Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 7, 2019

Despite everything going on with 3AW at the moment, it’s the only station that had some substantial increases this survey in Melbourne.

Nova, Fox and KIIS all had some significant drops throughout their schedules.


I can see that constant repetition of mouldy oldies is starting to hurt Nova 96.9 in Breakfast, Mornings and Drive. It does better on Weekends when there are a lot more fresh hits played.

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Very close at the top in Brisbane. Bad result for ABC now just 0.2 ahead of 4BC.

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In Sydney, 2GB remains on top, albeit with a 0.1% decline, whilst Smooth remains #1 FM with 9.3%, followed closely by KIIS at 9%. WS fell to 7.6%, levelling with Nova (who remained steady), followed by 2MMM with 6.4% & JJJ with 6%, who went up 1.3%. 2Day fell 0.6% to 3.9%, whilst MSR fell 0.3% to 0.8%.

In Melbourne, remains on top with 15.2% (up 1.3%), whilst Gold is #1 FM with 12.5% (up 0.5%). ABC Melbourne is at 9.2% (up 0.6%), followed by Smooth with 9.1% & Fox with 8.6%. KIIS fell 0.3% to 5.5%, whilst MSR had a slight rise of 0.1% to 0.4%.

In Brisbane, Nova remains on top with 11.9%, followed closely by hit105 with 11.1% & a two-way tie for 3rd spot between 97.3 & 4MMM with 11% each. 4KQ scored an 8.7% share, whilst 4BC went up 0.5% to 6.4% & MSR went down 0.6% to 0.9%.

In Adelaide, Nova took the top spot from Mix 102.3 by 0.1%, followed by FiveAA, ABC Adelaide, 5MMM, hit107 & Cruise.
And in Perth, Nova remains on top with 13.3%, followed by 96fm with 11.9% (-0.8), Mix 94.5 with 11.3% (+0.4) & hit92.9 with 10.7% (+1.4).


Christian O’Connell #1 breakfast in Melbourne now.

KTM suffering from shit dayside and playlist. Time to grab the Brisbane playlist guys it’s staring you in the bloody face.


Especially given that Nova is #1 in Brisbane with their superior playlist, as well as in Adelaide & Perth.

Speaking of Brisbane, here are the station’s ratings in ranking order:

#1. Nova: 11.9
#2. hit105: 11.1
#3. 97.3: 11.0
=#3. 4MMM: 11.0
#5. 4KQ: 8.7
#6. 4JJJ: 7.6
#7. ABC Brisbane: 6.6
#8. 4BC: 6.4
#9. ABC Classic: 2.9
#10. 4RN: 2.2
#11. ABC News: 1.4
#12. MSR: 0.9

And for Sydney:

#1. 2GB: 13.3
#2. Smooth: 9.3
#3. KIIS: 9.0
#4. ABC Sydney: 8.1
#5. WSFM: 7.6
=#5. Nova: 7.6
#7. 2MMM: 6.4
#8. 2JJJ: 6.0
#9. 2Day: 3.9
#10. 2CH: 3.6
#11. ABC Classic: 3.3
#12. 2RN: 2.7
#13. ABC News: 2.0
#14. Sky Sports Radio: 0.9
#15. MSR: 0.8


Same with Fitzy and Wippa. The playlist needs to be fixed.

Why do they refuse to acknowledge this in Sydney?


It’s interesting to note that in Sydney, JJJ is #1 in the 25-39s with 15.6%, just ahead of KIIS’s 15.2%.

Still in Sydney, whilst Smooth is ahead of WS in every demo group under 65, WS is narrowly ahead of Smooth in the 65+. And the only demos where 2Day gained this survey are in the over 40s, no doubt thanks to their “More Music, More Variety” format appealing to those audiences more than those under 40.

Meanwhile, in Melbourne, not only does Gold 104.3 dominate in the 40-54s, rating nearly 8% ahead of next highest rating FM station (3MMM), it is also #1 in the 25-39s! :open_mouth: That’s a stark contrast to WS in Sydney, where it’s ranked 2nd behind Smooth in the 40-54s & 7th in the 25-39s.


If you look at the stats across the east coast it is pretty uniform, Nova 96.9, 106.9 and 100 are the lowest rated across day parts, Breakfast and drive lift these stations.

Look what has happened to Nova Adelaide since they dropped the Sydney / Melbourne log they have gone to number 1.

Triple M and Triple J are giving Nova 96.9 some serious competition in day parts too.

I agree the playlist is stale, probably little chance now of getting more alt songs on the playlist as Smallyz had a drop in his morning slot.

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Gold #1 overall in afternoons ahead of 3AW and ABC Melbourne. What a powerhouse, almost 4% clear of Fox now 10+.

Ross & John leading 3AW to a 20.6% share in breakfast is phenomenal.


So Nova is tops in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth but Sydney and Melbourne stubbornly refuse to budge on their playlist.


Nova 106.9 is the lowest rated fm station in daysides. Breakfast / drive / weekends make the station #1 A couple years ago it use to be miles ahead of everyone in daysides.
Nova entertainment are struggling with daysides music programming across the east coast.

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Maybe their priority is Smooth in Syd / Mel
and happy with Nova at a 7 share in these cities.

They will probably only act when the ratings drop below a 6 share like it did with the Greatest Shits Workday.

Kiis is giving away a house and car, and Nova is giving away gucci shoes, Movie tickets and Red Room invites.

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The “Other Stations” ratings in certain demographics are quite interesting from city to city.

The 40-54 “Other Stations” rating shares:

Sydney: 20.0%
Melbourne: 14.4%
Brisbane: 26.6%
Adelaide: 17.1%
Perth: 19.1%


Sydney: 10.9%
Melbourne: 10.0%
Brisbane: 17.6%
Adelaide: 15.6%
Perth: 19.8%

It’s also worth noting that the “Other Stations” ratings in the 65+ in Perth is at a whopping 37.4%, most of which would be towards Curtin Radio (100.1) & Capital 101.7. Some of the “Other” figures in the slightly younger demos in that same city would be towards 91.7 The Wave from Mandurah, which offers a good adult music alternative to Mix 94.5 & 96fm.


The top 3 stations (who all have over a 10% share) in Sydney for 40 - 54 year olds are smooth, WSFM and KIIS. That is such a diverse range of music for the one demographic.

Triple J is No.1 with 25 - 39 year olds. The commercial stations are missing the mark a bit here.


Indeed. They seem to think that playing old tracks from 10 to 20 years ago is the answer. It’s not.


Some of the “Other stations” would be accounted for in the DAB+ Only figures?

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I interpret the closeness at the top in Brisbane is that they’re all as lackluster as each other, not that they are all locked in some sort of competitive brilliance…


This also comes down to flawed music research. Nova’s rate the hits surveys only allows you to rate their current high rotation songs, they don’t include the 10 to 20 year old songs to like or dislike.

What they should also be doing is adding new break songs to the survey and asking listeners if the song should be added to the playlist.

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