Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 5, 2018

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Wait, Nova 969 beats KIIS 1065? I must be reading that wrong.


In Sydney, 2GB is once again #1 with a 0.1% increase, whilst WS goes up a further 0.6% to 11.3%. Smooth was #2 FM with 9.6% (up 1.2%), whilst Nova beats KIIS after going up 0.8% to 7.9%, beating out ABC Radio Sydney by 0.1%. 2Day fell to 4.2%, levelling with 2CH, whilst MSR fell to 0.6%, whilst Sky Sports Radio went up 0.2% to 1.4%. In breakfast, WS’s Jonesy & Amanda beats Kyle & Jackie O.

In Melbourne, 3AW is #1 with 13.2%, whilst Smooth takes out the #1 FM position with 10.4%, beating out Fox & Gold. ABC Radio Melbourne fell to 8%, whilst MSR remained steady at 0.3%.

In Brisbane, hit105 is #1 with 11.8%, with both 97.3 & 4MMM beating out Nova for a joint #2 spot. 4KQ fell 1.4% to 8.5%, whilst 4BC remained steady at 5.3% & MSR had a slight fall to 1.0%.

In Adelaide, Mix 102.3 is once again #1, with FiveAA only 2% behind at 2nd place, whilst in Perth, Nova remained at #1 ahead of Mix by 0.2%, with 96fm falling back down to 7.4%.

DAB+ ratings for this survey:

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SCA will be happy with the #1 and #2 brekky shows in Brisbane, great result for hit105 and MMM.

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Great results for Smooth and well-deserved.

Another stellar survey for Macquarie Sports Radio. Obviously a winner…

The FMs basically dead-heating in Brisbane. Time for one of them to try something a little different. 97.3 should “smoothify” just a tad and lose the networked talk drivel.

Shocker for 96FM Perth.


Here are the Brisbane ratings in ranking order:

#1 hit105: 11.8
=#2 97.3: 11.6
=#2 4MMM: 11.6
#4 Nova: 11.4
#5 4KQ: 8.5
#6 4JJJ: 7.9
#7 ABC Brisbane: 7.3
#8 4BC: 5.3
#9 ABCFM: 2.2
#10 4RN: 1.7
#11 ABC News: 1.1
#12 MSR: 1.0

And for Sydney…

#1 2GB: 14.1
#2 WSFM: 11.3
#3 Smooth: 9.6
#4 Nova: 7.9
#5 ABC Sydney: 7.8
#6 KIIS: 7.0
#7 2MMM: 5.4
#8 2JJJ: 4.8
=#9 2Day: 4.2
=#9 2CH: 4.2
#11 ABCFM: 2.6
#12 2RN: 2.2
#13 ABC News: 2.0
#14 Sky Sports Radio: 1.4
#15 MSR: 0.6

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Shit! I guess that means we’re stuck with more greatest hits then.

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Looking at the demos, WS continues to dominate in the 40-54s with a 16.4% share, whilst Smooth had a nice jump of 3.6% to 10.9%, placing themselves at 2nd place. In the 55-64s, WS fell 4.3% to 14.9%, allowing 2GB to take the top spot with a 19% share after a 3.4% jump. In the same demo, Smooth went up 1.9% to 13.9%, placing themselves only 1% behind WS.

It’s very interesting to see the 18-24 figures, where WS is the #1 station in that demo, beating out the CHR/Hot AC stations!!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

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KIIS1065 only 0.1 ahead of 2CH 9am-12pm!

Plus K&J run until what time during that shift?

Duncan needs to direct Derek to run a radio station not just a breakfast show.


Not a good result for Christian O’Connell (Gold) on his first full survey, his breakfast show dropped 1.3% from last survey, the biggest fall in the timeslot. Fox was No.1 FM in breakfast and drive while Jase and PJ on KIIS and Chrissie, Sam and Browny on Nova regained some lost ground.

Very interesting that SEN’s loss from survey 4 to 5 is coming from high profile recruit Gerard Whateley (and Kane Cornes on Friday). Maybe it isn’t money that well spent after all?

Meanwhile Nova rises without Greg Burns. Coincidence?


So what’s next for Nova 969? Fitzy and Wippa beating Kyle and Jackie O? Onward and upward!


Meanwhile, the “Other Stations” figures in Sydney went up 1% to 14.9% this survey, with the 25-39 figures up from 17.7% last survey to 20% this survey, and in the 18-24s, it was up from 21.9% last survey to 24.5% this survey. I imagine a lot of under-40 listeners are switching over to The Edge to hear more newer music than what is currently played on Nova, KIIS & 2Day.


MSR Perth is the least listened to digital only radio station having a (rounded up) cumulative audience of 1,000, which would make its average audience lucky to make double figures, I think.


Still on DAB+ ratings, it’s interesting to see that Easy Hits outrated Smooth in Brisbane in terms of cumulative audience.

Since Greg Burns has been off air Troy Ellis has again increased the Sydney morning ratings to their highest in recent times. Greg Burns cannot be coming back now??? When will they change their website??

Great result for Fitzy & Wippa

I was quite surprised by the Nova Sydney increase, I was expecting the younger listeners to have departed the station with the older skewing playlist. Not being repetitive seems to be the answer.

The Edge in Sydney went down in the Dab+ ratings and probably did so in the analogue ratings so now gains in the younger demographics.

Where does 2Day Fm go now??? Do they skew younger as we now have three hot AC stations in Sydney??

Should Nova Brisbane drop the Greatest Hit format and go back to CHR as this worked best for them?

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Yeah I don’t believe that for a minute. Smooth is the station I hear in shops and cafes. Anecdotally I’ve never heard Easy Hits anywhere, although I do listen to it myself in the car as well as Smooth.

I actually find the DAB ratings overall to be highly dubious. ABC Jazz the top rating in Sydney for example.

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Nova Sydney did lose listeners in the 18-24s (as well as in 55-64s, which is not their target audience), but gained in all other demos.

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