Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 7, 2018

DAB+ Ratings:

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In Sydney, 2GB stays on top, but fell 1.3% to 14.1%, whilst the #1 FM station is now Smooth with 8.8%, followed closely by KIIS at 8.6% (up 1.3%), WS with 8.2% (down 1.8%) & Nova with 7.9%. 2Day went up 1.2% to 5.5%, beating out 2MMM, who scored 5.3%, followed by 2CH with 4.1%. MSR stayed steady at 0.6%.

In Melbourne, 3AW remains on top with 14.5%, up 1% from last survey. Smooth is #1 FM with 9.8%, followed by a two-way tie for #2 FM between Fox & Gold. 3MMM scored a 7.1%, followed by Nova with 6.7% & KIIS with 5.6%. MSR fell to a new low of just 0.2%.

In Brisbane, 4MMM takes out the #1 spot with 11.6%, followed closely by Nova & Hit 105. 97.3 fell below 10% to finish at 9.6%, only 0.7% ahead of sister AM station 4KQ!! :open_mouth: 4BC went up 1.4% to 6%, whilst MSR stayed at 0.4%.

In Adelaide, Mix 102.3 remains at #1 with 13%, followed by FiveAA at 10.9%, Cruise at 10.2% (an AM music station at #3 overall!!) & ABC Adelaide at 10%. Nova scored 9.6%, followed by 5MMM at 8.9% & Hit 107 at 8.1%.
And in Perth, Nova is back on top with 14.4%, followed closely by Mix 94.5 at 13.9%, and then Hit 92.9 at 10.4%. 96fm scored a 7.6% share, whilst 6iX went up 1% to 5.8%.

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Nice jump for Christian O’Connell


Staggering result for Cruise. ARN look untouchable in Adelaide.

Melbourne is going to be an interesting book next year - I wonder how KIIS sounds come 2020


Not even AFL and NRL finals coverage were able to lift the ratings of MSR.

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All Asterisk, All The Time


Brisbane ratings in ranking order:

#1 4MMM: 11.6
#2 Nova: 11.5
#3 hit105: 11.3
#4 97.3FM: 9.6
#5 4KQ: 8.9
#6 4JJJ: 7.7
#7 ABC Brisbane: 7.4
#8 4BC: 6.0
#9 4RN: 3.2
#10 ABCFM: 2.8
#11 ABC News: 1.3
#12 Mac Sports Radio: 0.4

In Sydney:

#1 2GB: 14.1
#2 Smooth: 8.8
=#2 ABC Sydney: 8.8
#4 KIIS: 8.6
#5 WSFM: 8.2
#6 Nova: 7.9
#7 2JJJ: 5.7
#8 2Day: 5.5
#9 2MMM: 5.3
#10 2CH: 4.1
#11 ABCFM: 3.3
#12 2RN: 2.3
#13 ABC News: 1.9
#14 Sky Sports Radio: 0.8
#15 Mac Sports Radio: 0.6

continue to be a shambles. ABC Jazz is number 1 in Sydney with a 114,000 cume - meanwhile, The Edge is down by 20,000 despite being available on FM.

Good to see Aussie go out on a high in Melbourne before Hutchy gives the Triple M stations a free kick of close to 80,000 listeners. Meanwhile in Melbourne, Triple M Modern Digital makes Macquarie Sports Radio look like Fox FM

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2DAY Breakfast in Sydney sees a decent gain without Em Rusciano :rofl:


Bloody hell Cruise is beating 3 of the 4 commercial FMs. What on earth are those FMs doing in Adelaide? Are we starting to see DAB+ boost ratings of AM music stations like Cruise and KQ?

97.3 is a shambles in Brisbane barely beating sister station 4KQ AM. Too much disjointed networking and the playlist is too boring and safe when they play older music and too repetitive on the new stuff. Needs a total rethink. Smoothify just a little. Or 2DAYify even.

Smooth is a phenomenon in Sydney and Melbourne.

Triple M Sydney…ouch!!

KIIS Melbourne…ouch!

96fm in Perth should do better. Personally I think they should adopt the Pure Gold format entirely.


Looking at the demo ratings more closely, particularly in Sydney, it’s interesting to see the 40-54 ratings go something like this:

WS: 12.8
KIIS: 10.3
Smooth: 9.0
Nova: 8.8
2Day: 8.5
2MMM: 7.6

This proves that WS is not as dominant in that demo as it used to be, which in the previous survey, used to rate quite way ahead of the other FM stations. No doubt that 2Day took plenty of WS listeners this survey, including in the overall ratings.

Also, Smooth rates way higher than WS in the 18-39s, whilst it’s the opposite in Melbourne with Gold ahead of Smooth.


4KQ up 2% and ranked second on weekends. I was wondering why they seem to be running Sizzling 70s weekends a lot more frequently now.


Hughesy and Kate beating KTM in Brisbane… Wow

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There’s also a nice jump for Gerard Whateley’s SEN show as well

Judging by their ratings, even having cricket rights isn’t going to help MSR

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What a joke. Turn off the transmitter who’d even notice?


Bring on smooth Adelaide… if only.

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Very interesting results in this survey particularly Cruise in Adelaide, Triple M in Brisbane, and 2Day Fm Sydney.

Nova 106.9 in Brisbane seems to have lost it’s mojo. Since they launched the Greatest Hits Work Day their ratings have dropped, whereas Sydney, Adelaide and Perth have improved. The Brisbane market has changed with the once invincible 97.3 now struggling, and the resurgence of Hit 105 now knocking off KTM too.

Could Nova 106.9 go the Network playlist if rating stay inconsistent??

Agree with 96fm adopting the Pure Gold format, it would be better for them in the long run.


First and foremost, I’m not exactly surprised that 2GB is again Sydney’s #1 station on AM and overall. Both Jones & Hadley dipped slightly, but with their programs well ahead of the nearest competition I doubt that either presenter will be overly concerned just as long as they remain #1 overall in all surveys until retirement.

I’d imagine that both Smooth 95.3 and KIIS 106.5 will be satisfied with their ratings increases.

Although it had to happen eventually, WSFM’s dream run is over. It’ll be interesting to see if the breakfast ratings drop any further, because I can see ARN management doing to WSFM Breakfast (especially given the other signs of major generational change at WSFM in recent years) what they’ve done to Gold 104.3 breakfast before overly long.

Quite interesting to see that the Evening (7pm to midnight) is again ABC Radio Sydney’s highest rating timeslot, jumping 4.1% to finish just 2.3% behind 2GB. The big question of Late 2018/Early 2019: Can Bathie outrate Pricey?

Sadly there was no fairytale finish for Bob Rogers, with his program along with most others on 2CH falling in the ratings. One promising sign for the station however is a slight uptick for breakfast with Trevor Sinclair & Indira Naidoo. If their program increases further in the ratings during Survey #8, surely that will be enough to buy them at least six more months on-air?

Even more promising news for another Sydney radio ratings struggler of recent years, 2DayFM with increases in all timeslots including a very healthy figure of 7.8% between midday and 4pm weekdays. It’ll be interesting to see if 2DayFM manages to gain any increased momentum over Summer 2018-19 and stronger ratings for the first survey of next year, that’s for sure!

As for Macquarie Sports Radio…their ratings are actually starting to make me wonder if actually might’ve been worth continuing with Talking Lifestyle as a 954AM Sydney-exclusive format. At least 954AM got over 3% most surveys in this market as TL!

Minimal or AFL coverage in Melbourne/NRL coverage in Sydney & Brisbane = fail.

Cue a particular member of these forums! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Import another British disc jockey?

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