Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 6, 2017

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In Sydney, WS maintains its #1 FM position with a 0.5% increase to 9.8%, with Smooth at #2 FM with 8.7% (up 0.7%), pushing KIIS down to #3 FM with 8.6%. Nova fell from 7.9% to 7.2%. Further down the ladder, 2Day fell 0.7% to 4% (with breakfast falling 0.3% to 3.3%), whilst Talking Lifestyle went up 0.3% to 3.7%. KIIS’s Kyle & Jackie O, and WS’s Jonesy & Amanda tied for the #1 FM spot on breakfast.

In Melbourne, Smooth hit double-digits with a 10.5% share, and also placing themselves 2nd overall behind 3AW. Gold & Fox tied for the #2 FM spot with 9.3% a piece, whilst Nova 100 tumbled from 8% to 6.9%, placing themselves just 0.7% ahead of KIIS. Talking Lifestyle remained ‘steady’ at 0.4%.

In Brisbane, Nova retains its top spot with 13.5%, followed by 97.3 with 10.7%, hit105 with 10.5% & 4MMM with 10.3%. 4KQ scored an 8.7% share (up 0.9%), whilst Talking Lifestyle fell to another new low with just 0.6%.

In Adelaide, Mix 102.3 retains its top spot, followed by ABC Brisbane, Nova, 5MMM, FiveAA, Cruise & hit107. And in Perth, Mix 94.5 retains its top spot, followed by Nova. Hit 92.9 fell 2.1% to land below the 10% territory at 9.6% (tied with JJJ), placing themselves only 0.5% ahead of 96fm.


Why is this survey released on a Thursday? It is usually available on a Tuesday and October 3 was not a public holiday.
A great result for Smooth again in Sydney and Melbourne. In Melbourne Smooth edged out Hamish and Andy as #1 FM drive show, which is a surprise.
3AW increases its lead overall and also on Neil Mitchell’s morning slot (massive increase of 2.5% from last survey). Its overall share of 16.2% must be the highest for a while.
Dave Thornton ended his stint on Fox breakfast on a high with an increase of 1.1% to 9%, maintaining its position as Melbourne’s #1 FM breakfast show.

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The Brisbane stations in ranking order, in case anyone requests for it:

  1. Nova: 13.5
  2. 97.3: 10.7
  3. hit105: 10.5
  4. 4MMM: 10.3
  5. ABC Brisbane: 9.1
  6. 4KQ: 8.7
  7. 4JJJ: 7.7
  8. 4BC: 5.3
  9. 4RN: 2.8
  10. ABC FM: 2.5
  11. ABC News: 1.3
  12. Talking Lifestyle: 0.6

Some interesting figures from the Sydney survey:

  • In Sydney KIIS are No.2 with the 40 - 54 year olds

  • Triple M rates a mere 4% in the weekends (just above ABCFM) and it was footy season but - I know - the demos of this tiny group are good. Yawn.

  • Talking Lifestyle is a dud (except for weekends when I imagine the sport turns many people away from 2GB and 702).

  • 2DayFM need to immediately stop the TV ads for Em and Harley (the ads where you can not understand what they are yelling about) as the show is now in its final two months.

  • Ever since KIIS started they have never done well of a night. KIIS rates a 9% for Monday to Friday and a lowly 5.1% of a night. Someone needs to look at the 7pm to midnight programming. It’s been four years and Sydney continues to tune out from 1065 at 7pm.

WS is well ahead of the others in the 40-54s with a 14.9% share, placing themselves 5.1% ahead of KIIS & 5.5% ahead of nearest FM rival, Smooth. Speaking of which, Smooth is #1 in the 55-64s, beating out 2GB & ABC Sydney, with WS 3rd in that demographic. In the 25-39s, JJJ outrates Nova, in which the latter ties with 2MMM in that demographic.

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So many people think that 40 - 54 year olds are only interested in music like The Pointer Sisters or Toni Basil. Programmers forget that they also download Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift.

And they prefer Kyle over Alan.

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That’s not much of a choice.

Agreed. They are almost the same - neither have children, have both been accused of hating women, strike fear into their fellow workers, have failed in front of the camera when they tried to forge a career on free to air TV, have caused massive controversies (usually when commenting on a woman) and both have managed to move their audiences with them when they change stations.

Nova 96.9 in Sydney going backwards again while Nova 106.9 Brisbane goes up.

Why won’t they look at this and fix the highly repetitive playlist in Sydney which is a turnoff for listeners?
They need to play the wider playlist which is so successful in Brisbane.


WSFM’s Jonesy and Amanda have pulled off an impressive coup in the latest Sydney radio ratings, ending Kyle & Jackie O’s lengthy unbeaten run in the FM breakfast slot.

@nickatnights underwhelmed by your opinion, surely your true feelings are that 2DAY will be signing contracts for a replacement team for breakfast?

@JohnsonTV survey is released on Thu due to NSW’s public holiday on Monday for league fans to get over watching a footy match on a Sunday night. GfK’s world clearly revolves around Sydney.

3AW now are #1 in 40 -54 demo but will continue to be ignored by media buyers for whom FM holds captive.

Brisbane’s local ABC #1 breakfast but other dayparts all fell, likely to correct in future waves, doesn’t look quite right. Trevor Jackson in his last full wave of a 3 hr show for the year has done very well for nights.

5MMM and Mix all back to the pack. 5AA and Adelaide’s ABC numbers showing that quality talkback is rewarded, even in a smaller market.

In Perth, breakfast is interesting, Nova on top have everything to lose as the heritage show, challenge to keep ahead of 94.5 who are now the challenger b’fast show with team turnover. 92.9 b’fast having a disappointing end as the boys head off to greener pastures in Melbourne next year, shouldn’t stop them now.

From Nova 106.9

• Number 1 Breakfast Show with Ash, Kip & Luttsy with Susie O’Neill 6-9am (13.7% share)
• Number 1 Mornings with Katie Mattin 9am – 12pm (11.6% share)
• Number 1 Afternoons with Tim Wong-See 12pm – 4pm (14.4% share)
• Number 1 Workday with Katie Mattin & Tim Wong-See 9am – 4pm (13.2% share)
• Number 1 Drive Show with Kate, Tim & Marty 4pm – 6pm (18.2% share)
• Number 1 Nights Show with Smallzy’s Surgery 7pm – 10pm (15.3% share)
• Most listened to radio station - 587,000 cume

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There is almost no one listening to Talking Lifestyle in the evenings in Melbourne and Brisbane. The average audience is 0, with the cumulative audience 3,000 in Brisbane and 9,000 in Melbourne but that is probably accidental listening when someone twiddles the dial on their AM radio.


Macquarie might as well shut up shop in Brisbane. Combined figure for 4BC and Talking Infomercials is so very low…

ARN must see the opportunity to Smoothify Mix 102.3 and 97.3 just a little? Smooth is a phenomenon in Melbourne and Sydney so surely if they “blended” KIIS and Smooth they’d have dominant stations in Brisbane and Adelaide. Plenty of US stations seem to combine Soft AC and Hot AC formats.


Isn’t that kind of what they do already?

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Knowing the aging population of Sydney, I actually wouldn’t be overly surprised to see more ratings survey results in the future with WSFM and Smooth 95.3 as the top two FM stations ahead of KIIS 1065.

2GB was of course Sydney’s #1 radio station overall (in part due to strong 65+ demographic figures) but hey, what’s new there?

I wonder how long it’ll take before 2DayFM announce that there’s a new breakfast show coming to the station for 2018? As much as I personally think the station/network really needs to stick to their guns this time, they previously said in press releases “we’re in it for the long haul” for their previous two breakfast shows…and we all know what happened there.

While GfK is probably based in Sydney, wasn’t it also a public holiday in South Australia and Queensland on Monday? That would make it three out of five metro markets where extra time to compile the data might’ve been needed.


Which is why 2Day should probably change their format and go for those listeners who actually still listen to the radio rather than chase the millennials who don’t. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s correct. It’s probably less around the day to compile data, and more the media cycle too - it’s probably not going to get as much attention first day back from a long weekend.

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2Day fm should adopt the easy hits format to take on smooth. If you like the original 2day fm format. Or take on a. Triple M classic hits format but be still call 2day fm. A mixture of classic hits and easy hits.

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