Metro Radio Ratings - Survey 6, 2023


In Sydney, 2GB remains at #1 with 11.1% (-0.5), with KIIS not very far behind at 10.9% (+0.9). Smooth was 3rd with 9.1% (-0.8), followed by WS with 8.5% (+0.2), ABC Sydney with 7.3% (+1.2), Nova with 6.4% (-0.3), 2MMM with 6.1% (+0.1) and 2Day with 4.8% (-0.3). 2UE went up 0.5 to 4.3%, levelled with JJJ (-0.7), whilst Sky Sports Radio went up 0.2 to 1.6%, placing themselves 1% ahead of SEN, who is at 0.7% (+0.1).

In Melbourne, 3AW remains on top with 15.8% (-0.9), followed by Gold with 12.7% (+3.1), Fox with 9.4% (Steady), Smooth with 9.3% (-0.6), ABC Melbourne with 7.4% (+0.3), KIIS with 6.9% (-0.5), Nova with 6.3% (-1.2), and 3MMM with 6% (-0.1). SEN fell 0.6 to 3.1%, whilst Magic rated 1.1% (+0.3), and 3MP rated 0.9% (+0.3).

In Brisbane, Nova remains on top with 11.9% (+0.3), just ahead of KIIS 973 with 11.8% (+1.0), followed by 4MMM with 11.4% (+1.0), B105 with 11.1% (Steady), 4BH with 8.4% (-0.9), 4BC with 6.5% (+0.3) and ABC Brisbane with 6% (+0.2). SENQ went down 0.2 to 0.9%.

In Adelaide, 5MMM takes back the #1 position with 11.7% (-0.5), pushing Mix 102.3 down to 2nd place with 11.4% (-1.2), followed by Nova with 10.6% (-0.2), SAFM with 10% (-0.1), FiveAA & Cruise both at 9.1% (-0.1 & +0.6 respectively), and ABC Adelaide at 7.6% (-0.3).

And in Perth, Nova remains on top with 16.2% (-1.9), followed by 96fm at 13% (Steady), Mix 94.5 at 12.9% (+1.8), 6MMM at 6.8% (-0.8), JJJ at 6.6% (+0.4), ABC Perth & 6PR both at 6.5% (+0.4 & -0.7 respectively), and 6iX at 4.1% (-0.5).


At this rate, won’t be long before KIIS is #1 overall in Sydney.

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Gold’s best result in Melbourne for a while, led by Christian O’Connell who regained the title of the city’s No.1 FM breakfast show from Fox (with a big rise of 3.8 from survey 5). The station also enjoyed significant rises across all weekday timeslots. Gold’s cumulative audience was up a whopping 155,000 from last survey and it also made gains in all demos particularly 10-17 year olds.

Fox’s Fifi, Fev and Nick was a distant second in FM breakfast despite edging up 0.1. KIIS’s Jase and Lauren was third while Triple M, Nova and Smooth all dropped.

ABC Melbourne made small gains across daytime, but we will have to wait until survey 7 to see if the new weekday line-up has any effect on its ratings.


It has happened before, both in Survey 1 & 3 of this year. :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, here are the overall ratings in ranking order, both Total Radio & Streaming.


Total Radio

Rank Station Share
1 2GB 11.1
2 KIIS 10.9
3 Smooth 9.1
4 WSFM 8.5
5 ABC Sydney 7.3
Commercial DAB+ 6.8
6 Nova 6.4
7 2MMM 6.1
8 2Day 4.8
=9 2JJJ 4.3
=9 2UE 4.3
11 ABC Classic 2.8
ABC DAB+ 2.3
12 ABC Newsradio 1.8
13 Sky Sports Radio 1.6
14 2RN 1.2
Other DAB+ 1.2
15 SEN 0.7

Other Stations: 9.1%


Rank Station Share
1 2GB 19.4
Commercial DAB+ 11.3
2 ABC Sydney 10.7
3 KIIS 9.1
4 Smooth 8.9
5 ABC Sydney 8.0
6 2JJJ 5.5
7 WSFM 5.2
8 Nova 4.9
ABC DAB+ 4.5
9 2UE 4.2
10 2MMM 4.1
11 ABC Newsradio 3.6
12 2RN 3.5
13 ABC Classic 3.1
14 2Day 1.2
15 SEN 0.9


Total Radio

Rank Station Share
1 3AW 15.8
2 Gold 104.3 12.7
3 Fox FM 9.4
4 Smooth 9.3
5 ABC Melbourne 7.4
6 KIIS 6.9
Commercial DAB+ 6.8
7 Nova 6.3
8 3MMM 6.0
10 3JJJ 3.5
9 SEN 3.1
10 3RN 1.9
ABC DAB+ 1.5
12 ABC Classic 1.2
13 Magic 1.1
Other DAB+ 0.6
14 3MP 0.9
15 RSN 0.7

Other Stations: 3.8%


Rank Station Share
1 3AW 27.5
Commercial DAB+ 9.9
2 ABC Melbourne 9.5
=3 Gold 104.3 8.4
=3 Smooth 8.4
5 Fox FM 5.6
6 SEN 5.3
7 3MMM 5.1
8 Nova 4.2
9 KIIS 4.0
ABC DAB+ 3.5
=10 3JJJ 2.3
=10 ABC Newsradio 2.3
12 ABC Classic 1.8
13 3MP 1.0
14 Magic 0.9
15 3RN 0.3


Total Radio

Rank Station Share
1 Nova 11.9
2 KIIS973 11.8
3 4MMM 11.4
4 B105 11.1
Commercial DAB+ 9.8
5 4BH 8.4
6 4BC 6.5
7 ABC Brisbane 6.0
8 4JJJ 5.8
ABC DAB+ 2.5
=9 ABC Classic 1.6
=9 4RN 1.6
11 ABC Newsradio 1.3
Other DAB+ 0.8
12 SENQ 0.9

Other Stations: 8.6%


Rank Station Share
Commercial DAB+ 16.5
1 4BC 9.7
=2 4MMM 9.4
=2 4JJJ 9.4
4 4BH 9.2
5 ABC Brisbane 8.4
=6 Nova 8.3
=6 B105 8.3
8 KIIS973 8.1
ABC DAB+ 5.1
9 ABC Newsradio 3.3
10 ABC Classic 2.1
11 4RN 1.8
12 SENQ 0.5


Total Radio

Rank Station Share
1 5MMM 11.7
2 Mix 102.3 11.4
3 Nova 10.6
Commercial DAB+ 10.6
4 SAFM 10.0
=5 FiveAA 9.1
=5 Cruise 9.1
7 ABC Adelaide 7.6
8 5JJJ 4.5
ABC DAB+ 2.5
9 ABC Newsradio 1.5
10 ABC Classic 1.4
11 5RN 1.0
Other DAB+ 0.9

Other Stations: 8.7%


Rank Station Share
Commercial DAB+ 15.8
1 ABC Adelaide 12.5
2 Mix 102.3 11.1
3 FiveAA 10.4
4 5MMM 10.2
5 Cruise 9.3
=6 SAFM 7.8
=6 Nova 7.8
8 5JJJ 4.9
ABC DAB+ 3.7
9 ABC Newsradio 3.1
10 ABC Classic 2.3
11 5RN 1.0


Total Radio

Rank Station Share
1 Nova 16.2
2 96fm 13.0
3 Mix 94.5 12.9
Commercial DAB+ 9.4
4 6MMM 6.8
5 6JJJ 6.6
=6 6PR 6.5
=6 ABC Perth 6.5
7 6iX 4.1
ABC DAB+ 2.9
9 ABC Classic 2.6
Other DAB+ 1.7
10 ABC Newsradio 1.1
11 6RN 0.7

Other Stations: 9.0%


Rank Station Share
1 96fm 16.4
Commercial DAB+ 15.0
2 Nova 12.6
3 6PR 10.2
4 Mix 94.5 10.0
5 ABC Perth 8.0
6 6JJJ 6.6
7 6iX 5.9
8 6MMM 5.3
ABC DAB+ 4.8
9 ABC Newsradio 2.6
10 ABC Classic 1.5
11 6RN 0.9

3AW’s streaming share was nearly three times that of its nearest rival. I think it’s partly due to the station’s AFL coverage on weekends.


Also potentially at-work listening, as Newsradio is also pushing above its normal weight in the streaming stakes.


I’m assuming ‘Other DAB’ is SBS?


Yes, as well as the community stations.



Close Brisbane result with 4 FM stations within 0.8 and the winning margin 0.1.


Yet look at the nights figure in the 5’s.

Is that the lowest daypart Nova Bris has had since beginning or in a very long time?

@HUFF or other survey historians know more?

Some interesting points in the Sydney ratings:

  • KIIS’s Kyle & Jackie O beat 2GB’s Ben Fordham in the breakfast slot.

  • 2Day outrated Nova in the 9am-4pm period, with AM music station 2UE outrating both stations over the same period.

  • 2UE outrated 2Day on Weekends.


Definitely the lowest in the past year.
My initial pass shows the previous record low daypart share was a 6.7 in mornings in S8/2021.

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Phenomenal results for Nova Ent in the DAB ratings especially Smooth Relax and Smooth FM in Brisbane and Perth.

  • Sydney - # 2

  • Melbourne - # 1

  • Brisbane - # 1, # 3 and = 4

  • Adelaide # 1

  • Perth # 1


Yes the DAB ratings are quite interesting. Smooth Brisbane improved dramatically, and that feels more correct to me. I hear them on in shops everywhere so the previous lower figures didn’t seem right.

My other observation from the DAB ratings is that Double J is floundering. It was once much stronger but now seems to be an also-ran. Again, that doesn’t surprise me. My view is Double J is a missed opportunity - too random and trying to be “too cool”. It just ends out sounding obscure and puts people off listening for longer periods - or at all.


Agreed re Double J. It should be replaced by something else possibly a BBc Radio 2 type station.

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What’s interesting to note is that in the under-55s, Smooth Brisbane has 46k cumulative listeners, whilst 4BH has 61k cumulative listeners. In the 25-39s & 40-54s, Smooth only has 3k fewer listeners than 4BH.

In Perth, Smooth has 71k cume compared to 6iX’s 66k cume on among the under-55s, meaning that a DAB+ station outrates an AM music station in that measurement.


Nine talk radio dominates: No.1 in Sydney and No.1 in Melbourne

  • 2 million+ listeners every week (up 2%)
  • Big increase in 25-54s (up 5%)
  • No.1 in streaming (up 1.7%)


More than 2 million Aussies are tuning in to the very best in live and local news, sport, entertainment and opinion on Nine’s talk radio stations each week, with a big increase in the 25-54 demographic (up 5% on Survey 5).

Sydney’s 2GB and Melbourne’s 3AW have maintained their dominance as the outright No.1 stations, with a share of 11.1 and 15.8 respectively.

3AW nabbed its highest cume on record for a Survey 6*, with Ross and Russ cementing their position once again as Melbourne’s No.1 Breakfast sh ow, with 22.8 and legendary broadcaster Neil Mitchell also taking out the No.1 spot in Mornings with 19.2.

2GB’s Ben Fordham recorded a 14.2 share in Breakfast and Ray Hadley notched up his 152nd consecutive survey win, with a 13.7 share in Mornings (up 0.9).

Nine Radio’s Head of Content, Greg Byrnes, said: “To maintain number one positions in Sydney and Melbourne, while increasing total audience, is well deserved recognition for all of our on-air teams. 3AW has never had this many listeners before in a Survey 6 and we’ve recorded a 5% increase in 25-54 year-olds, across the network. Talk content is relentless but so is the loyalty of our listeners and we thank them for their engagement each day.”

17.2 (4 markets) 2.019 million listeners each week


Nine Radio is the definitive No.1 in live audio streaming (up 1.7% on Survey 5) and No.1 streaming in Breakfast across the country.

3AW and 2GB are No.1 in overall commercial streaming, with a 34.2 and 28.0 share respectively, as well as across all main standard sessions.

Ross and Russ recorded a 48.7 leading commercial streaming share in Breakfast at 3AW, and Ben Fordham was also No.1 in Breakfast at 2GB with a commercial streaming share of 40.3.

Greg Byrnes, said: “Radio360 has shown our talk formats dominate listening via connected devices and in this survey our streaming audience has grown even bigger. The overall streaming results for 3AW and 2GB are remarkable and across the country, all of Breakfast programs are number one. The teams should all be very proud.

“Our live and local strategy is the clear market leader and shows that talk’s ‘always on’ component is the future for streaming.”

29.6 424,000 (up 1.7%)


9Podcasts posted its second highest monthly audience in August^, with over 1.7 million monthly listeners across the slate of premium Australian podcasts, an increase of 41% YoY.

Nine Radio’s Catch Up Podcasts are attracting new audiences with significant double digital audience growth across key programs. Ben Fordham Live remains Nine’s top podcast, with over 188,000 monthly listeners tuning in (up 66% YoY), Breakfast with Ross and Russ (up 45%), Mornings with Neil Mitchell (up 34%), The Ray Hadley Morning Show (up 20%), Drive with Chris O Keefe (up 59%).

The last week of September delivered a spike in downloads across Nine’s premium Sport podcasts in the lead up to Footy Finals, including Six Tackles with Gus, Eddie & Jimmy, The Billy Slater Podcast, NRLW Weekly, Footy Classified, 100% Footy, 3AW Football, 6PR Football and Continuous Call Team.

4,384,792 1,701,232

Source: GfK Radio360 Ratings, Survey 6 2023, Mon-Sun 5.30am-12MN, Market Share % Total, Market Share Streaming %, Commercial Streaming Share %, Cume (000s) Total and Streaming, 3AW Breakfast Mon-Fri 5.30am-8.30am, 3AW Mornings 8.30am-12pm, AP10+, Nine Radio – 2GB, 3AW, 4BC, 6PR, unless otherwise specified.
*Since Survey 1 2004

^Source: Triton Podcast Metrics, August 2023, Downloads, Listeners, Nine Entertainment, unless otherwise specified.

2GB is Sydney’s no.1 in total radio and streaming

2GB remains Sydney’s clear No.1 in total radio and streaming, posting a 11.1 total radio share and 28.0 commercial streaming share, in Gfk Survey 6 released today.

Ben Fordham recorded a 14.2 total radio share, and a leading 40.3 commercial streaming share in Breakfast.

Ray Hadley notched up his 152nd consecutive survey win, with a 13.7 total radio share in Mornings (up 0.9) – one of the longest winning streaks in history – and recorded his highest ever commercial streaming share with 33.2.

2GB Content Manager, Luke Davis, said: “We’re humbled Sydney has once again declared 2GB as our city’s number one radio station. Today’s results show that more people are choosing to tune in to our live and local content, with growth across all the key demographics and platforms. We thank our listeners for their loyalty and engagement with 2GB – our team strives to make a positive impact in the community each and every day.”

Further results from Gfk Survey 6 in Sydney:

  • Afternoons with Deborah Knight recorded a share of 5.8 (Mon-Fri 12-3pm).
  • Drive with Chris O’Keefe recorded a share of 6.8 (Mon-Fri 3-6pm).
  • Money News with Scott Haywood recorded a share of 9.0 (Mon-Thurs 7-8pm).
  • Nights with John Stanley remains the clear No.1 with a share of 22.4 (Mon-Thurs 8pm-12am).
  • Weekends with Michael McLaren is No.1 across both Saturday and Sunday, with an overall share of 12.5 (Sat-Sun 9am-1pm).
  • The Continuous Call Team (CCT) is the clear No.1 in NRL coverage.

Source: GfK Radio360 Ratings, 2GB Sydney Survey 6 2023, Mon-Fri 5.30am-9am, Mon-Fri 9am-12pm, Mon-Fri 12pm-3pm, Mon-Fri 3pm-6pm, Mon-Thurs 8pm-12MN, Sat-Sun 5.30am-12MN, Market Share % Total Radio, Streaming share % AP10+

3AW continues unbeaten run with best ever Survey 6 result

The release of GfK Survey 6 results today shows that 3AW is once again the undisputed dominant radio station in Melbourne.

With a market-leading share of 15.8, 3AW is streaks ahead of the competition and more than double the share of its nearest talk rival.

This is 3AW’s 73rd consecutive survey win as the station enters its tenth year of market dominance in Melbourne.

Every week, 857,000 Melburnians tune into 3AW’s award-winning mix of live and local talk radio. This is up 3.1% on Survey 5 and up 5.7% on the corresponding survey last year. It marks the station’s best ever Survey 6 cumulative audience*.

3AW is also the outright No.1 in live audio streaming with a 34.2 share of the commercial streaming audience – more than three times the streaming share of its nearest commercial competitor.

Ross and Russ continue their commanding lead in the Breakfast slot, posting an impressive 22.8 share. The inimitable duo also attracted a massive streaming audience with an incredible 48.7 share of the commercial streaming audience.

Mornings broadcaster Neil Mitchell was also well in front of all opposition, with a share of 19.2 (up 3 points on the same survey last year) and a commercial streaming share of 39.9.

Jacqui Felgate who takes over the Drive chair in 2024 is No.1 Afternoon talk program with a strong 10.2 share up from an 8.6 same time last year, up 1.6 points.

Tom Elliott remains Melbourne’s No.1 Drive talk program with a share of 12.1 (up 1.2 points on the same survey last year).

Denis Walter is once again Melbourne’s No. 1 Evening program with a share of 24.8 – up a massive 6.4 points on the same survey last year.

Stephen Beers, 3AW Station Manager, said: “This is a great result for 3AW in Survey 6, continuing a dominant year as number one in the Melbourne radio market. Led by Ross and Russ in Breakfast and Neil Mitchell in Mornings, every day 3AW sets Melbourne’s news agenda. Afternoons with Jacqui Felgate and Drive with Tom Elliott are the leaders in their slots for talk radio. And with 3AW Football winning the ratings across Friday, Saturday and Sunday, it tops off an outstanding AFL season for the station. As we build 3AW for 2024, I want to thank our people, on and off air, for their incredible work in delivering the best in radio for Melbourne every day.”

Source: GfK Radio360 Ratings, 3AW Melbourne Survey 6 2023, Mon-Sun 5.30am-12MN, Mon-Fri 5.30am-8.30am, Mon-Fri 8.30am-12pm, Mon-Fri 12pm-3pm, Mon-Fri 3pm-6pm, Mon-Thurs 8pm-12MN, Weekends 5.30am-12MN, Cume (000s), Market Share % Total Radio, Streaming share %, Commercial Share AP10+ *, unless otherwise specified. Survey 1 2004

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ABC audiences continue to grow in GfK, Survey 6 and is number 1 live streaming network

The ABC continues to build our audience in Gfk, Survey 6 with our overall audience across our combined AM, FM and DAB+ stations now reaching 5 million Australians*, our highest results in since survey 7 2022.

This has been a particularly strong survey for our Local Radio network which over the survey period added another 75,000 listeners to reach a total audience of 1.95 million, its highest results in 2023 and since survey 7 last year. With the exception of Adelaide, all markets saw increases in share and reach, with Sydney and Melbourne recording their highest Reach results since S7 2022, Brisbane its strongest since S3 2022 and Perth its highest since S4 2022.

ABC Sydney saw the largest gains in their market with an overall increase of 1.2% to 7.4% share. This survey saw increases across every major program slot with notable mentions Mornings growing by 1.4 pts, Drive by 1.6 pts and Evenings seeing an increase of 1.7pts.

ABC also continues as Australia’s number 1 live streaming network, with a 26.6% share of streaming recorded by GfK. Total live and on demand streams measured internally by the ABC this survey period also increased to 6.6M each week.

ABC Head of Audio Ben Latimer said: “Our Local Radio stations have once more increased their audience share, contributing to our Capital City Network’s extended reach of 1.95 million. A lot of hard work is happening across Local Radio to ensure this upward trend continues”.

*all audience figures based on GfK 5 Cap Cities, 24hrs. Sun to Sat

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