Metro Radio Ratings - Survey 4, 2024

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Fox has been extremely popular since the today network began in the 1990s. The audience (particularly female) that was young then has aged with them and has never been seriously challenged by competitors. The various incarnations of 101.1 have never been successful since TTFM and Nova’s tended to focus on other parts of the demo.


That result is huge for Jase and Lauren. They were already gaining momentum late last year when they were axed on KIIS and now even more people have really rallied behind them.

Fox wouldn’t be too concerned either. They’ve probably had a small portion of their audience sample Jase and Lauren as there is a lot of hype on them at the moment. At the end of the day it’s great to see these local shows really smash Kyle and Jackie O.

There is no way KIIS would be happy with this result and any chatter that K&JO need time to build an audience is just rubbish in my view. K&JO aren’t a new radio pairing. They’ve been airing in Melbourne for years (or decades). From the Hot 30 countdown, to their drive show and in more recent years have had their best bits airing in Melbourne in the early evenings. There has also been huge promotion for their move to Melbourne. The cume just shows that people have flicked to them but not stuck around to improve the share. There has also been a small negative impact to their audience in Sydney since the Melbourne expansion. I just can’t see them gaining much (if any) momentum. Numbers will fluctuate survey to survey but KIIS has really dug a hole here in one of the biggest markets. They’ve ultimately just handed some of their audience directly to Nova.

Did Kyle and Jackie O address the ratings this morning? I’ll guess that they stay pretty quiet on it.


Kyle did comment on the ratings on this morning’s show. Quoting from the Herald Sun article:

I heard we were invited on The Project last night to talk about the Melbourne ratings because not much happened for us in Melbourne … we gained another 50,000 people but apparently that wasn’t good enough. It’s a slow burn, not everyone wants to hear about dildos and arse lickings and fistings.

If we’re going to be doing any interviews we’ll be doing it on a high-rating show not some piece of shit like The Project.

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Unfortunately, Kyle talked a big game at the beginning of the year. This has differently come back to bite him on the arse. KISS have completely under estimated the Melbourne Market.


That’s what you call a pivot. We never planned to win at the start.


Better late than never for ABC

ABC Local Radio shines in GfK survey 4

ABC local radio has recorded its best radio survey result in share for 2024.

ABC local radio was up on share across the board, recording its best result since GFK survey 7 last year. It was also the highest reach result for ABC local radio in three surveys.

ABC Brisbane is now the No.1 AM talk station based on share in its market according to today’s GfK survey 4 results while ABC Adelaide continued its momentum increasing its share for the third consecutive survey, with a one share point increase this survey.

Across its entire live radio network, the ABC is reaching 7.5 million Australians nationally, including 4.7 million every week across the five capital cities according to the latest data**.

GfK 4 also reaffirmed the ABC’s status as Australia’s No.1 digital live streaming network across the five capital cities with a 30.1 per cent share. It is the 10th consecutive survey the ABC has held the top spot.

ABC Head of Audio Content Ben Latimer said: “Today’s results once again demonstrate the power of ABC Radio, with more than seven million listeners tuning in every week. We’re delighted to see ABC’s Local Radio Network increase its audience share in all metro markets, with Adelaide and Brisbane the two standouts. We anticipate a further boost for Adelaide in the coming months with live coverage of the Paris Olympics.”

ABC Local Radio, in partnership with Channel 9, will broadcast all the action from the 2024 Olympic Games into Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart and Canberra, as well as local ABC radio stations across regional, rural and remote Australia.

*All audience figures are based on GfK 5 Cap Cities, 24hrs. Sun to Sat unless otherwise stated.

** Based on GfK 5 City Metro and 3 regional markets. 24hrs; Mon-Sun; P10+; Inc DAB+; Latest survey results available (GfK Metro = S4 2024; GfK Regional = S1 for all markets). And Xtra Insights: 24hrs, Mon-Sun; Reach; Reach; Latest ratings results for all markets surveyed from 08/07/21 - 08/07/24; ABC Total Network including DAB+ when applicable.

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Was it bit or a fisting? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m now going with the fisting.

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That’s the only way they’ll get an audience. It doesn’t matter how established there show is - everyone in Melbourne already has a favourite breakfast show. Whenever a new show goes to number one it’s gradual, because the audience moves slowly as they become tired/dissatisfied/bored of their current show.

I’m making no claiming of what they will or won’t do, but any increase they get can only be gradual.

The 50K cume increase isn’t significant. They might not be staying around long enough to increase share, but that not 50K people that listened once and never returned. That’s 50K extra people who are listening for a short period every single day. Maybe it’s diluted because it’s 1 million people who came in the first week and never came back. That would be clearer if any insiders could get the waves. Otherwise, time will tell.

I’m not sure it’s so much as people not wanting to hear about it, could be more that it’s all they ever talk about.

Every single time I’ve flicked across, I can count the seconds on two hands before I hear some reference to “dildos and arse lickings and fistings”.

I believe the Melbourne audience expects more. Mix it up a little, talk about something else for a change. I don’t think they know how to. It’s just the same old conversations daily, with some celebrity gossip thrown in. Maybe it’s enough for Sydneysiders to enjoy it, but I can’t see Melburnians warming to it.


Interesting that even though K&J aren’t on yet in Brisbane, the tone of the KIIS 97.3 breakfast show has gone noticeably down market in recent months, with much more reference to sex. The article about the ratings in Brisbane Times today had quite a few comments saying people are turned off by the increased smut on KIIS 97.3. And it’s nowhere near the level of K&J. If they do roll them out to Brisbane people will switch off in droves. It’ll be an epic fail.


I agree with the article, but Kyle is no “alpha male”… :joy:


I’m thinking all that “noise” of K&J’s 101.1 arrival was mainly in Sydney rather than Melbourne.

I really don’t think Melbourne cares as much about K&J as Sydney would.

Similarly, if Neil Mitchell was to ever had been networked into Sydney to compete with Hadley, again, I doubt the secondary market would care.

K&J will be successful wherever they go. But they likely won’t replicate that immediate success they had when they left 2Day for KIIS.


Time will tell but I’m not sure it’s a given they will be successful outside of Sydney, even in the long term.

I’m of the opinion that if they don’t quickly win over Melbourne then they’re unlikely to “build over time”.

I also notice there were several commenters on here last survey saying “Melbourne is no different to Sydney in its tastes”, and people would embrace them just as much in Melbourne. Haven’t heard anything from them this time around…


I also find the hysteria over Kyle being the best in the business and ‘so funny’ really insane from people especially the Melbourne Radio Wars podcast, are they serious or just scared to have a crack at them? They aren’t that great to my ears, or anything really groundbreaking. They talk a lot and are smutty. Not sure what’s special about that.


How does he mean it’s a “slow burn”? This isn’t some new untested act or a pair that Melburnians have never heard of. We’ve had enough exposure to them over the past 20 years on radio and TV and oodles of press and social media coverage to know who they are and what they represent. If Melburnians wanted to listen to them en masse they’d have tuned in by now.



Programmers past their prime. People who are/were in leadership positions without genuine knowledge. Lemmings off a cliff now.