Metro Radio Ratings - Survey 5, 2023


In Sydney, 2GB remains at #1 with 11.6%, despite a 2.7 drop from the last survey. This is followed KIIS with 10% (-2.0), Smooth with 9.9% (-1.4), WS with 8.3% (+0.7), Nova with 6.7% (-0.6), ABC Sydney with 6.1% (+0.5), 2MMM with 6% (+0.9) and 2Day with 5.1% (-0.1). 2UE went up 0.5 to 3.8%, whilst SEN went up 0.1 to 0.6%.

In Melbourne, 3AW goes up 2.1 to 16.7% to extend their lead, followed by Smooth with 9.9% (+0.3), Gold with 9.6% (-1.2), Fox with 9.4% (+0.2), Nova with 7.5% (-1.0), KIIS with 7.4% (-0.1), ABC Melbourne with 7.1% (+0.2) and 3MMM with 6.1% (+0.4), SEN went up 0.6 to 3.7%, whilst both Magic & 3MP fell below 1%.

In Brisbane, Nova remains on top with 11.6% (-0.2), B105 with 11.1% (-0.6), KIIS973 with 10.8% (+1.1), 4MMM with 10.4% (-0.5) and 4BH with 9.3% (-0.5). JJJ outrates 4BC with 6.6% to 6.2% respectively, whilst ABC Brisbane rated 5.8% (+0.6), and SENQ went up 0.3 to 1.1%.

In Adelaide, Mix 102.3 has taken back the top spot after going up 0.7 to 12.6%, whilst 5MMM fell 1.4 to 12.2%. This is followed by Nova with 10.8% (+0.3), SAFM with 10.1% (+0.8), FiveAA with 9.2% (+0.2), Cruise with 8.5% (-0.2), and ABC Adelaide with 7.9% (-0.6).

And in Perth, Nova extends its lead, going up 1.1 to 18.1%, followed by 96fm with 13% (+0.1), Mix 94.5 with 11.1% (-1.1), 6MMM with 7.6% (+0.5), 6PR with 7.2% (+0.2), JJJ with 6.2% (+1.0), ABC Perth with 6.1% (+0.5), and 6iX with 4.6% (-0.7).


Dee Dee Dunleavy’s departure from 3AW afternoons hasn’t changed much to the show’s ratings, it only dipped 0.8 from last survey, which means fill-ins like Jimmy Bartel and Jacqueline Felgate must be doing a good job. Overall it was another great success for the station, with big increases at breakfast, mornings and nights.

This survey is also the last for Jacinta Parsons on ABC Melbourne afternoons and the first for Trevor Chappell in the timeslot (he took over from July 31). The show pulled 4.9%, up 0.1 from last survey.

KIIS and Triple M were the only FM stations to make gains at breakfast, with Gold’s Christian O’Connell suffering the biggest fall (-1.4), to lose the throne to Fox’s Fifi, Fev and Nick (9.4, down -0.2).

It looks like that both ABC and SEN didn’t benefit from their coverage of Ashes tour of England and FIFA Women’s World Cup, with cumulative audiences of their digital stations decreasing from last survey.


Large amount of advertising (at least on TV) for KISS this survey seems to have paid off.


Here are the overall ratings in ranking order, both Total Radio & Streaming.


Total Radio

Rank Station Share
1 2GB 11.6
2 KIIS 10.0
3 Smooth 9.9
4 WSFM 8.3
Commercial DAB+ 7.1
5 Nova 6.7
6 ABC Sydney 6.1
7 2MMM 6.0
8 2Day 5.1
9 2JJJ 5.0
10 2UE 3.8
11 ABC Classic 2.8
ABC DAB+ 2.6
12 ABC Newsradio 1.7
13 Sky Sports Radio 1.4
14 2RN 1.4
Other DAB+ 1.3
15 SEN 0.6

Other Stations: 8.6%


Rank Station Share
1 2GB 17.1
Commercial DAB+ 12.3
2 KIIS 10.6
3 ABC Sydney 9.3
4 Smooth 8.7
5 2JJJ 5.8
6 2MMM 5.7
7 WSFM 5.6
ABC DAB+ 5.5
8 2UE 4.0
9 ABC Newsradio 3.9
10 Nova 3.5
11 ABC Classic 2.9
13 2RN 2.8
12 2Day 1.5
14 SEN 0.7


Total Radio

Rank Station Share
1 3AW 16.7
2 Smooth 9.9
3 Gold 104.3 9.6
4 Fox FM 9.4
5 Nova 7.5
6 KIIS 7.4
7 ABC Melbourne 7.1
8 3MMM 6.1
Commercial DAB+ 6.0
9 SEN 3.7
10 3JJJ 3.4
ABC DAB+ 1.6
11 3RN 1.5
12 ABC Classic 1.1
Other DAB+ 0.9
=13 Magic 0.8
=13 RSN 0.8
14 3MP 0.6

Other Stations: 5.9%


Rank Station Share
1 3AW 23.2
Commercial DAB+ 10.4
2 ABC Melbourne 10.0
3 Gold 104.3 8.4
4 Smooth 8.1
5 3MMM 6.7
6 SEN 6.5
7 Fox FM 5.6
ABC DAB+ 4.2
8 KIIS 4.0
9 Nova 3.9
10 3JJJ 3.0
11 ABC Newsradio 2.9
12 ABC Classic 1.6
13 Magic 0.6
14 3MP 0.5
15 3RN 0.3


Total Radio

Rank Station Share
1 Nova 11.6
2 B105 11.1
5 KIIS973 10.8
3 4MMM 10.4
4 4BH 9.3
Commercial DAB+ 9.1
5 4JJJ 6.6
6 4BC 6.2
8 ABC Brisbane 5.8
ABC DAB+ 2.8
9 ABC Classic 2.2
10 4RN 1.4
Other DAB+ 1.3
11 ABC Newsradio 1.2
12 SENQ 1.1

Other Stations: 9.1%


Rank Station Share
Commercial DAB+ 17.7
1 4MMM 10.7
1 Nova 9.2
2 4BC 8.9
3 4BH 8.8
5 4JJJ 8.7
6 B105 8.0
7 KIIS973 7.8
8 ABC Brisbane 7.5
ABC DAB+ 5.4
9 ABC Classic 2.8
10 ABC Newsradio 2.6
11 4RN 1.6
12 SENQ 0.4


Total Radio

Rank Station Share
1 Mix 102.3 12.6
2 5MMM 12.2
3 Nova 10.8
4 SAFM 10.1
Commercial DAB+ 9.9
5 FiveAA 9.2
6 Cruise 8.5
7 ABC Adelaide 7.9
8 5JJJ 3.3
ABC DAB+ 2.2
9 5RN 1.8
10 ABC Newsradio 1.5
11 ABC Classic 1.4
Other DAB+ 1.3

Other Stations: 7.3%


Rank Station Share
Commercial DAB+ 15.5
1 FiveAA 13.2
2 ABC Adelaide 11.5
3 Mix 102.3 10.4
4 5MMM 10.0
5 Cruise 9.2
6 SAFM 8.1
7 Nova 7.8
8 5JJJ 4.8
ABC DAB+ 3.5
9 ABC Newsradio 2.9
10 ABC Classic 1.8
11 5RN 1.3


Total Radio

Rank Station Share
1 Nova 18.1
2 96fm 13.0
3 Mix 94.5 11.1
Commercial DAB+ 7.9
4 6MMM 7.6
5 6PR 7.2
6 6JJJ 6.2
6 ABC Perth 6.1
7 6iX 4.6
9 ABC Classic 3.0
ABC DAB+ 2.1
Other DAB+ 2.1
10 ABC Newsradio 0.7
11 6RN 0.6

Other Stations: 9.7%


Rank Station Share
1 96fm 15.6
Commercial DAB+ 15.3
2 Nova 12.5
3 6PR 10.6
=4 ABC Perth 9.5
=4 Mix 94.5 9.5
6 6JJJ 7.6
7 6iX 5.1
ABC DAB+ 5.0
8 6MMM 4.3
9 ABC Newsradio 2.4
10 ABC Classic 1.5
11 6RN 0.9

4BC’s breakfast trio seems to be not working ranking a distant last in the commercials - ABC closing in. They have just recently started added a talking point each morning, that are usually somewhat political and ask listeners for comments - phone, text etc. Seems to be an attempt to spread the right-wing talk format from the morning shift into breakfast. The problem is you have 3 people trying to talk to the topic over each other all without much experience in that sort or radio. I think it will be turning a lot more off the station.


Sorry to see that these station reboots are not resonating. It was always going to be tough to get people to switch back after both stations abandoned their traditional formats and ratings fell to zeros, but i had hoped they’d be doing better.


Interesting to see Mix 102.3 regain their position as number 1 from 5MMM in Adelaide.


Mix94.5 in third place again…

Wonder what will be needed to boost Mix’s ratings again


Not only that, but Mix has been outrated by Triple M in the 25-39s & 40-54s! :open_mouth:

Mix used to dominate in the 40-54s for many years back when they were an adult music station.

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2GB and 3AW No.1 in Sydney and Melbourne – audience growth across Total Audio

  • 2GB and 3AW outright No.1 stations and No.1 in Breakfast and Mornings
  • Streaming growth across the network
  • 9Podcasts posts highest listenership on record in July


Nine Radio’s 2GB and 3AW have once again retained their positions as the outright No.1 station in Sydney and Melbourne respectively, as well as No.1 in the all important Breakfast and Morning shifts.

Today’s Gfk Survey 5 saw Melbourne’s 3AW recorded its highest ever Survey 5 cume and grew overall share to 16.7 (up 2.1), with Breakfast duo Ross and Russ recording a stunning 23 (up 3.2), and Neil Mitchell continuing his ratings streak with 20 (up 3.0).

Sydney’s 2GB recorded a 11.8 share, with Ben Fordham Live posting 14.6 in Breakfast, and The Ray Hadley Morning Show recording 12.8 – the 151st consecutive survey win for the legendary broadcaster.

Overall, Nine’s talk stations recorded a 2.5% increase in cume on Survey 4, cementing its reputation as the unrivalled destination of news, sport and opinion.

Nine Radio’s Head of Content, Greg Byrnes, said: “It’s another strong result for our live and local content with clear number one stations in Sydney and Melbourne and audience gains across the network.

“The 3AW result is extraordinary given the team has managed to create a new high in audience numbers. It’s also pleasing to see some stability returning after lineup changes in Brisbane and Perth.”

16.5(4 markets) 1.98 million listeners each week


Nine Radio continues to prove the future of live audio streaming is talk, as the clear No.1 with cumulative audience up 2.2% across the network on Survey 4.

Melbourne’s 3AW recorded an incredible streaming commercial share of 29.8 (up 7.1), while Ross and Russ posted a dominant 41.6 in Breakfast (up 8.2).

In Sydney, 2GB recorded a 24.6 streaming commercial share (up 4.1), with Ben Fordham posting 33.3 (up.9.2).

“With another increase in listeners, Radio 360 has again shown the talk audience has embraced our live and local content via connected devices. We’re the clear leader in the streaming market. Digital audio sounds great, is easy to access and ensures our audience is always up to date with the latest news, sport and opinion”, said Byrnes.

23.7 417,000


The Nine Podcast Network recorded a 41% YOY increase in July^ as listeners continued to discover our premium Australian podcasts. News, Sport and Opinion are underpinning the growth in listenership as Nine invests in new, original, premium content.

Last month, 9Podcasts’ Hannah’s Story, presented by Melissa Downes and produced by Jess Lodge and Adam Buncher, won the Outstanding Podcast Kennedy Award for excellence in journalism. The podcast, which has reached almost one million downloads, was recognised as a compelling account of one of the worst acts of domestic violence Australia has ever seen, shining a light in a very dark place.

Nine’s podcasts have also been recognised in the 2023 ACRA nominations, with Stories of Origin nominated for Podcast of the Year, Phil “Gus” Gould (Six Tackles with Gus) for Podcast Host of the Year, Billy Slater (The Billy Slater Podcast) for Best New Talent – Podcast, and Matt White (Stories of Origin) and Sam Stove (Anatomy of a Scam) nominated in the Best Podcast Producer categories for both Show and Audio.

Source: GfK Radio360 Ratings, Survey 4 vs Survey 5 2023, Total Radio, Streaming, Mon-Sun 5.30am-12MN, 3AW Breakfast Mon-Fri 5.30am-8.30am, 3AW Mornings 8.30am-12pm, Nine Radio Afternoons Mon-Fri 12pm-3pm, Nine Radio Drive Mon-Fri 3pm-6pm, Cume (000s), Total Radio Commercial Share, Streaming Commercial Share, AP10+, Nine Radio – 2GB, 3AW, 4BC, 6PR.
*On record – dating back to survey 1 2004

^Source: Triton Podcast Metrics July 2023, Downloads, listeners, Total Nine, unless otherwise specified.

2GB the dominant no.1 in total radio and streaming

Sydney’s 2GB has once again retained its position as the clear No.1 in total radio and streaming, posting a 11.8 radio share and 24.6 commercial streaming share, in Gfk Survey 5 released today.

Survey 5 showed 2GB is No.1 across Breakfast, Mornings, Evenings, Weekends and No.1 in sport with the Continuous Call Team.

Ben Fordham Live is the definitive No.1 in Breakfast, with a share of 14.6, while in streaming, Fordham has posted a market-leading 33.3, reinforcing the power of live and local content.

Celebrating one of the longest winning streaks in history, Ray Hadley has notched up an outstanding 151 consecutive survey wins, to be No.1 in Mornings with a radio share of 12.8, and 28 in streaming.

2GB Content Manager, Luke Davis, said: “We’re thrilled that Sydney has once again declared 2GB as their No.1 radio station and go-to destination for live and local news, sport, opinion and entertainment! The entire team works tirelessly to serve our city’s listeners, so it’s gratifying to see an increasing audience choosing to tune in and stream 2GB as part of their daily routine.”

Further results from Gfk Survey 5 in Sydney:

  • Afternoons with Deborah Knight recorded a share of 6.7 (Mon-Fri 12-3pm).
  • Drive with Chris O’Keefe recorded a share of 8.0 (Mon-Fri 3-6pm).
  • Money News with Scott Haywood is No.1 with a share of 11.4 (Mon-Thurs 7-8pm).
  • Nights with John Stanley remains the clear No.1 with a share of 26.6 (Mon-Thurs 8pm-12am).
  • Weekends with Michael McLaren is No.1 across both Saturday and Sunday, with an overall share of 13.0 (Sat-Sun 9am-1pm).
  • The Continuous Call Team (CCT) is the clear No.1 in NRL coverage.

Source: GfK Radio360 Ratings, 2GB Sydney Survey 5 2023, Mon-Fri 5.30am-9am, Mon-Fri 9am-12pm, Mon-Fri 12pm-3pm, Mon-Fri 3pm-6pm, Mon-Thurs 8pm-12MN, Sat-Sun 5.30am-12MN, Market Share % Total Radio, Streaming share % AP10+

3AW dominates Melbourne with record Survey 5 result

3AW has once again completely dominated the Melbourne radio landscape with GfK Survey 5 showing the station grew its market-leading share to 16.9 (up 1.7) and recording its highest Survey 5 cume on record.

This marks the 72nd consecutive survey win for the station.

3AW is also the outright No.1 in live audio streaming with a 29.8 share of the commercial streaming audience – more than double the streaming share of its nearest competitor.

Breakfast duo Ross and Russ were No.1 in Breakfast, posting an impressive 23 (up 3.2). The ACRA award winning duo also attracted a staggering streaming audience, with 41.6 commercial streaming share.

Legendary Mornings broadcaster Neil Mitchell soundly trounced all opposition in the timeslot, continuing his ratings streak with 20 (up 3.0) and a streaming share of 32.7.

Tom Elliott remains Melbourne’s No.1 Drive program with a share of 12.7 (up 0.2).

Stephen Beers, 3AW Station Manager, said: “This is a great Survey 5 result for 3AW. Again led by Ross Stevenson and Russel Howcroft in Breakfast and a dominant Neil Mitchell in Mornings, both programs double the nearest competitor.

“Tom Elliott in Drive, Denis Walter at Night, Tony Moclair Overnights and Darren James on Weekends all number one programs. A great result for 3AW Footy winning the number slot in every Football session. Thanks to our listeners who continue to make 3AW their favourite destination in Melbourne – 3AW is the clear No.1.”

Further results of Gfk Survey 5 in Melbourne:

  • Afternoons posted a share of 10.6 (Mon-Fri 12.00pm–3.00pm).
  • Denis Walter posted a share of 26.3 (up 6.0) and remains Melbourne’s No.1 Evening program (Mon- Thurs 8.00pm–12.00am).
  • 3AW Weekends is Melbourne’s No.1 with a share of 16 (up 3.3).

Source: GfK Radio360 Ratings, Total Radio, Streaming, 3AW Melbourne Survey 5 2023, Mon-Fri 5.30am-8.30am, Mon-Fri 8.30am-12pm, Mon-Fri 12pm-3pm, Mon-Fri 3pm-6pm, Mon-Thurs 8pm-12MN, Weekends 5.30am-12MN, Market Share % Total Radio, Streaming share % AP10+


Looking at the breakfast ratings in Melbourne, there’s been quite a significant change on among the FM breakfast shows, with both Fox’s Fifi, Fev & Nick and Smooth 91.5’s Mike Perso beating Gold’s The Christian O’Connell Show.


Yeah a huge amount of advertising and stories about Robyn Bailey appearing in the Courier Mail every other day…yawn


Really? Even with the endless stories in the press from ARN spruiking every little anniversary and milestone for Christian.


I’m not surpised. They are just such a bad fit for 4BC. Trying to force a round peg into a square hole.


Interestingly Smooth Vintage went up this survey, and Smooth Relax doing very well, possibly this has had an impact on Magic and 3MP.

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Triple J had a shocker in Melbourne and Adelaide- almost level with Classic FM.

The format sounds outdated and boring IMO.


Both Triple J and Double J miss the mark IMO. They both need blowing up and starting again.


No doubt Smooth on FM/DAB has impacted on 3MP and Magic’s chances of success.