Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 8, 2016

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In Sydney, KIIS has taken back the #1 FM position from Smooth, ending the latter station’s 4-survey streak at #1 FM. WS had a big climb to 8.3%, up 1.4% from the last survey, placing themselves at #3 FM (behind KIIS & Smooth). Nova remained steady at 7.3%, whilst JJJ went up 1.4% to 6.7%. Triple M remained steady at 4.9%, whilst 2DAY fell slightly by 0.2% to 4.4%, followed closely by Magic 2CH at 4.3%. 2UE’s Talking Lifestyle has taken a big tumble, going down 1.2% to 3.5%.

In Melbourne, Fox is #1 FM (#2 overall behind 3AW) with 10.6%, followed by Smooth, who has outrated Gold 104.3 for the first time. Triple M fell by 0.8% to 6.9%, followed by Nova at 6.4% & KIIS at 6%. Magic 1278 goes out on a whimper, with just a 2.4% share.
In Brisbane, 97.3FM has taken back the #1 spot from Nova, whilst Hit105 is #3. 4KQ went up 0.3% to 8.8%, only 0.5% behind Triple M, who went up 0.6%. 4BC fell to 5.3% this survey, whilst Magic 882 also goes out on a whimper with a 2.8% share.

In Adelaide, Mix 102.3 maintains its position as the #1 station with a 12.9% share, followed by 891 ABC, Hit107, Nova, FiveAA, Triple M & Cruise. And in Perth, Mix 94.5 is still #1 with a 15.7%, followed by Nova, Hit92.9, 720 ABC & Triple J. 96fm fell even further down the ladder to a paltry 6.9% share, only 2.7% ahead of AM music station 6iX.

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Just a few points:

  • Melbourne: Smooth will be the station to watch next year since they’re now equal 2nd with Gold FM. Meanwhile, this could be an big anomaly or the beginning of a trend but MMM’s Hot Breakfast dropped 1.9% to be 2nd behind Fox FM - it’s still a decent result but that big of a drop will cause an alarm bell or two to ring within the station.
  • Sydney: 2GB has had big drops - 1.9% overall with significant drops seen during breakfast and afternoons
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KIIS 1065 is again No.1 with the 40 - 54 year olds. Looks like the average 48 year old loves their Top 40 / Dance and R&B music.

By looking at the ratings for 96FM in Perth and KIIS in Melbourne - it seems that the lips without Kyle and Jackie O create just another struggling radio station…

And 2UE’s All Ad formula seems to be bombing. Pity - as the breakfast show is good.


Rove and Sam on 2DayFM finished the year with only 3.8%. I think the show won’t continue next year.
Here in Melbourne, 3AW and 774 ABC both went up by 0.1% from last survey.

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Meanwhile, sister station WS beats Smooth in the 40-54s for the first time since Survey 3. However, Smooth still beats WS in the 18-39s & in the 55+. In fact, Smooth scores an 11.2% share in the 25-39s, only 0.6% behind both Nova & JJJ, and only 0.5% behind KIIS. In that same demographic, WS manages an 8.4% share.

In the timeslot breakdowns, WS is ahead of Smooth in breakfast & mornings, but then from Midday onwards, Smooth takes the lead, and is also ahead on weekends.

Interestingly, I’ve just noticed that JJJ is the 4th most popular station on among Sydney’s 40-54 year olds, even beating out 702!!! :open_mouth:

Is that because of Alan Jones’ absence? Chris Smith from Afternoons is filling in for Jones.

2UE was smashed.

What was the overall result for Brisbane ? Thanks

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  1. 97.3FM: 13.7
  2. Nova: 12.6
  3. hit105: 10.4
  4. 4MMM: 9.3
  5. ABC612: 9.2
  6. 4KQ: 8.8
  7. 4JJJ: 7.7
  8. 4BC: 5.3
  9. Magic 882: 2.8
  10. ABCFM: 2.3
  11. 4RN: 1.7
  12. NewsRadio: 1.0
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I don’t understand the Perth ratings. How can most if the music stations all go down - eg 6IX, Mix, and 96?

BTW 96FM is a disaster!

Magic 882 should just be sold to Rebel media so they can pipe in the Breeze. It would triple the ratings.

If they do the Lifestyle thing it’ll rate 0%


It’ll be interesting to see what happens in 2017 with the ratings of Sydney’s top FM stations. Personally, I’m willing to predict a three way battle between Smooth, KIIS and WSFM for much of next year.

Those ratings for 2UE Talking Lifestyle in it’s first full survey under that new format…oh how the mighty have fallen. RIP 2UE.

Didn’t 2DayFM breakfast rate even lower at some point when Dan & Maz were on?

Whoever presents 2Gb afternoons in Sydney had a huge drop!?

Also worthy of a mention is Neil Mitchell, who didn’t lose a survey this year (mornings has always been a hotly contested spot between 774 ABC & 3AW)!

Breakfast with Ross & John also had a big increase back to above 19%.

Biggest news was Hot Breakfast (Triple M) losing to Fifi & Dave on Fox FM, first time in years is it? None the less, both are part of SCA which dominated Melbourne.

That’s what they’re saying.

Chris Smith usually presents 2GB between 12pm and 3pm, however I think that he was filling in for Alan Jones at breakfast during this survey.

No real surprise there… and same will happen if they extend the format to 1278 and 882.

Smooth in Melbourne perhaps benefitting from both Magic 1278’s winding down and the axe to 3MP.

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Indeed. In fact, compared to the equivalent survey 2 years ago (Survey 8, 2014), which was the last full survey in which the station was owned by Fairfax when it rated 10.2%, the station has lost 32% of its listeners in the overall ratings over the last 2 years since ARN took over.

As for Magic 882 over the same period, they lost 39% of its listeners since MRN took over & gutted the station.

Interestingly, Smooth beats Magic in the 65+ demographic, which has only happened once before, in Survey 2 of this year. Meanwhile in Sydney, Smooth has never beaten 2CH in the 65+.


My dad who is 65+ has threatened to switch off Magic all year… especially if they’ve gone back to doing dual time calls over daylight saving… gosh that tips him over the edge :smiley:

But i suspect he’s not alone in switching from 1278 although i think he’ll go to Gold before Smooth :wink:

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Drive FM ratings


  1. Hughesy and Kate
  2. KTM & Smooth
  3. Veronica and Lewis
  4. WSFM
  5. Hamish and Andy


  1. Hamish and Andy
  2. Smooth
  3. Gold
  4. KTM
  5. Hughesy and Kate


  1. KTM
  2. Hamish and Andy
  3. Hughesy and Kate
  4. Veronica and Lewis
  5. Merrick


  1. Hamish and Andy
  2. KTM
  3. Merrick
  4. Hughesy and Kate
  5. FIVEaa


  1. Lisa and Pete
  2. KTM
  3. Hamish and Andy
  4. Veronica and Lewis
  5. Hughesy and Kate

Weird thing about that is, Hughesy & Kate have been doing very well in Sydney… But doing poorly elsewhere. Yet they’re Melburnians. Go figure :disappointed:

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