Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 6, 2022

DAB+ ratings:


In Sydney, 2GB remains on top with 12.8% (-0.8), followed by Smooth with 10.9% (+1.2), taking out the #1 FM mantle from KIIS, who fell 0.6 to 9.5%. ABC Sydney went up 0.7 to 8.7%, whilst WS fell 0.5 to 7%, just ahead of Nova’s 6.8% (-0.1). 2MMM fell 0.4 to 4.9%, whilst whilst 2Day went up 0.3 to 4.6%, just beating 2UE, who went up 0.5 to 4.5%. SEN went up 0.2 to 0.6%.

In Melbourne, 3AW remained on top with 13.4% (-1.1), followed by Gold with 11.9% (+0.1), Smooth with 9.4% (+0.1), Fox with 9.3% (+0.2), Nova with 7.9% (-0.1), ABC Melbourne with 7.4% (+0.3), 3MMM with 7.3% (+1.5) & KIIS with 6.7% (-0.9). Magic went up 0.2 to 1.2%, whilst 3MP fell 0.2 to 1%.

In Brisbane, an interesting development all around, with B105 topping the ratings with 13.3% (+1.1), beating out Nova’s 13.1% (+0.1). This was followed by 4MMM with 11.2% (+1.5) & KIIS973 with 10.9% (+0.1). 4BH had a big jump, going up 4% to 8.6%, beating out 4BC, who scored 8.1% (+0.4). 4JJJ fell 0.9 to 5.4%, whilst ABC Brisbane fell 0.3 to 4.9%. SENQ debuted with 0.4%.

In Adelaide, Nova took out the top spot with 11.8% (+0.8), followed by Mix 102.3 at 10.6% (Steady), FiveAA with 10% (+1.1), Cruise with 9.8% (-0.4), SAFM with 9.7% (-0.5), 5MMM with 9.2% (-1.0) & ABC Adelaide with 9% (-2.7).

And in Perth, Nova remains on top with 15.9% (-0.6), whilst 96fm beat Mix 94.5 for the #2 spot after going up 2.5 to 12.5%, whilst the latter is at 12.1% (-0.4). 6PR fell 0.4 to 7.2%, whilst 6MMM went up 0.6 to 6.4%, followed by 6JJJ with 6.3% (-0.3), 6iX at 6.2% (+0.3) & ABC Perth with 6% (-1.1).


So in two surveys 4BH increases from a 1.3 share to 8.6 - the morning shift from a 2% to 11.9!

2UE continues to strengthen as well.

Is there a lesson here for 2DayFM? Should they break away from the “hit” network and try something different? At the end of this year it will mark nine years they have spent at the bottom of the Sydney FM ratings. I suspect they will stay the course with the networked shows, music logs, logos and breakfast shift and a rating share that starts with a 3 or 4. No doubt the today’s press releases will celebrate the 0.3% increase. 2DayFM appear stuck and they have looked this way for a loooooong time.


No matter what happens with SENQ and 4BH, it’s gonna take time for both Stations to Settle from the 4KQ Dust.


3AW posted its only gain in breakfast and saw its shares decreasing in other timeslots, especially afternoons and drive. Not a good way for Gerard Healy to end his 29-year stint on 3AW as co-host of Sportsday (6pm to 7pm).

Triple M Melbourne had its best results this survey, increasing its shares across every timeslot except evenings (down only 0.1%). Triple M was also the only commercial FM station to increase its share at breakfast with its rivals all losing ground.

Mixed results for ABC Radio Melbourne, gaining listeners in mornings and afternoons but dropping shares in other timeslots.


Seems that all the commercials in Brisbane posted some sort of gain - though only 0.1 for 97.3. With the new format represented in a full survey, no surprise that 4BH would improve and so much that they beat stablemate 4BC. Great result also for the ex 4KQ breakfast team on 4BC into double figures for their first full survey to rank third overall. Imagine if they were on 4BH rather than shoehorned into the 4BC format! SENQ a waste of spectrum. Dismall result for ABC.


Here are the overall ratings in ranking order.


#1: 2GB: 12.8
#2: Smooth: 10.9
#3: KIIS: 9.5
#4: ABC Sydney: 8.7
#5: WSFM: 7.0
#6: Nova: 6.8
#7: 2MMM: 4.9
#8: 2Day: 4.6
#9: 2UE: 4.5
#10: 2JJJ: 4.0
#11: ABC Classic: 2.8
#12: ABC Newsradio: 2.1
#13: 2RN: 1.8
#14: Sky Sports Radio: 1.4
#15: SEN: 0.6

Other Stations: 17.6% (+0.5)


#1: 3AW: 13.4
#2: Gold: 11.9
#3: Smooth: 9.4
#4: Fox: 9.3
#5: Nova: 7.9
#6: ABC Melbourne: 7.4
#7: 3MMM: 7.3
#8: KIIS: 6.7
#9: 3JJJ: 3.3
#10: SEN: 2.9
#11: 3RN: 1.8
#12: ABC Classic: 1.3
#13: Magic: 1.2
#14: ABC Newsradio: 1.1
#15: 3MP: 1.0
#16: RSN: 0.6

Other Stations: 13.5% (+0.4)


#1: B105: 13.3
#2: Nova: 13.1
#3: 4MMM: 11.2
#4: KIIS973: 10.9
#5: 4BH: 8.6
#6: 4BC: 8.1
#7: 4JJJ: 5.4
#8: ABC Brisbane: 4.9
#9: ABC Classic: 1.9
#10: 4RN: 1.7
#11: ABC Newsradio: 1.1
#12: SENQ: 0.4

Other Stations: 19.4% (+1.5 from Survey 4)


#1: Nova: 11.8
#2: Mix 102.3: 10.6
#3: FiveAA: 10.0
#4: Cruise: 9.8
#5: SAFM: 9.7
#6: 5MMM: 9.2
#7: ABC Adelaide: 9.0
#8: 5JJJ: 5.0
#9: ABC Classic: 3.1
#10: 5RN: 2.6
#11: ABC Newsradio 2.2

Other Stations: 17.0% (+1.8)


#1: Nova: 15.9
#2: 96fm: 12.5
#3: Mix 94.5: 12.1
#4: 6PR: 7.2
#5: 6MMM: 6.4
#6: 6JJJ: 6.3
#7: 6iX: 6.2
#8: ABC Perth: 6.0
#9: ABC Classic: 2.7
#10: ABC Newsradio: 1.3
#11: 6RN: 0.9

Other Stations: 22.5% (-0.6)


Looks like the music stations benefited from the talk stations focusing on the death of the Queen during the last week of the survey period. 3AW Breakfast largely stuck to their usual light and bright format and didn’t annoy listeners by having what was happening in Britain as their sole focus.


They need to tackle Smooth head-on, which is now the top FM station again, and steal their audience by looking at what works on their playlist. Just like Nova should be tackling KIIS head-on with their playlist.


Some interesting results this survey:

  • Classic hits stations are dominating in Sydney and Melbourne - Smooth, WS, Gold are consistently doing well.

  • Lots of ex-4KQ listeners have made the switch to 4BH in Brisbane. Putting BBQ bob in breakfast has paid dividends. Ace would be pleased with 2UE as well.

  • The hit network overall is not doing as badly as some might think, as Fox, B105 and Mix are near or at the top. Regardless of 2DayFm only rating in the 4s, at least they are doing better than a few years ago when they were in the 2s and 3s with the hit music format. If they can get to a 5 that will be a good result for them considering Sydney is one of the most competitive radio markets in the world.

  • The decline of JJJ is noticeable. They really need to make some changes to the music as what they are doing now is obviously not working. RadioX in the UK or Alt 92.3 New York could be formats that might work.


4BH’s breakfast is iits worst performing shift well behind all the commercials (ex SENQ) and below ABC so some work still to do there. Most of their potential audience is over listening to 4BC, so it will be a difficult one to fix. 4BH could possibly also improve with themed weekends in a similar way to how 4KQ was usually the number one station in that time.

4BC’s new local drive shift with Neil Breen is their worst performer - perhaps it needs a lighter touch like breakfast or more music?


Aussies switching to Nine’s Radio stations in record numbers

More Australians than ever before are listening to Nine’s radio stations, according to the latest GfK radio ratings.

Survey 6 of 2022 shows Nine’s talk stations achieved a record cumulative audience of 2.072 million – with a 6% increase in the 25-54 demo.

On Melbourne’s 3AW, Ross & Russ posted a commanding Breakfast share of 20.2 – up 2.0 and more than 10 points ahead of their nearest breakfast rival. Neil Mitchell dominates Mornings with a share of 16.2.

In Sydney, Ben Fordham is clear Number 1 on 2GB Breakfast with a winning share of 16.9 while Ray Hadley delivered his 144th consecutive survey victory with a 15.6 share.

And in Brisbane, the switch to 4BC is on in earnest. Laurel, Gary and Mark posted an 11.8 Share – the best share result in 14 years; Ray Hadley is Number 1 in Talk; and the station’s audience is up nearly 80% YOY.

Perth’s 6PR delivered solid gains in Breakfast (up 0.4) and Mornings (up 1.0), with the station’s audience up 12% YOY.

Greg Byrnes, Nine Radio’s Head of Content, said: “This result is remarkable. Australians are switching to talk in record numbers. In Brisbane, 4BC has added more than 120,000 new listeners since last year, while across the country we’re up 6% in the 25-54 demographic since last survey. We are nothing without our listeners and we are so grateful they switch us on every day.”

Source: GfK Radio Ratings, Survey 6 2022, Mon-Fri 5.30am-9.00am, Mon-Fri 9.00am-12pm, Mon-Fri 12pm-3pm, Mon-Fri 3pm-6pm, Mon-Thurs 8pm-12MN Fri 7pm-12MN, Market Share %, Cume AP10+ unless otherwise specified


Looking at the DAB+ ratings for Brisbane, the following DAB+ stations that outrate SENQ (in terms of overall cumulative audience) are:

4RN: 69k
#1: Nova 90s: 63k
=#2: 973 KIIS 90s: 58k
=#2: OldSkool 90s Hits: 58k
#4: Smooth Brisbane: 52k (featuring former 4KQ announcer Nick Michaels at breakfast)
#5: RnB Fridays: 48k
#6: Coles Radio: 47k
#7: Dance Hits: 45k
#8: MMM Classic Rock: 42k
#9: Triple J Unearthed: 39k
=#10: TikTok Trending: 38k
=#10: Double J: 38k
=#10: Easy 80s Hits: 38k
#13: ABC Sport: 35k
=#14: 973 KIIS 80s: 31k
=#14: MMM 90s: 31k
#16: MMM Country: 29k
SENQ: 28k



be interesting to see if the numbers increase in the next survey given the amount of advertising they are doing - hell i saw a bus advert this morning for smooth brisbane


That’s a pretty big drop for the ABC in Adelaide after they dominated many surveys in the last year or so.


Well done to 4BH. 2UE now doing as well as 2CH. Good job ace. 2day fm should have considered to break free of the hit network.


You’ve got to wonder where 4BH would be if Laurel and co had gone there instead of BC. Would have to be over 10%, probably well over.


ABC Local Radio is in a dire state. Wall-to-wall mourning for the latter part of September can’t have helped.