Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 6, 2017

With WS FM playing 80s and 90s tracks, I think there’s room for another station that focuses on 90s, 00s and 10s music.

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It would seem likely now, having dropped significantly during breakfast compared to the same time last year. The only positives compared to the same time last year are that they’re up in Mornings (which was their worst shift) and up in 18-25, which is probably unlikely to be enough.

The biggest problem is that they have a show that while it might be their best in recent years, it really just doesn’t fit the rest of the station.
They’ve also done a pretty shit job at promoting the show - it took 4 months for any ads to be seem, and even then they did nothing for telling people about the show or the station.
Sure, give them time to perfect the craft and build a show, but weekday breakfast in Sydney isn’t the time or place for it.
Sure, have billboards that only have faces and names on it, but that only works if people know who you are already. And for fucks sack, when you do it, don’t have ridiculous costumes and a chicken in your billboards - which they might fit with the vibe and in-jokes of the show, all it’s going to do is confuse and alienate potential listeners.


Can’t wait to see the Macquarie press release reminding us that Melbourne listeners are “engaging” with Talking Lifestyle :laughing:


What do testicles have to to do with it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s a cock rooster. :wink: You’re carrying on like a chook with its head cut off.


I wonder if they will drop TL in Brisbane and bring back 4BH?

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22.3% for Breakfast with Ross & John seems just a little bit good


Yes because the world revolves around Sydney doesn’t it

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You know it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Not really. Very narrow playlist of older music. Nowhere near the quality of Smooth.
They’re like KIIS with Footloose and Africa on high rotation filling in the gaps.


Yeah 2day should just play the Easy Hits DAB stream. I’m loving it and have it on all the time at home. Like the old days when you could have FM radio on all weekend :slight_smile:

While I’m on it, Stephen Brook’s Media Diary in The Australian is suggesting there’s rumours about John Burns retiring?

Surely premature if not a load of bullshit?

The show is probably keeping John’s ticker beating :smile: Just to hear those two each morning is enough to think they’re married to each other!

I’d think Macquarie executives in Sydney would be waving cash at him, given this morning’s results.

Also another excited Richmond tragic, like his best mate Pricey


You needed to read the rest of the piece:

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What is on between 6 and 7pm and are they #1?

Also, very interesting to see 106.9’s 6-9am share at 13.7. Due to their automation prior to 6am, the full b’fast survey duration of 5:30 - 9am had their 0.1% behind the local ABC who is of course, live from after the 5am news.

587 000 cume is wonderful, this back to the numbers of B105’s run at #1. B105 had no true FM competition, this time around, Nova has three other FM competitors.

I am aware of that, but radio surveys aren’t a last minute uni assignment the night before. They’re often finished the week before. Neither GfK or Nielsen want to lose money paying staff for weekend work.

Ask staff who work there, Friday the week before survey is usually a jolly afternoon/evening for all.

Another of your trademark assumptions, incorrect.

No. Not with current management. They’re turkeys. When it impacts the bottom line, they’ll sell them.

Realistically, the 4BH format (pre outsourcing of PD and MD functions to Perth/Melbourne) had another five years left in it. Major retooling needed to shift the audience younger without bumping into FM territory and losing the ageing audience that remained. Geoff Harrison and David McDonald did a good job evolving the station, elements from the ARN ownership era were replaced by others so that BH didn’t die with its audience.

More rubbish from News Corp to have a go at a partially Fairfax owned asset, 3AW.

Should put their money where their mouth is and buy Lachie’s stations to see what they can do with 5AA. Probably wreck the 24/7 Adelaide aspect of the station and pipe in News Corp columnist Bolt with Price.


Why don’t you mention 2GB?

Singleton, Jones and Hadley would be upset about that.

Then tell us the real reason and why I’m wrong if you have all the answers.

Even though they’re #1 overall, I’m more focused on the other stations that are more ‘demo-friendly’. :wink:
To be fair, I didn’t mention anything about 2CH either.


Even Macquarie have given up trying to talk up Talking Lifestyle:


Being “Australia’s newest radio format” is the best they can do now


Although “its national audience figures remaining steady in this survey”… so bugger all listened it to before and bugger all still listening to it now. “Steady” is hardly a selling point when you’re sitting at 0.4 per cent.


Isn’t it Firzy & Wippa nationally?

This opinion is almost as repetitive as the 969 playlist.

In fairness, a bigger library of music hasn’t exactly worked wonders for 2Day in Sydney.

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That’s because 2Day are confused about which format to follow.

One minute it’s new music then it’s R&B stuff from the 90s then they’ll play a remix of a current song that has been played to death and then they’ll do a mash-up of two songs that make no sense.

Nova 96,9 do have a wide playlist. It’s just that some songs get played once a day and other songs get played every two hours or stay on high repetition for four months. Nova 106.9 will play their top songs less often and their other songs more often. There’s a better balance.

I listen to Fitzy and Wippa and they will play the same 10 “most played” songs every single day in a different order and maybe one or two other songs. This is shit!

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