Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 7, 2017

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Firstly to Sydney, and 2GB slid 0.8 to 11.8%, but still managing to hold on to the top spot. On the FM side, KIIS takes the #1 spot with 9.5%, going up 0.9 from #3 FM & therefore narrowly outrating WS with 9.4% (down 0.4) & Smooth with 9.2% (up 0.5). 2Day was beaten by 2CH in the overall, in which the former went down 0.2 to 3.8%, whilst the latter went up 1% to 4.2%.

In Melbourne, Gold 104.3 takes out the #1 FM spot with 11.1%, beating Smooth, who scored a 10.1% share. Incredible to see two FM stations scoring double-digit figures in a big competitive city like Melbourne! :open_mouth: Elsewhere, Fox is the #1 CHR station, way ahead of Nova & KIIS, whilst Talking Lifestyle still falters at 0.5%.

In Brisbane, Nova is still #1 at 13.9%, but with changes to mornings coming with a local presenter being replaced by a Sydney presenter (Greg Burns), will they hold on to that position in future surveys? Further down, hit105 (Nova’s main rival, music-wise) was #2 with 11.2%, followed by 97.3FM with 11.1%, 4MMM with 9.5%, ABC Brisbane with 9.3% & 4KQ with 8.1%. Further down, 4BC scores a 5.6% share, whilst Talking Lifestyle halved its share that they had last survey to fall to 0.3%.

In Adelaide, Mix 102.3 is #1 at 11.8%, followed closely by Nova, FiveAA, ABC Adelaide, 5MMM & hit107. And in Perth, Mix 94.5 is still #1 at 14.1%, followed closely by Nova at 12.7%. 96fm managed to hit double-figures for the first time since 2015 after going up 1.5 to 10.6%, whilst hit92.9 fell 1.8 to 7.8%, just below that of 6PR & ABC Perth.


Up 0.1 this survey.

I’m moving. Can’t continue to live in a city that endorses this shit

That’s true, but it’s still very low & essentially quite steady.

Well that rules out Sydney & Brisbane then. :slight_smile:

Speaking of Brisbane, in case anyone requests for it:

  1. Nova: 13.9%
  2. hit105: 11.2%
  3. 97.3FM: 11.1%
  4. 4MMM: 9.5%
  5. ABC Brisbane: 9.3%
  6. 4KQ: 8.1%
  7. 4JJJ: 7.9%
  8. 4BC: 5.6%
  9. 4RN: 3.1%
  10. ABCFM: 1.9%
  11. ABC News: 1.2%
  12. Talking Lifestyle: 0.3%

WS and KIIS combined hold over 25% of the 40 - 54 year old demographic.

Interestingly KIIS is No.2 with the 40 -54 year olds and now rates a strong 8.2% with 55 - 64 year olds.

Smooth continues to show that wall-to-wall music can still work on FM radio.

2GB continues to show that wall-to-wall anger continues to work on AM radio.

Triple M continues to show that wall-to-wall talk struggles to rate over a 6 on FM radio.

Talking Lifestyle continues to show that wall-to-wall ads have never worked on AM or FM radio.

Meanwhile, what can we say about the 2DayFM breakfast ratings? Heavy TV and bus shelter marketing, lots of makeup, a chicken, a slogan about being “loose” and a whole lot of yelling into the microphone do not appear to be gaining much traction. Give it another year and they may be able to crack a rating of over 3 again.


Huge that 96FM has overtaken hit92.9. And we all though Duncan was mad.

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Not only was Gold 104.3 the No.1 FM station in Melbourne this survey, it also had the No.1 FM breakfast show! Why would Lehmo considering leaving with results like this? It was Gold’s best result in a while, posting gains in every weekday timeslot.
Fox, KIIS and Smooth breakfast all fell from last survey.

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Looking at the 40-54 ratings, Gold scored a massive 17.9% share, which is probably the highest share for any station in that demographic in many years. It is 7% clear ahead of 2nd-placed 3AW and 8.2% ahead of 2nd-highest rating FM station, 3MMM.

Still in the 40-54s, but over in Perth, the gap between Mix 94.5 & 96fm has narrowed from 4.2% last survey to 1.8% this survey, after 96fm went up 4.6% to 19.1%, whilst at the same time, Mix went up 2.2% to 20.9%.

Interesting to see WSFM and Smooth 95.3 very close to each other in the ratings. As the population of Sydney continues to mature, I for one won’t be overly surprised if these two are regularly at the top of the FM ratings in surveys to come.

Those ratings for 2DayFM and Talking Lifestyle 954…oh how the mighty have fallen!

From Nova 106.9

• Number 1 Breakfast Show with Ash, Kip & Luttsy with Susie O’Neill 6am - 9am (14.7% share)
• Number 1 Mornings with Katie Mattin 9am – 12pm (12.7% share)
• Number 1 Afternoons with Tim Wong-See 12pm – 4pm (14.2% share)
• Number 1 Workday with Katie Mattin & Tim Wong-See 9am – 4pm (13.6% share)
• Number 1 Drive Show with Kate, Tim & Marty 4pm – 6pm (17.6% share)
• Number 1 Nights Show with Smallzy’s Surgery 7pm – 10pm (14.8% share)
• Most listened to radio station - 579,000 cume

Ive said it before and I’ll say it again: they dumped Rove & Sam and Dan & Maz for poor ratings, and both shows rated better than Em & Harley. And let’s face it, Ed Kaverlee is hardly a ratings boon, although maybe his recent TV profile will help.

There are plenty of reasons why an announcer would want to leave a network, or the industry in general. Ratings is barely a factor. Good ratings gives management a major incentive to try and keep an announcer, whilst bad ratings is a disincentive to keep an announcer or team. But the personal decision to move generally has little to do with ratings. You could be on the highest rated station in the country and still work in a toxic environment. Or want to pursue TV interests. Or need a break from early starts. Or have a sick relative. Or get a better offer…


Their largest share in almost a dozen years (since S8/2005’s 12.2)


Talking lifestyle has to go surely? In Brisbane and Melbourne at least.

Something seems a bit askew to me as well when the top rating FMs in Sydney and Melbourne pull around the same % as the top ones in Brisbane, when there are theoretically 2 fewer stations.
Is it the River 949 effect which is hidden? Is DAB starting to have an impact? Or is it the poor quality of 4MMM and 97.3? Based on how Gold and WS and Smooth do in Sydney and Melbourne, surely MMM and 97.3 should be able to dominate Brisbane? If 97.3 ‘smoothified’ a little and 4MMM dropped the talk and bogan and ‘goldified’ they would surely top the ratings.

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Well done to Gold & Jo and Lehmo :clap:

Some relief for ARN, after another disappointing year in Melbourne. Not as bad as SCA in Sydney.

There’s actually not much difference. While the top stations might have similar numbers, the Brisbane stations are pulling higher shares overall. Nova is the highest FM in Brisbane on 13.9. That crown goes to Gold in Melbourne on 11.1 (which is unusually high) and KIIS in Sydney on 9.5.

The totals of the surveyed stations is also similar:
Sydney: 86.2
Melbourne: 88.5
Brisbane: 83.1
Brisbane’s figures doesn’t include TAB, where Sky is included in Sydney (it goes 1.1, so I’d guess TAB would be similar). Given there’s also overlap from the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast stations, I’d question how strong the River effect would be.

In the Ipswich survey River had a cumulative audience of 75,000 in its licence area. In this survey 4BC’s was 126,000 for 5.6%. Not sure if the methodology is the same but you could probably add a few more listeners to River given the signal strength in south and west Brisbane.


The methodology is very different. River might have a few listeners in Brisbane, but I’d say in the overall make-up of Brisbane, with offerings from Gold Coast, Sunny Coast and Ipswich in addition to the Brisbane commercials, I’d suggest the amount of River listeners in Brisbane is far fewer than you might hope.

ARN would be silly not to renew Jo & Lehmo as it has been reported.

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Good to see 2ch heading in the right direction. The sound on dab is impeccable. Hope it keeps going up after the slump when magic took over.


The overspill from the Gold Coast is non-existent for the mainstream stations (Gold, Sea, Hot Tomato). A bit more for Sunshine Coast stations on the northern fringe, but River is definitely more a “Brisbane” station than anything from the coasts. I work on the south side of Brisbane and there are lots of River listeners. There’s no comparison in terms of signal strength into Brisbane of 94.9 compared to stations from either coast. Another point is that more people live on the south side of Brisbane than the north side.

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