Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 5, 2019

DAB+ ratings:

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Wonder if 2DAY FM did tracking surveys and knew of the impending disaster at breakfast when they dumped the “comedians” and went for a music format. Beaten by ABC Classic FM. How embarrassing!

In Sydney, 2GB fell 0.6 to 13.4%, but still holds on to #1. ABC Sydney surges to #2, thanks to a 1.4% jump to 9.4%, pushing Smooth to #3 (but still #1 FM) at 9.1%. WS is #2 FM with 8.4%, followed by KIIS with 8.2%, Nova with 7.2% & 2MMM with 6.1%. 2Day fell 0.6% to 4.1%, with Grant, Ed & Ash ending on a whimper with just 2.4% at breakfast, only 0.8% ahead of MSR in that slot! :open_mouth: Speaking of MSR, it went up 0.2 to 1.1% in the overall figures.

In Melbourne, 3AW is still on top with 15.2%, whilst Fox is #2 (#1 FM) with 10.2%, followed closely by Gold at 9.8% & Smooth at 9.4%. Unlike in Sydney, ABC Melbourne is still relatively struggling at 8% (down 0.3%), followed by Nova at 7.2%, KIIS with 6.7% & 3MMM with 6.4%. MSR stays stagnant at 0.2%.

In Brisbane, Nova maintains its #1 position with 12.5%, followed closely by 97.3 at 12.2% & 4MMM with 10.8%. 4KQ fell 1.8% to 8.7%, outrated by hit105 at 9.4%. 4BC fell 1.1% to 6.7%, with ABC Brisbane slightly ahead at 6.9% (up 0.1). MSR went up to 1.5%, its highest figure yet in any market.

In Adelaide, Mix 102.3 is still on top with 13.3%, followed by FiveAA with 11%, Nova with 10.9%, and Cruise & ABC Adelaide sharing 4th position with 9.3% each, both just ahead of 5MMM. hit107 fell to 7.9%.

And in Perth, Nova maintains its #1 position with 14.4%, with Mix 94.5 sliding to 11.7%. 96fm had a big jump in the ratings, going up 3% to 10.7%, only 1% behind Mix! :scream: Elsewhere, JJJ scores a 9.3% share, followed by hit92.9 with 9% & 6PR with 7.7%. ABC Perth fell 1.1% to 6.9%, whilst 6iX rated a 5.1% share.


Jase and PJ continuing to rise (+0.7). Great to see.

Hughesy and Kate (without Kate) rises 1.3 in Melbourne. SCA would be happy with this result.


Yeah surprised KIIS has improved markedly this year, well done to them. I always thought Jase & PJ were too Sydney.

Nova is doing really poorly on dayside, Matt Tilley isn’t working I don’t think, and the music mix must still be off.


Here are some ratings in ranking order.


#1. Nova: 12.5
#2. 97.3: 12.2
#3. 4MMM: 10.8
#4. hit105: 9.4
#5. 4KQ: 8.7
#6. 4JJJ: 8.3
#7. ABC Brisbane: 6.9
#8. 4BC: 6.7
#9. 4RN: 2.7
#10. ABC Classic: 2.3
#11. MSR: 1.5
#12. ABC News: 1.1


#1. 2GB: 13.4
#2. ABC Sydney: 9.4
#3. Smooth: 9.1
#4. WSFM: 8.4
#5. KIIS: 8.2
#6. Nova: 7.2
#7. 2MMM: 6.1
#8. 2JJJ: 4.5
#9. 2Day: 4.1
#10. ABC Classic: 3.8
#11. 2CH: 3.4
#12. 2RN: 2.2
#13. ABC News: 2.1
#14. MSR: 1.1
#15. Sky Sports: 0.7

And a bonus, Sydney Breakfast.

#1. 2GB (Alan Jones): 17.1
#2. ABC Sydney (Robbie Buck & Wendy Harmer): 11.5
#3. KIIS (Kyle & Jackie O): 11.0
#4. WSFM (Jonesy & Amanda): 8.2
#5. Nova (Fitzy & Wippa): 7.5
#6. 2MMM (Moonman in the Morning): 5.9
=#6. Smooth (Bogart Torelli & Glenn Daniel): 5.9
#8. 2JJJ (Ben Harvey & Liam Stapleton): 4.4
#9. 2RN (Fran Kelly): 3.5
#10. ABC News (Breakfast): 3.3
#11. ABC Classic (Genevieve Lang): 2.7
#12. 2CH (Indira & Trevor): 2.6
#13. 2Day (Grant, Ed & Ash): 2.4
#14. MSR (Piggy, Levy & Jimmy): 1.6
#15. Sky Sports (Big Sports Breakfast): 1.1

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Fox was still No.1 in FM breakfast despite Yvie Jones filling in for Fifi Box during most of the survey period. Christian O’Connell was the biggest improver, up 1.0.

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Not really too much to note from this survey apart from 96FM in Perth.

Hit in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth not exactly setting the world on fire - maybe they should do a 2day music-wise.

4BC back below ABC in Brisbane.


KIIS is sounding much hotter in Melbourne I’ve noticed, and it’s at Nova’s expense - KIIS is #2 overall 18-24, 5% ahead of Nova; and #3 overall 25-39, only 0.9% behind Nova. If this trend continues KIIS will easily be the number 2 under-40s brand in Melbourne by survey 8.

If it wasn’t for their strength in breakfast and drive, Nova would be dead in the water.

Good to see, although disheartening that it remains below the station average - the metric used to justify dumping Jo & Lehmo.


Successful survey :slight_smile:?

They’ll probably claim it as a victory for MSR


No doubt 2GB will be reasonably satisfied that their ratings in the afternoon only went down by 0.3%. However the next survey will be the real test for Steve Price in the afternoon.

Although I didn’t quite get this prediction right, it is good to see ABC Radio Sydney experience an increase after performing fairly flat earlier this year.

Oh man, 2DayFM actually was outrated by everyone (including cellar dwellers RN, ABC News, Classic FM and 2CH) except the sports stations at breakfast. That tells me they were somehow aware of the impending disaster in advance of the results release and had no choice but to pull the plug on Grant, Ed & Ash at the end of the survey period!

LOL probably, although I’m still not convinced that MSR is going to be massively sustainable in the long run.

Looking at the demo ratings, in Sydney, 2MMM wins the 40-54s by nearly 3% (ahead of WS), whilst in the 55-64s, WS is the #1 FM/music station, rating 5.4% ahead of Smooth. In the 65+, Smooth was not only beaten by 2CH, but also by ABC Classic! :open_mouth: In the 18-39s, JJJ is the #3 station behind KIIS & Nova.

Down in Melbourne, Gold is #1 in both the 40-54s & 55-64s, in which it rated 8.1% ahead of Smooth in the latter. Smooth comfortably dominates the 65+ on among the FM/music stations with 13%, well ahead of ABC Classic (5.8%) & Gold (3.9%), mainly due to the lack of an AM easy listening/oldies station.

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The hosts are TK & Loz!

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SEN outrates Nova100 mornings.

Yes, impressive jump that gives them their best share since S3/2015


Will they pipe Smallzy into Melbourne??

Surely not Greg Burns 2.0.


It’s about time that the almost 20 year dominance of Mix in Perth has ceased.
They run such a stale, repetitive format. Will be interesting to see if SCA tweak it if numbers don’t improve by the end of the year.


Because Easy/Listening Oldies Stations on AM are out of Fashion now.

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