Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 5, 2022


In Sydney, 2GB remains at #1 with 13.6% (+0.7), followed by KIIS at 10.1% (-0.1), Smooth at 9.7% (+0.1), ABC Sydney at 8% (+0.1), WS at 7.5% (-1.2) & Nova with 6.9% (+0.2). 2MMM went up 0.4 to 5.3%, whilst 2Day went down 0.4 to 4.3%, with 2UE not far behind at 4% (+0.7). SEN remains steady at 0.4%.

In Melbourne, 3AW is #1 with 14.5% (-1.2), followed by Gold at 11.8% (-0.2), Smooth with 9.3% (+0.1), Fox with 9.1% (+0.5), Nova with 8% (+0.7), KIIS with 7.6% (+1.1) & 3MMM with 5.8% (-0.1). SEN went up 0.3 to 3%, whilst 3MP rated 1.2% (steady) & Magic at 1% (steady).

In Brisbane, Nova remains at #1 with 13% (+0.4), followed by B105 with 12.2% (+1.1), KIIS973 with 10.8% (-0.8) & 4MMM with 9.7% (-1.2). 4BC went up 1.4 to 7.7%, whilst 4BH went up 3.3 to 4.6%, with the latter not far behind ABC Brisbane, who fell 1.8 to 5.2%. 4KQ/SENQ is not listed this survey.

In Adelaide, ABC Adelaide remains at #1 with 11.7% (-1.9), however, there is a changing of the guard for the #1 FM station, with Nova taking the top spot with 11% (+0.2), with Mix 102.3 at #2 FM with 10.6% (steady), followed closely by a three-way tie of SAFM (+0.1), 5MMM (+0.3) & Cruise (+0.5) at 10.2% each. FiveAA went up 0.9 to 8.9%.

And in Perth, Nova remains on top with 16.5% (+1.0), followed by Mix 94.5 with 12.5% (-0.3), 96fm with 10% (-0.4), 6PR with 7.6% (+0.9) & ABC Perth with 7.1% (-2.7). 6MMM was beaten by 6iX, with the former down 0.3 to 5.8%, whilst the latter went up 1.3 to 5.9%.

DAB+ ratings:


After suffering a big fall in ratings in survey 4, ABC Melbourne’s Virginia Trioli could only pick up an 0.2% increase in survey 5, coming fourth behind 3AW, Gold and even Fox. Jacinta Parsons was the best performer for the station this survey, gaining 1.4%.

SEN made small gains in every timeslot, mostly thanks to its AFL coverage.

At breakfast, KIIS, Nova and Fox all increased their shares, but Gold remained in front.


Looks like SEN won’t be participating in the Brisbane survey (after also missing the Gold Coast one).
No surprise that 4BH picked up a big chuck of extra listeners with stablemate 4BC also doing well. Of the FM stations, surprised to see that the 2 stations that had the potential to gain, 97.3 and MMM both lost audience share. ABC Brisbane also had potential to gain but also went backwards. 4BC’s new breakfast show doing well to get 10%


The overall ratings in ranking order.


#1: 2GB: 13.6
#2: KIIS: 10.1
#3: Smooth: 9.7
#4: ABC Sydney: 8.0
#5: WSFM: 7.5
#6: Nova: 6.9
#7: 2MMM: 5.3
#8: 2JJJ: 4.5
#9: 2Day: 4.3
#10: 2UE: 4.0
#11: ABC Classic: 2.8
#12: ABC NewsRadio: 2.5
#13: Sky Sports: 1.8
#14: 2RN: 1.5
#15: SEN: 0.4

Other Stations: 17.1%


#1: 3AW: 14.5
#2: Gold: 11.8
#3: Smooth: 9.3
#4: Fox: 9.1
#5: Nova: 8.0
#6: KIIS: 7.6
#7: ABC Melbourne: 7.1
#8: 3MMM: 5.8
#9: 3JJJ: 3.7
#10: SEN: 3.0
#11: ABC Classic: 2.1
#12: 3RN: 1.7
#13: ABC NewsRadio: 1.4
#14: 3MP: 1.2
#15: Magic: 1.0
#16: RSN: 0.6

Other Stations: 12.1%


#1: Nova: 13.0
#2: B105: 12.2
#3: KIIS973: 10.8
#4: 4MMM: 9.7
#5: 4BC: 7.7
#6: 4JJJ: 6.3
#7: ABC Brisbane: 5.2
#8: 4BH: 4.6
#9: ABC Classic: 1.7
#10: ABC NewsRadio: 1.6
#11: 4RN: 1.4

Other Stations: 25.8% (inc. 4KQ (22 May-25 Jun)/SENQ (11 Jul-13 Aug))


#1: ABC Adelaide: 11.7
#2: Nova: 11.0
#3: Mix 102.3: 10.6
=#4: SAFM: 10.2
=#4: 5MMM: 10.2
=#4: Cruise: 10.2
#7: FiveAA: 8.9
#8: 5JJJ: 4.6
#9: ABC Classic: 3.1
#10: 5RN: 2.2
#11: ABC NewsRadio: 2.1

Other Stations: 15.2%


#1: Nova: 16.5
#2: Mix 94.5: 12.5
#3: 96fm: 10.0
#4: 6PR: 7.6
#5: ABC Perth: 7.1
#6: 6JJJ: 6.6
#7: 6iX: 5.9
#8: 6MMM: 5.8
#9: ABC Classic: 3.2
#10: 6RN: 0.9
#11: ABC NewsRadio: 0.8

Other Stations: 23.1%


I was in Brisbane for a week back at the start of August and I would say it is the worst Triple M has ever sounded musically. I could not believe how repetitive, bland and boring the music sounded.

I remembered listening to them back mid 2020 and I could not believe how good the M’s sounded. If they bring that wide variety of rock format back, they would be on a winner.


I think it is clear that ex-4KQ listeners have split between 4BC Breakfast & 4BH workdays.

I’m expecting more growth in 4BH in the next survey.


that’s one way to avoid backlash, just take yourself out of the running :wink:

Maybe they’ll do the same in Sydney before long


Agree. 4MMM sounds awful at the moment. Absolutely ridiculous they weren’t able to capitalise even a little on 4KQ’s demise.

Also an epic fail for 97.3 in that regard. Imagine if they’d flipped to Smooth 97.3 when 4KQ was killed - they’d be number 1 with a 15% share, probably more.


Looking at the demo ratings, in Sydney, 2UE had a big jump in the 65+, going up from 9.6% in the previous survey to 12.8% this survey. Also, Smooth outrates JJJ in the 18-39s.

In Brisbane, with the demise of 4KQ, 4BH went up from 4% (#7) in the previous survey to 16.4% (#2) this survey in the 65+, whilst 4BC went up from 20.1% in the previous survey to 25.1% this survey in the same demo.



Nova establishing a MIX 94.5-esque dominance in Perth. Going to take a lot of surveys for Nova to lose 1st spot, and makes perfect sense considering Nova in Perth has no competition in the CHR space.

Have to wonder how long Triple M Perth’s performance will be left as-is without any potential changes, particularly considering even 6IX beat it this survey.

Lastly, the middling performance of Triple J across the 5 city metro this survey should spell the end for the seemingly endless journalism critiquing and attacking it, at least for now.


Remember that these are rolling surveys. So some of the previous survey results (when 4KQ was on the air) are still included in this survey. It’s likely that the surge in 4BH and 4BC will be more pronounced in the next survey.

I find it interesting that 2KIIS now rates a 9% with 55 - 64 year olds. As Generation X moves into this demographic there is a shift in the music tastes of this age group. They no longer only desire “beautiful music” or “classic hits”.

As for 2DayFM? This is the longest lasting death throws of a radio station I have ever seen. It’s just cruel.


It’s Nova/Perth’s largest share ever, and the largest for any Perth FM since S7/2016 (Mix)


This just show what a powerhouse Kyle & Jackie O are for KIIS f06.5. The station is so dominant that Nova and 2day fm have nowhere to grow. Look how well Nova performed in every other market other then Sydney.
While Kyle & Jackie O are on KIIS the status quo will remain in place.


It’s obvious what Nova need to do…


A new breakfast show should turn things around. Like, they just have to throw a shit ton more money at it and find the right on air partner for Abbie Chatfield and all will be rosy.

It isn’t the time to panic and clean out the executive ranks to inject some fresh thinking into the company even if that should’ve happened years ago.



Nine’s talk radio stations have achieved their biggest ever audience, with more than two million listeners tuning in each week during the latest radio survey.

GfK Survey 5 of 2022 shows Nine’s talk stations achieved a cumulative audience of 2.013 million – up 10% YOY.

Sydney’s 2GB remains the city’s clear No. 1 station with a share of 13.6 (up 0.7). Melbourne’s 3AW is also a dominant No. 1 with a share of 14.5.

In Brisbane, 4BC has posted a record audience for the station and in Breakfast, with Laurel, Gary, and Mark* making a successful switch from 4KQ. The much loved trio recorded a 10.1 Share. 4BC also enjoyed big increases across the day for Ray Hadley on a 9.9 Share (up 2.2), Sofie Formica (up 1.9) and Neil Breen (up 1.0).

In Sydney, Ben Fordham cemented his dominance in the Breakfast shift with a winning share of 17.1 (up 1.6) while Ray Hadley delivered his 143rd consecutive survey win with a 17.2 share (up 0.3).

In Melbourne, Ross & Russ posted a No. 1 share of 18.2 – more than 7 share points ahead of their nearest breakfast rival, while Neil Mitchell continues to dominate Mornings with a share of 17.2.

Perth’s 6PR posted a share of 7.6 (up 0.9) and recorded share growth in Breakfast, Afternoon, Drive and Evening.

Greg Byrnes, Nine Radio’s Head of Content, said: “We’ve recorded big audience increases right across the network and would like to thank the two million plus listeners who tune in each week. 2GB and 3AW remain a clear number 1 in Sydney and Melbourne. We’ve posted solid gains in Perth and Brisbane. And I’m particularly pleased for Laurel, Gary and Mark who’ve made a great start on 4BC with our best ever breakfast cume.”

*The Laurel, Gary & Mark breakfast program commenced on July 11 – the halfway point of this survey period.

Source: GfK Radio Ratings, Survey 5 2022, Mon-Fri 5.30am-9.00am, Mon-Fri 9.00am-12pm, Mon-Fri 12pm-3pm, Mon-Fri 3pm-6pm, Mon-Thurs 8pm-12MN Fri 7pm-12MN, Market Share %, Cume AP10+ unless otherwise specified


At least a 4.3 is better than in the 2s and 3s, which is where it was under the previous format of CHR.

The Hit network overall is doing far better than even a year or 2 years ago, if you consider Fox, B105 and Mix 945.

Amazing result for KIIS 101.1 in Melbourne. The best it has been in a long time.