Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 7, 2016

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In Sydney, Smooth maintains its #1 FM position for the 4th consecutive survey, placing themselves #2 overall behind 2GB with a 9.7% share (down 0.1% from previous survey). KIIS went up 1.3% to 9.1%, whilst WS fell 0.8% to 6.9%, in which the latter is now behind Nova. 2MMM went down 0.1% to 4.9%, whilst 2DAY crept up 0.3% to 4.6%. 2UE, under its new lifestyle format, went down 0.5% to 4.7%, whilst Magic 2CH went up 0.5% to 3.6%.

In Melbourne, Fox is the #1 FM station with 10.1%, followed by Gold 104.3 at 8%, 3MMM with 7.7%, Smooth at 7.6%, Nova at 6.4% & KIIS at 5.8%. Magic 1278 went down 0.5% to 2.9%.
In Brisbane, Nova maintains its #1 position with 13.5%, followed by 97.3FM with 12.2% & hit105 with 10.8%. 4MMM fell by 0.8% to land at 8.7%, placing themselves only 0.2% ahead of AM music station 4KQ. 4BC is at 6.2%, whilst Magic 882 is at 3.9%.

In Adelaide, Mix 102.3 is #1 with 14%, followed by 891 ABC with 11.4%, Nova with 11.3% & hit107 with 10.4%. 5MMM remained steady at 9.7%, whilst Cruise went up 0.3% to 8.6%. And in Perth, Mix 94.5 is still #1 with an increased majority with a 16.9% share, placing themselves 5.3% ahead of 2nd-placed station, hit92.9, who is 0.4% ahead of Nova. 96fm fell to a new low with a 7.4% share, only 2.4% ahead of AM music station 6iX.


An impressive jump for Mix, their largest share (and the largest in the market) since S4/2011. And hit’s is the largest share on 92.9 since S5/2012.

Up 1.5%. Hamish & Andy back to #1 overall drive with a 13.3% share :open_mouth:

Still doing 0.6% in 18-24s! Classic FM is also up 0.7% 25-39s

Speaking of demographics, in Sydney, KIIS is #1 in the 40-54s with 13.6%, followed by Smooth at 10.5% & WS at 9.2%. Amazingly, Smooth was a close 2nd in the 25-39s with 12.6%, only 0.1% behind sister station Nova! :open_mouth:

Meanwhile, in the 55-64s, KIIS outrates Magic 2CH for the first time, in which the latter fell to 2.9% in that demographic. That is the lowest rating share for any AM music station in any major capital city in that demographic. Despite Magic in Melbourne having a lower overall audience share than Magic 2CH, it still managed to get higher ratings in the 55-64s than Magic 2CH. Even Magic 882 in Brisbane, which its overall audience share is not much higher than Magic 2CH, has a much better 55-64 ratings than Magic 2CH.

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If you could euthanise a radio station you would pull the plug on Sydney’s SCA stations - Triple M and 2DayFM.

Triple M nights are rating a 3.7% and the weekends are averaging 3.8%,

Could we hand the licence over to some graduates from the Radio School in 2017? Surely they could make the station more relevant to the vast urban sprawl that is Sydney.

I think that Triple M may be losing the bogans. And the station is so bogan orientated that no one else can listen.


40somethings enjoy the current Top 40. This is not like the 40somethings of the 80s and 90s who liked music from their teenage era more.

I am in my 40s and the main stations I listen to are KIIS and Nova. Same with most of my friends. KIIS is No.1 with 40 - 54 year olds for this reason.

The average 42 year old in 2016 is not like the average 42 year olds in 1986.


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who is listening to smooth and gold then? 80 year olds? God knows the ages of talkback listeners then

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Another survey with declines or flat results across the board in Melbourne & Sydney :confused:

Big jump for Fox FM!

3AW & 2GB still dominate.

Big drop for Ray Hadley (as he celebrates 100 consecutive surveys :tada:)

Alan Jones slight increase.

Ross & John still the #1 rating program in the country, although well down on their ~21% from early in the year.

Article from The Age (although I’m pretty sure it’s actually from SMH):

2GB is the first station in Sydney to reach 100 consecutive survey wins + Ray Hadley reaches 100 consecutive (Alan Jones celebrated 100 consecutive earlier this year).

3AW is up next, only a handful of surveys away from 100.

Ross & John are now on an incredible 120 consecutive surveys :open_mouth:

Fox FM the standout this survey!

Those ratings for 2UE (only part of the current survey was after the “Talking Lifestyle” relaunch, there’ll be a clearer picture in Survey #8) certainly aren’t a promising sign for the new format, that’s for sure.

I’m honestly surprised that Tragic 2CH…I mean, Magic 2CH had a ratings increase this time around what with the current/recent uncertainty surrounding ownership of the station.

As for the ratings of 2DayFM, a slight dip at breakfast however I’d imagine that SCA management will most likely keep Rove & Sam on for 2017.

So true about Triple M. They are a disaster. They are so bogan they are un-listenable to a wider audience. Also way too much talk and sport. They are trying to be all things to all people and failing miserably at everything. Look at Brisbane - an AM music station 4KQ is level with them. Why? Because it plays a wide variety of carefully chosen music, isn’t bogan or blokey, and isn’t a part time talk station that thinks it’s funny.

Geez if they went to the old FM104 format and brand they would take half of 4KQs listeners and be No. 1


I’m not surprised Magic has stabilized in Brisbane - it’s a lot better than when it first started at least.

ARN clearly ignored my last memo so I’ll repeat.

Whatever you’re doing to 96fm, stop!

I also think that if they “smoothify” 97.3 in Brisbane just a tad they would regain No. 1


Your day to day listeners couldn’t care about that stuff. They’ll only care if changes happen and they don’t like them.


Here we go. Stations that should have the plug pulled. New management found. And a viable sound launched in its place.

These stations have been stuggling for so long that it’s time to turn off the life support, flick the switch and cut the cord to the tranmitters.

Possible FM euthanasia candidates:

  • 2DayFM Sydney
  • Triple M Sydney
  • KIIS Melbourne
  • 96FM Perth

Look at the age demos, 65+ for ABC and commercial talkback. 2GB especially so.

Media buyers do not find this demo appealing and that’s why you don’t see many high value clients on commercial talkback.

Just looking at the Perth ratings more closely, 96fm is beaten by Nova not only in the 40-54s, but also in the 55-64s!! :open_mouth:

Mix 94.5 attracts around 1 in 4 listeners (ie. around 25% share) in each of the 40-54 & 55-64 demographics.

Maybe not after this book. If Nova continues to falter, they might slide into #2. Well, #2 CHR/Top 40.
(Not that you want to be steady on a 5-point-whatever share, but that might be the best they can do when Fox is pulling a 10.1)

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They should consider changing their format to pick up Triple J listeners. Be what Nova was when it started 15 years ago and since abandoned with “Sounds different”. Play new and classic songs in alternative & rock genres. They could attack the CHR stations by being less repetitive and having a wider variety.

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