Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 6, 2021

DAB+ ratings:


In Sydney, 2GB remains on top with a 1.2% lift to 16.4%, followed by ABC Sydney, who went up 1.1% to 13%. Of the FM stations, it was a tie for the #1 FM spot, with both KIIS & Smooth scoring 8% a piece, followed by WS at 7.6%, whilst Nova fell to 4.7% (down 1.2%), tied with 2MMM & only 0.1% ahead of JJJ. Quite weirdly, 2Day went up, gaining 0.8% from last survey to land at 3.4%. 2UE remained steady at 2.7%.

In Melbourne, 3AW gained 3.1% to 18.2%, whilst ABC Melbourne fell 0.4% to 12%, followed by Gold 104.3 at 10.9% (+0.9), Smooth at 6.8% (-1.1), Fox at 6.6%, Nova at 6.3%, 3MMM at 4.7% & KIIS at 4.6%. Magic rated 1.7%, whilst 3MP rated 1.2%.

In Brisbane, Nova was outright #1 with 11.7%, followed by AM music station 4KQ at 10.9%, 97.3FM with 9.3%, B105 at 9%, and 4MMM & ABC Brisbane at 8.6% a piece. 4BC scored 7.6%, whilst 4BH scored 3.2% (+0.7).

In Adelaide, Mix 102.3 remains at #1 with 13.8%, followed by ABC Adelaide at 12.3%, Cruise at 9.9%, Nova at 9.7%, 5MMM at 9%, and SAFM & FiveAA at 8.3% a piece.

And in Perth, Nova is back on top with 13.1%, followed by Mix 94.5 at 12.6%, 96fm at 12.2% & ABC Perth at 8.7%. 6PR was at 7.5%, whilst 6MMM fell further to 5.9%, with 6iX at 5.1%.


What a shocker for Nova 969, 4.7% their worst ratings share ever.
4.0 for Fitzy & Wippa their worst share ever.
What a cluster fuck!!!

Nova Boy Jamz and Best of Ben & Liam not resonating with Sydney listeners. 2day fm actually went up probably Nova listeners going to 2day.

Nova stations in other cities faired better.


3AW was a big winner for this survey, its share up 3.1 from survey 5, as Melbourne began its sixth COVID lockdown, however ABC dropped 0.4 in the same period. 3AW had significant increases in all timeslots.

Gold’s Christian O’Connell was once again Melbourne’s No.1 FM breakfast show, up 0.5 from last survey. KIIS’ Jase and Lauren edged up 0.2 while Triple M and Nova also went up, but Fox and Smooth lost ground.


That’s actually on par with their debut survey way back in S4/2001.


Some slight but at least promising rises for 1278 and 3MP. Smooth’s change in music might have sent people back to AM?


I see on the Nine for Brands website that 25.7% for Denis Walter is the highest evenings result for 3AW since 2004.


Anyone could have told them that Nova Boy Jamz and Best of Ben & Liam would not work.

Their playlist is their biggest problem. They are sounding more and more like 2Day so listeners might as well go over there and everywhere else.


Triple M’s rates a 4.7% in Sydney and Melbourne.

I reckon that 2SM and 3XY stopped rocking on a higher rating than 4.7%.

Should Triple M consider doing a 3XY and closing the doors? Should Triple M in Sydney consider doing a 2SM and becoming Lite’N’Easy 104.9? Should Triple M consider becoming KICKFM?

(This is all said in jest - SCA are incredibly resilient in regard to the low ratings that the M’s get in the capital cities)


Always hard to tell with music stations in a lockdown. But messing with the music on smooth 91.5 was a stupid idea. As someone here said a while ago, it’s not the same station that it was, and a long way from a “smooth” concept. Why do programmers have to mess with a successful product!


When there were a lot less stations and Triple M replicated their music on the FM band.


Funny all the other Nova stations faired Ok with Perth and Brisbane going up.
Problem is Nova is programmed more nationally, what works in other cities does not work in Sydney. Nova 969 needs to be programmed for Sydney with different music and it needs to focus on competing with KIIS 106.5 and the Edge 96.1.

By them copying 2day fm they have handed all their younger listeners to KIIS and have failed to pick up the older demographics that KIIS dominated.

PJ and Peter Clay need to go back to the drawing board with Nova 969 otherwise they risk becoming the new 2day fm of 2022!!!


I’ve mentioned this before. In a lot of families, the kids dictate what radio station is chosen. If the kids turn to KIIS then their parents end up listening to it too.

I’ve been saying this for ages. KIIS has filled the space between it and The Edge which is where Nova sat. Nova’s playlist is not for young listeners or males any more.


In the 25-39s, Nova fell 1.4% to 8.9%, whilst 2Day went up 2.9% to 7.4%. Meanwhile, JJJ went up 1.2% to 13.6% (2nd behind KIIS).

Smooth is still doing well in Sydney, but it’s doing quite poorly in Melbourne. In fact, in the 40-54s, Smooth 91.5 is beaten not only by Gold & 3MMM, but also by Nova & Fox! :open_mouth:

Part of the problem is that, much like its sister Nova stations, Smooth is programmed nationally.


2GB and 3AW are No.1 in Sydney and Melbourne

Nine Radio’s talk network has dominated the latest radio survey, with Sydney’s 2GB and Melbourne’s 3AW maintaining their No.1 position and increasing their respective audience shares.

On a network basis, GFK Survey 6 2021 saw Nine Radio’s cumulative audience jump by 9.2% in total people and 7.7% in 35-64s. This is the network’s best-ever result.

Survey 6 also saw 2GB record its highest ever ratings*. Breakfast host Ben Fordham is #1 with a 18.8% share (up 2 points) this is his highest survey result, while Mornings host Ray Hadley drew a phenomenal 20% share in his shift.

In Melbourne, Ross and Russ retained their #1 spot in Breakfast with a 24.6% share up 2.9 points and 3AW Mornings with Neil Mitchell saw a lift of 3.4 points to draw a 20.7% share.

Brisbane’s 4BC saw a station wide lift with Neil Breen’s Breakfast program drawing an 8.1% share.

Greg Byrnes, Nine Radio’s Head of Content, says: “It’s been a tough few months for Sydney and Melbourne but the audience knows 2GB and 3AW is the source of trusted news and opinion. We’re proudly live and local and that’s seen a big jump in audience across the network. But today’s result for 2GB is extraordinary and 3AW is once again among record highs.”

*Radio Ratings data made available in Gold Standard software only goes back to 2004.

2GB 873 is No.1 in Sydney with an audience share of 16.4% (up 1.2 points). This is 2GB’s highest survey result ever. This is 2GB’s 136th consecutive survey win.

• Ben Fordham Live is Sydney’s No.1 Breakfast show with 18.8% (up 2.0 points).
• The Ray Hadley Morning Show is No.1 with a 20% share (up 0.1 points). This is Ray’s 136th consecutive survey win.
• Afternoons with Deborah Knight had a 12.2% share. (Mon-Fri 12.00pm-3.00pm)
• Drive with Jim Wilson drew an 9.2% share (Mon-Fri 3.00pm-6.00pm). CHECK
• Nights with John Stanley is No.1 with a 31.4% share (up 5.3 points) (Mon-Thurs 8.00pm-12am). This is the highest result for 2GB Evenings since 2004.
• 2GB Weekends is No.1 (including The Garden Clinic, Chris Smith and The Continuous Call Team 16.9% share (up 2.3 points). This is 2GB Weekends best result ever.

Melbourne turns to 3AW – the city’s #1 radio station had an audience share of 18.2%

• 3AW Breakfast with Ross Stevenson and Russel Howcroft is No.1 with of 24.6% (up 2.9 points), a total of 227 wins for 3AW Breakfast (Mon-Fri 5.30am-8.30am).
• Neil Mitchell is No.1 in Mornings with 20.7% (up 3.4 points) (Fri 8.30am-12.00pm).
• Dee Dee Dunleavy’s had a share of 12.9% in afternoons (Mon-Fri 12.00pm – 3.00pm).
• Tom Elliott is No.1 in Drive with 16.2% (up 3.4 points) (Mon-Fri 3.00pm-6.00pm).
• Denis Walter is No.1 at night with 25.7% (up 4.4 points) (Mon-Thurs 8.00pm–12.00am). This is the highest result for 3AW Evenings since 2004.
• 3AW Weekends is No.1 (including Darren James and 3AW Football) with a 16.5% share (up 3.4 points).

4BC 1116 has increased its audience in Survey 6, with its share rising to 7.9% (up 0.4 points) among all people 10+ and growth in every shift

• Breakfast with Neil Breen recorded a 8.1% share (up 0.1 point).
• The Ray Hadley Morning Show is up 1.2 points to 11.8% and is #1 talk in mornings.
• Drive with Scott Emerson holds steady with 4.6% (up 0.2 points) (Mon-Fri 3.00-6.00pm).
• Nights with John Stanley is #1 in Brisbane an 15.0% share in his timeslot of the audience continuing to grow share (up 2.4 points) (Mon-Thurs 8.00pm-12.00am).

6PR 882 posts a 7.5% share among all people 10+ in Survey 6

• Breakfast with Gareth Parker recorded an 8.4% share.
• Mornings with Liam Bartlett had a 7.8% share.
• Steve Mills in afternoons recorded a share of 6.6%. (Mon-Fri 12.00pm-3.00pm)
• Perth Live with Oliver Peterson had a 6.2% share. (Mon-Thurs 3.00pm-6.00pm, Fri 3pm-5.45pm).
• The Nightshift with Tod Johnston drew a share of 14.1% (up 0.2 points) (Mon-Thurs 8.00pm-12.00am Fri 8.30pm-12:00am)


Here are the overall ratings in ranking order.


#1: 2GB: 16.4
#2: ABC Sydney: 13.0
=#3: KIIS: 8.0
=#3: Smooth: 8.0
#5: WSFM: 7.6
=#6: Nova: 4.7
=#6: 2MMM: 4.7
#8: 2JJJ: 4.6
#9: ABC Classic: 3.8
#10: 2Day: 3.4
#11: 2RN: 3.2
#12: 2UE: 2.7
#13: ABC NewsRadio: 1.9
#14: Sky Sports Radio: 1.4
#15: SEN: 0.7


#1: 3AW: 18.2
#2: ABC Melbourne: 12.0
#3: Gold 104.3: 10.9
#4: Smooth: 6.8
#5: Fox FM: 6.6
#6: Nova: 6.3
#7: 3MMM: 4.7
#8: KIIS: 4.6
#9: 3JJJ: 4.0
#10: SEN: 3.7
#11: 3RN: 3.2
#12: ABC Classic: 2.8
#13: ABC NewsRadio: 2.1
#14: Magic: 1.7
#15: 3MP: 1.2
#16: RSN: 0.6


#1: Nova: 11.7
#2: 4KQ: 10.9
#3: 97.3FM: 9.3
#4: B105: 9.0
=#5: 4MMM: 8.6
=#5: ABC Brisbane: 8.6
#7: 4BC: 7.6
#8: 4JJJ: 7.0
#9: 4BH: 3.2
#10: 4RN: 2.5
#11: ABC Classic: 2.3
#12: ABC NewsRadio: 1.4


#1: Mix 102.3: 13.8
#2: ABC Adelaide: 12.3
#3: Cruise: 9.9
#4: Nova: 9.7
#5: 5MMM: 9.0
=#6: SAFM: 8.3
=#6: FiveAA: 8.3
#8: 5JJJ: 5.3
#9: ABC Classic: 3.1
#10: 5RN: 2.6
#11: ABC NewsRadio: 1.7


#1: Nova: 13.1
#2: Mix 94.5: 12.6
#3: 96fm: 12.2
#4: ABC Perth: 8.7
#5: 6JJJ: 7.9
#6: 6PR: 7.5
#7: 6MMM: 5.9
#8: 6iX: 5.1
#9: ABC Classic: 2.5
#10: 6RN: 1.6
#11: ABC NewsRadio: 1.3


The readers of The Australian and Telegraph will be upset. They’ve been hysterical for months that the station has gone too far left. They said that the Nine owned radio station would go broke as have have gone “too woke”. Seems like the slight lessening of right wing rabid radio is resonating with listeners. Nine will be quite pleased. I am sure they are getting back advertisers who fled when Alan was on air.


Nova 96.9 needs to go back to its original Sound’s Different format at least in Sydney which is similar to the current playlist of BBC Radio 1. Playing Pop, dance, Indi Rock and Hip Hop / RnB. This will wedge Nova between KIIS, The Edge and Triple J. They need to go back to focusing on 18-39 and let Smooth look after 39+ listeners which is what it was intended to do. With the changes made to Smooth at times it sounds like it is encroaching on Nova’s market which is possibly why it has fallen in the ratings too,

Btw a reprieved for the 2day fm Morning Crew, they may see 2022.


Actually, largest share since S2/1973, when they had an even 18.0 share. But I digress. :slight_smile:

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It’s worth noting that ABC Sydney’s share of 13.0 is perhaps the station’s highest ratings share ever recorded.