Metro Radio Ratings - Survey 4, 2024


In their second survey in Melbourne, Kyle and Jackie O was steady at 5.9%, just ahead of SEN, so KIIS has a lot of work to do.

Christian O’Connell maintained his top position at FM breakfast with an increase of 0.4, while Fifi, Fev and Nick dropped 0.5 to be third behind Nova’s Jase and Lauren. Triple M, Smooth and even ABC Melbourne also posted gains.

3AW still dominated the ratings but with falls across every timeslot. ABC Melbourne was up in all timeslots except afternoons and weekends.


Huge for Jase and Lauren - now overtaken Fifi, Fev & Nick.
K&J steady - but not setting the ratings on fire.


So that looks like a “not interested” from Melbourne for Kyle and Jackie; no change in the share though cumes are higher.

Great result for B105 in Brisbane pulling 3 clear clear of the competition. ABC ahead of 4BC with ABC’s in all markets doing a bit better. 4BC breakfast drops again.


In Melbourne Kyle and Jackie O have had such a buzz and so much publicity that the sampling of their show would have been off the charts in the last month or so.

And the best they can achieve is “nothing”.

I suspect ARN may have massively overpaid them during recent recent salary negotiations. I know that shows can slowly build an audience but Kyle and Jackie O are not a new show that’s trying to “bed” in. The show has been fine tuned over several decades. What’s going to air on 101.1 is the refined version of the duo. It’s as good as it gets.

SCA and Nova must be breathing a sigh of relief. Mind you, this is merely history repeating. No networked breakfast show has ever worked in Australia. It’s gotta be said this morning that Kyle is not a radio god, he’s just a botoxed naughty boy.


Ray Hadley celebrates 20 years on top of the ratings

Today marks an incredible 20 years of consecutive ratings wins for Australia’s most awarded, successful and versatile radio broadcaster, Ray Hadley – one of the longest winning streaks of all time.

Survey 4 of Radio360 ratings saw The Ray Hadley Morning Show record a 16.4 share, up 1.1 points – further demonstrating Hadley’s position as one of Australia’s most popular and respected broadcasters.

On his 20-year milestone, Ray Hadley said: “A lot has happened personally and professionally over the past 20 years. My now adult children were children themselves when this journey started and now they have provided me with 7 wonderful grandchildren – those little ones usurp any commercial success.

“A wise old broadcaster once told me: ‘Be yourself, get in before anyone else and work public holidays’. The formula seems to have worked.

“My thanks to my wife Sophie for her total loyalty, and love to John Singleton for having faith in me all those years ago.”

Managing Director of Nine Radio, Tom Malone said: “This is an extraordinary achievement. As far we know, no individual broadcaster has been number one for 20 years, without a blip. It’s the perfect scorecard! It all comes down to Ray’s work ethic and his commitment to his listeners.”

Hadley’s unbeaten streak started in Survey 4, 2004 and he remains the most decorated radio host in Australian Commercial Radio Award (ACRA) history, with a stunning 34 awards.

He was inducted into the ACRA Hall of Fame in 2017 and honoured with the special Country Music Capital Award for his passionate and sustained support and promotion of Australian country music at the 52nd Golden Guitar Awards.

After 19 successful years broadcasting at 2UE, Hadley joined 2GB in late 2001 and on 4th March 2002, The Ray Hadley Morning Show first went to air. Hadley is also the founding member of The Continuous Call Team (CCT).

Hadley’s passion for sport broadcasting has seen him cover 98 State of Origins, 34 Rugby League Grand Finals, three Rugby World Cups, and will this year be Nine Radio’s lead commentator for his seventh Olympic Games.

Source: GfK Radio360 Ratings, 2GB Sydney Survey 4 2024, Share, Cume (000s), Mon-Fri 9am-12pm, AP10+, unless otherwise specified

Here are the overall ratings in ranking order.


Rank Station Share Change
1 2GB 14.0 +0.7
2 Smooth 9.8 -0.9
3 KIIS 9.7 -0.6
4 WSFM 9.0 -0.6
5 ABC Sydney 7.1 +0.5
Other AM/FM 7.6 +0.6
Commercial DAB+ 6.9 +0.5
6 Nova 5.9 -0.2
7 2MMM 5.3 +0.1
8 2Day 4.4 -1.1
9 2UE 3.7 -0.3
10 2JJJ 3.4 +0.1
11 SEN 2.7 +0.6
12 ABC Classic 2.5 0.0
ABC DAB+ 2.4 +0.4
13 ABC Newsradio 1.7 0.0
14 2RN 1.5 +0.4
Other DAB+ 1.2 0.0
15 Sky Sports Radio 1.2 -0.2


Rank Station Share Change
1 3AW 13.7 -0.7
2 Gold 104.3 11.0 -0.1
3 Smooth 10.5 +0.2
4 Fox FM 9.2 -0.2
5 Nova 8.3 +1.1
6 3MMM 7.5 +0.9
Commercial DAB+ 7.0 -0.2
=7 KIIS 5.9 +0.2
=7 ABC Melbourne 5.9 +0.3
9 SEN 4.8 -0.3
Other AM/FM 3.9 -0.5
10 3JJJ 2.3 -0.2
11 ABC Classic 2.2 +0.4
ABC DAB+ 1.7 -0.2
12 3RN 1.6 -0.6
13 Magic 1.2 -0.1
14 ABC Newsradio 1.2 -0.2
15 3MP 1.0 -0.2
Other DAB+ 0.6 +0.1
16 RSN 0.5 0.0


Rank Station Share Change
1 B105 14.4 +2.0
2 4MMM 11.5 +0.1
3 Nova 11.2 +0.3
4 KIIS973 9.8 -0.7
Other AM/FM 9.0 -2.9
5 4BH 8.9 -0.5
Commercial DAB+ 8.8 +1.0
6 ABC Brisbane 5.8 +0.7
7 4JJJ 5.7 +0.4
8 4BC 5.5 -0.6
ABC DAB+ 2.1 -0.6
9 ABC Newsradio 1.8 +0.5
10 ABC Classic 1.7 -0.5
Other DAB+ 1.3 +0.3
11 SENQ 1.3 +0.3
12 4RN 1.2 +0.2


Rank Station Share Change
1 5MMM 13.7 0.0
2 Mix 102.3 10.9 -1.4
Other AM/FM 9.6 +1.8
=3 Nova 9.4 -0.4
=3 SAFM 9.4 +0.2
Commercial DAB+ 9.0 -0.5
4 Cruise 8.6 +0.4
5 ABC Adelaide 8.6 +1.1
6 FiveAA 8.4 0.0
7 5JJJ 4.1 -0.7
8 ABC Classic 1.9 -0.2
9 5RN 1.8 0.0
ABC DAB+ 1.7 -0.3
10 ABC Newsradio 1.7 -0.3
Other DAB+ 1.2 +0.3


Rank Station Share Change
1 Nova 15.1 +0.8
2 96fm 13.6 -0.8
3 Mix 94.5 11.9 0.0
Other AM/FM 10.2 0.0
Commercial DAB+ 9.7 -0.1
4 6MMM 8.7 -0.1
5 6PR 8.6 +1.3
6 ABC Perth 6.2 +0.5
7 6JJJ 5.4 -0.5
8 6iX 3.8 -1.0
9 ABC Classic 1.9 -0.1
Other DAB+ 1.7 +0.3
ABC DAB+ 1.6 0.0
10 ABC Newsradio 0.9 0.0
11 6RN 0.7 -0.3

KIIS 97.3 sliding a bit in Brisbane. I’m surprised it’s not more. Next survey I would expect it to drop further, unless ARN wake up. It wasn’t long ago the 4x FMs were basically a dead heat in Brisbane, now 97.3 is definitely the one lagging the pack.


Hughesy, Ed & Erin must be glad that K&J will be taking up most the media coverage today.

Its a strong showing for Hughsey & Ed to take over TripleM Melbourne Breakfast.

2GB on top in Sydney

2GB is on top of the podium in radio and commercial streaming in Sydney, claiming the No.1 position in GfK Radio 360 Survey 4 with a total radio share of 14.0 (up 0.7) and a commercial streaming share of 29.7.

And Sydneysiders have another reason to celebrate today, with Ray Hadley clocking up an incredible 20 years of consecutive ratings wins – one of the longest streaks of all time.

The Ray Hadley Morning Show recorded a 16.4 share (up 1.1 points) and a 28.8 commercial streaming share, further demonstrating Hadley’s position as one of Australia’s most popular and respected broadcasters.

Ben Fordham Live is Sydney’s No.1 in Breakfast, with 17.0 (up 0.4), while in commercial streaming 2GB Breakfast posted an incredible 43.9 share (up 3.3), reinforcing the power of live and local content across all devices.

2GB Content Manager, Luke Davis, said: “This is another extraordinary result for 2GB, with share increases across every key timeslot!

“Ray Hadley today reaches 20 years unbeaten on Mornings, which is one for the history books, while Ben Fordham continues his incredible dominance of Breakfast in this city.

“Sydney listeners are turning to 2GB and our experienced broadcasters in increasing numbers, and with our exclusive Olympic Games coverage just 17 days away, there’s still plenty to look forward to!”

Further highlights of Gfk Radio 360 Survey 4 in Sydney:

  • Afternoons with Michael McLaren recorded his best share since taking the helm of Afternoons with 10.6 (up 0.5) (Mon-Fri 12pm-3pm)
  • Drive with Chris O’Keefe recorded his best result of the year with 8.3 share (up 0.7) (Mon-Fri 3pm-6pm)
  • Money News with Deborah Knight is No.1 with a 15.9 share (up 4.7) (Mon-Thu 7pm-8pm)
  • Nights with John Stanley remains the clear No.1 with a share of 22.2 (more than double his nearest competitor) (Mon-Fri 8pm-12am)
  • Weekends with Luke Grant is No.1 with a share of 13.2 (Sat-Sun 9am-1pm)
  • The Continuous Call Team is No.1 in the Friday, Saturday and Sunday time slots with a 12.2 share (up 1.2 and 2.3 points clear of its nearest rival)

Source: GfK Radio360 Ratings, 2GB Sydney Survey 4 2024, Mon-Fri 5.30am-9am, Mon-Fri 9am-12pm, Mon-Fri 12pm-3pm, Mon-Fri 3pm-6pm, Mon-Thur 7pm-8pm, Mon-Thur 8pm-12MN, Sat-Sun 9am-1pm, Fri 7pm-11pm, Sat 1pm-10pm, Sun 1pm-6pm, Market Share % Total Radio, Streaming share % AP10+ .

Triple gold for Nine Radio


Nine’s talk stations have claimed triple gold in GfK Radio 360 Survey 4, with listeners declaring Sydney’s 2GB and Melbourne’s 3AW their No.1 station, and the stations’ Breakfast and Mornings programs sitting on top of the podium in commercial radio and streaming.

In Sydney, 2GB recorded a 14.0 share (up 0.7) and in Melbourne, 3AW recorded 13.7 – stamping Nine’s live and local programs as the definitive agenda setters for listeners every day.

In the Breakfast shift, 2GB’s Ben Fordham Live is No.1 in Sydney with a share of 17.0 (up 0.4) and 3AW’s Breakfast with Ross and Russ is No.1 in Melbourne with 19.6.

The Ray Hadley Morning Show is No.1 for the 158th time – marking Hadley’s incredible 20th year of consecutive survey wins in Mornings, with a 16.4 share (up 1.1). Mornings with Tom Elliott also remains No.1 with Melbourne listeners, recording a dominant 15.7 share.

Nine Radio’s Head of Content, Greg Byrnes, said: “These results show Australians have turned to talk in big numbers, and as the home of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Nine’s talk stations have laid the foundations for another dominant year in 2024.

“The number one results in Sydney and Melbourne, along with the record cume result in Perth, highlight the strength of our always on, live and local content.

“Talk radio is relentless. what Ray Hadley has achieved today is truly remarkable and he’d be the first to thank his hundreds of thousands of listeners who tune in every day right around the country.”

17.7(4 markets) 1.9 million listeners each week


Nine Radio is the No.1 destination for live audio listeners across the country, with a commercial streaming share of 26.9.

2GB and 3AW are No.1 in overall commercial streaming, with a 29.7 and 26.5 share respectively, as well as across all main standard sessions.

Breakfast and Mornings saw significant listener numbers, with Ben Fordham out in front with a commercial streaming share of 43.9 (up 3.3) and Ross and Russ recording a dominant commercial streaming share of 35.8.

Mornings at 2GB and 3AW also recorded a No.1 commercial streaming share with a 28.8 for Ray Hadley and 33.6 for Tom Elliott (up 4.2), respectively.

Greg Byrnes, said: “For over a year now the Radio360 data has highlighted Nine Radio’s dominance in streaming. Listening via a connected device is fast becoming the preferred way to consume talk radio – it sounds better, it’s easily accessible and more and more Australians are finding that out for themselves.”

26.9 388,000


Australians’ appetite for Nine’s ratings-leading talk and opinion remains high with more than 644,000 listeners tuning into Nine Radio catch up podcasts in June, and the network recording more than 1.7M downloads.

As winter hits in the southern states, Nine’s premier sporting content is firing listeners up, with the 3AW Football catch up podcast reaching more than 72,000 listeners – up a remarkable 46% MoM – and 3AW Wide World of Sports posting an impressive 36% MoM increase, with more than 34,000 listeners**. The Continuous Call Team** also posted a 45% MoM increase in catch up listeners.

Nine’s Head of Podcasts and Digital Content, Mia Stern said: “Sport is a key pillar of our content programming and with the Olympic Games just 17 days away, we’re thrilled to see the appetite from listeners continue to grow across our sport catch up programs.

“Aussies are some of the most passionate sports fans in the world and Nine Radio will be the number one destination for catch up listeners later this month, as we deliver every moment of the Olympic and Paralympic as Australia’s official broadcaster.”

1.761 million 644,704

Source: GfK Radio360 Ratings, Survey 4 2024, Mon-Sun 5.30am-12MN, Market Share % Total, Market Share Streaming %, Commercial Streaming Share %, Cume (000s) Total and Streaming, 3AW Breakfast Mon-Fri 5.30am-8.30am, 3AW Mornings 8.30am-12pm, AP10+, Nine Radio – 2GB, 3AW, 4BC, 6PR, unless otherwise specified.Source: Triton Podcast Metrics, June 2024, Downloads, Listeners, Nine Entertainment, unless otherwise specified.

It’s a surprisingly steady result in Melbourne. I think it shows the quality of each show in the market and how listeners can stay rusted on.

For KIIS, K&J have a clear spike in cume, although only about a 10% which really isn’t enough for the amount of exposure they’ve had. No change in share so those that have come to sample haven’t stayed, and if we assume that some will have stayed, that means some who were happy to hear samples of K&J for 4 months don’t like the full show. Maybe some rediscovered Jase and Lauren. I have no doubt K&J are here to stay (they really have no other option), so it’s going to be a slow burn for them to get any significant increases.

For Fox, they’re the only FM to go down in breakfast. Not a huge drop compared to normal fluctuations, but it potentially shows that they’ve gone too hard with their defensive position again K&J. The listeners they’ve lost haven’t gone to KIIS - it looks like they’ve mostly gone to Nova and Triple M.

For Nova, Jase and Lauren have proven their worth. Now as #2 FM breakfast. The numbers show that the workday is Nova’s biggest problem with a sharp drop into mornings, although the Jase and Lauren effect has improved the station across the board.



Melbourne radio listeners have awarded 3AW gold as the city’s premier radio station.

Today’s release of the GfK Radio 360 Survey 4 results reveals that 3AW boasts a leading audience share of 13.7 and commercial streaming share of 26.5%.

Each week, the station’s captivating mix of live and locally-focused talk radio reaches a cumulative audience of 725,000 Melburnians.

Ross and Russ continue to dominate Melbourne’s Breakfast radio airwaves, securing a remarkable 19.6 share – 8.8 points ahead of their nearest rival. Additionally, the dynamic duo captured a commanding 35.8% of the commercial streaming audience.

In his fourth survey in the Mornings slot, Tom Elliott dominated as Melbourne’s No. 1 with a winning 15.7 share. Elliott also posted a winning commercial streaming share of 33.6%.

Tony Moclair is the No.1 Afternoon talk program with a share of 10.5 – more than double his nearest talk competitor.

Jacqui Felgate is Melbourne’s No. 1 Drive talk program with an 8.4 share – up 0.1 on Survey 3 and her second successive survey share growth.

Denis Walter remains the leading Evening program in Melbourne, boasting a 21.3 share – 9.5 points ahead of his nearest competitor.

Stephen Beers , 3AW Station Manager, said: “Survey 4 again sets 3AW as Melbourne’s favourite radio destination. From the dominance of Breakfast with Ross and Russ, and the continued strong lead of Tom Elliott in Mornings; to Jackie Felgate increasing her share in the Drive shift, this is a pleasing result for the teams on and off air for 3AW. Thanks again to our loyal listeners and we look forward to bringing all the excitement of the Olympics to them in the coming weeks.”

Source: GfK Radio360 Ratings, 3AW Melbourne Survey 4 2024, Mon-Sun 5.30am-12MN, Mon-Fri 5.30am-8.30am, Mon-Fri 8.30am-12pm, Mon-Fri 12pm-3pm, Mon-Fri 3pm-6pm, Mon-Thurs 8pm-12MN, Weekends 5.30am-12MN, Cume (000s), Market Share % Total Radio, Streaming share %, Commercial Share AP10+ , unless otherwise specified.

Perth’s 6PR claims its biggest audience on record

Perth’s 6PR is on top as the No.1 news and talk station in the West, posting its biggest cumulative audience result on record, including incredible audience growth across all shifts in GfK Radio 360 Survey 4. The station recorded a share of 8.6 – up 1.3 points on last survey and up 1.6 points year-on-year.

Steve Mills and Karl Langdon jumped to a share of 12.1 in Breakfast (up 0.8) stamping its position in that time slot as Perth’s No.1 talk show and the equal second most listened to Breakfast show in the local market.

Gary Adshead posted a 9.8 share in Mornings (up 1.8), Afternoons with Julie-anne Sprague increased by 1.2 points to a 6.6 share, and Perth Live with Oliver Peterson secured 7.7 – up 1.5 on last survey.

There was also growth across the board in commercial streaming, with the station posting a 11% share (up 0.3). Breakfast recorded a stunning 23.1% share (up 7.2) – continuing their reign as the No.1 streamed Breakfast show in Perth – and Mornings recorded a 13.2% share of streaming (up 3.1).

6PR Station Manager, Emily White said: “Perth listeners are increasingly tuning into 6PR for News as it happens from Presenters they trust. It’s real conversations with real people who also love to have a laugh.

“We love this city and we talk about the big issues that matter to West Australians, including the good and the bad for Freo and West Coast.

“And with the Olympics just around the corner, Wide World of Sports on 6PR will bring you live coverage from Paris every day from 4pm.”

Further highlights of GfK Radio 360 Survey 4 in Perth are:

  • Wide World of Sports recorded a share of 5.7 (Mon-Thu 6pm – 7pm)

  • The Nightshift with Tod Johnston recorded a share of 7.8 (Mon-Fri 8pm-12am)

  • Weekends increased by 2.2 points to deliver a 9.2 share across Saturday and Sunday (6.00am – 12md)

Source: GfK Radio360 Ratings, 6PR Perth Survey 4 2024, Mon-Fri 5.00am-9am, Mon-Fri 9am-12pm, Mon-Fri 12pm-3pm, Mon-Fri 3pm-6pm, Mon-Thur 7pm-8pm, Mon-Thur 8pm-12MN, Sat-Sun 9am-1pm, Fri 7pm-11pm, Sat 1pm-10pm, Sun 1pm-6pm, Market Share % Total Radio, Streaming share % AP10+.

Wow a massive drop to very bad territory, I think we’ll def see them move H&ED to 3MMM.


Looks like KISS has dug them selves into a hole in Melbourne. They have now fallen behind 3MMM and equal with ABC Melbourne. History repeats itself.


It’s a win-win for ARN & KIIS101.1.

Win - they save money on sacking local brekkie.

Win - they keep K&J happy by going “national”.

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Pipe in Kyle and Jackie and see the slide continue; there’s hardy any local content left and the new playlist isn’t working.


But wouldn’t the new “national” contract they signed with K&J be costing them way more than what they were paying the local Melbourne breakfast show? For the same or lower ratings?

It’s hard to imagine the business case for K&J’s contract renewal was based on stagnant or lower ratings for KIIS101.1

And “keeping talent happy” isn’t really a bankable benefit


Highly overly paid presenters and loss of revenue to come in Melbourne… lol

I see Loss, loss.


It demonstrates how weak ARN really is, it wanted SCA’s strongest assets as it knew it had a weak station line-up. Apart from K&JO in Sydney and Christian and JAM, they don’t have much.

Only one full FM national network on FM, limited regional network. SCA is much stronger in relation to its network and station groups.


And they’ve turned a previously successful 97.3 into a bit of a loser quite quickly.

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