.6 points to a 9.9% share while 6PR Mornings host Liam Bartlett lifted 1.2 points to a 9.2% share.

Greg Byrnes, Nine Radio’s Head of Content, says: “The past 12 months have shown why Talk Radio is the trusted source of news and opinion. Australians turned to us in record numbers as they sought live and local content. We thank our listeners for sticking with us and assure them we’ll be relevant, setting agendas and working ever harder in 2022.”

2GB 873 has again finished the year as No.1 in Sydney with an audience share of 14.5%. This is 2GB’s 138th consecutive survey win.

Ben Fordham Live is Sydney’s No.1 Breakfast show recording a share of 18.5% points. This result comes after Survey 7 saw him record highest survey result to date.
The Ray Hadley Morning Show lifted its share 0.1 point to an 18.4% share and remains a clear No.1. This is Ray’s 138th consecutive survey win.
Afternoons with Deborah Knight is No.1 with 12.0%. (Mon-Fri 12.00pm-3.00pm)
Drive with Jim Wilson recorded an 7.1% share (3.00pm-6.00pm).
Nights with John Stanley is a clear No.1 with 19.4% (Mon-Thurs 8.00pm-12am, Fri 7pm-11pm).
2GB Weekends is No.1 (including The Garden Clinic, Chris Smith and The Continuous Call Team with a 14.4% share.

3AW remains No.1 across Breakfast Mornings, Afternoons, Drive, Nights and Weekends. The station is the No.1 radio station in Melbourne recording an audience share of 16.6% in Survey 8.

3AW Breakfast with Ross Stevenson and Russel Howcroft have retained their No.1 place all through 2021 with a 24.1% share. This a total of 229 wins for 3AW Breakfast (Mon-Fri 5.30am-8.30am).
Neil Mitchell is No.1 in Mornings with a 17.9% share (Mon-Fri 8.30am-12.00pm).
Dee Dee Dunleavy is No.1 with a share of 12.9% in afternoons (Mon-Fri 12.00pm – 3.00pm).
Tom Elliott is No.1 in Drive with a 14.0% share (Mon-Fri 3.00pm-6.00pm).
Denis Walter is No.1 at night with 20.0% (Mon- Thurs 8.00pm–12.00am, Fri 7pm-12MN).
3AW Weekends is No.1 (including Darren James, Grubby and The Twilight Zone) with a 15.2% share.

4BC 882 posts audience growth with its share rising to 8.0% among all people 10+ and is the best station cume in 13 years, growing 16% this survey. The breakfast slot also recorded its best result in 13 years. This is the second survey since 4BC changed its frequency to 882 AM.

Breakfast with Neil Breen had a share of 10.7% up 1.4 points. This is Breen’s highest result ever and the best result in 13 years for the 4BC breakfast slot.
The Ray Hadley Morning Show maintains its dominance and is once again No.1 talk in Mornings, with a 11.1% share (Mon-Fri 9.00am-11.00am).
Afternoons with Sofie Formica had a share of 6.9% (Mon-Fri 11.00am – 3.00pm) up 0.5 points. This is Sofie’s first full survey behind the microphone.
Drive with Scott Emerson had a share of 5.5% (Mon-Fri 3.00-6.00pm).
Nights with John Stanley had a 9.4% share in his timeslot (Mon-Thurs 8.00pm-11pm, Fri 6-10pm).

6PR 882 continues to grow audience in Survey 8 with an 8.9% share, up 0.6 points, and has seen audience growth across the board .

Breakfast with Gareth Parker recorded a 9.9% share (up 0.6 points).
Mornings with Liam Bartlett increases his share to 9.2% share (up 1.2 points). The show continues to be Perth’s No.1 Mornings talk show.
Steve Mills in Afternoons recorded a share of 8.5% (up 1.5 points). (Mon-Fri 12.00pm-3.00pm)
Perth Live with Oliver Peterson is now No.1 talk in Drive and has lifted its audience with an 8.6% share, (up 0.7 points) (Mon-Fri 3.00pm-6.00pm).
The Nightshift with Tod Johnston drew a share of 13% (Mon-Fri 8.00pm-12.00MN).


Yes, a real shocker for Triple M Perth.


I wonder when ACMA will make the decision on whether 6iX and 6PR can convert to FM or not?


Great results for the FM music stations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane. Except for some, they mostly all increased their share.


Here are the overall ratings in ranking order.


#1: 2GB: 14.5
#2: ABC Sydney: 9.4
#3: WSFM: 8.8
#4: KIIS: 8.3
#5: Smooth: 7.9
#6: Nova: 6.8
#7: 2JJJ: 6.2
#8: 2MMM: 4.9
#9: 2Day: 3.8
#10: ABC Classic: 3.5
#11: 2UE: 2.6
#12: 2RN: 2.2
#13: ABC NewsRadio: 2.0
#14: Sky Sports Radio: 1.2
#15: SEN: 0.5

Other Stations: 17.4%


#1: 3AW: 16.6
=#2: ABC Melbourne: 10.1
=#2: Gold 104.3: 10.1
#4: Smooth: 8.0
#5: Fox FM: 6.6
#6: Nova: 6.2
#7: KIIS: 5.6
#8: 3MMM: 4.8
#9: 3JJJ: 4.5
#10: 3RN: 2.9
#11: ABC Classic: 2.6
#12: SENL 2.2
#13: ABC NewsRadio: 2.0
#14: Magic: 1.0
#15: 3MP: 0.9
#16: RSN: 0.6

Other Stations: 15.3%


#1: 97.3FM: 11.2
#2: 4KQ: 10.6
#3: Nova: 9.7
#4: 4MMM: 9.1
#5: B105: 8.3
#6: 4BC: 8.0
#7: ABC Brisbane: 7.6
#8: 4JJJ: 6.4
#9: ABC Classic: 2.8
#10: 4RN: 2.5
#11: 4BH: 2.4
#12: ABC NewsRadio: 1.9

Other Stations: 19.5%


#1: ABC Adelaide: 12.2
#2: Mix 102.3: 10.9
=#3: Cruise: 9.9
=#3: 5MMM: 9.9
=#5: Nova: 9.5
=#5: FiveAA: 9.5
#7: SAFM: 7.4
#8: 5JJJ: 4.9
#9: ABC Classic: 3.0
#10: 5RN: 1.6
#11: ABC NewsRadio: 1.3

Other Stations: 19.9%


#1: Nova: 12.6
#2: Mix 94.5: 12.0
#3: 96fm: 10.7
#4: 6PR: 8.9
#5: ABC Perth: 8.4
#6: 6JJJ: 6.9
#7: 6iX: 5.7
#8: 6MMM: 5.3
#9: ABC Classic: 3.4
#10: 6RN: 1.9
#11: ABC NewsRadio: 1.2

Other Stations: 23.0%


They have no choice if they want to keep River 94.9 and Hot 91.

I’d say it’ll most likely get sold to Nova.


Looking at the demo breakdowns for Sydney, and it’s worth noting that JJJ is #1 in the 25-39s, beating out KIIS, and is #2 in the 18-24s behind Nova. As for Smooth, it has gone up 1.1% to 8.9% in the 40-54s, up 0.1% to 9.3% in the 55-64s (whilst WS went up 1.7% to 15.9% in that same demo), and fell 2.1% to 4.9% in the 65+. In the latter demo, Smooth is now not only beaten by WS, but also by AM music station 2UE.

By comparison, Smooth in Melbourne still rates well ahead of Gold, Magic & 3MP in the 65+.

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First #1 finish for ABC/Ade since S2/2016 and snaps Mix’s 13 survey winning streak.


Yeah you’ve really got to wonder if they’d be better off selling River and Hot and keeping 4KQ.


That is the lowest share not just in the history of 92.9, it’s the lowest for any of Perth’s four commercial FMs since S3/1996 when the first run of Triple M on 96.1 bottomed out with a 4.6


Marty on MMM also gained a point, his cume also had a big jump. Panic stations called off there now I think.



2Day could catch up to 2MMM and overtake it.