Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 4, 2022

From CRA

Commercial radio gained 844,000 listeners in GfK Survey 4 to reach a cumulative weekly audience of 12 million, the highest figure ever and a 7.6% jump over the past year.

Nearly 5.8 million people listened to commercial radio via digital platforms (DAB+ and streaming), up 24% compared to last year.

“This is an outstanding result with a record number of Australians listening to commercial radio, almost 850,000 more listeners than last year. Commercial radio growth is being driven by radio’s digital evolution with the number of people listening via digital streaming up 34% year on year and via DAB+ up by 27%,” said Commercial Radio Australia chief executive officer Ford Ennals.


The last station in Perth to exceed a 15 aside from Mix was 92.9 with a 15.2 in S8/2002 (the last survey before Nova)


Nah don’t think so buddy.

100k listeners doesn’t get you 5% share in Sydney or Melbourne. SEN have 75k listeners in Sydney with a share of 0.4%. Magic in Melbourne have 128k listeners with a share of 1%.


I wish SCA actually respected them and just put them on 2Day so they would’ve gotten most of their audience :confused:


100k listeners on DAB/streaming, you don’t know how many they have on FM.

The ‘other’ for Sydney is 18% and in western Sydney The Edge/ CADA has a large audience with younger people, so it is possible that it could be a 5 or close to it.

If you have a different opinion that’s fine, but tone down your attitude and be respectful of other people on this forum.

Yes that’s right. And Sydney is Australia’s most populous city.


Oops you spelt Melbourne wrong

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CADA on 100k digital listeners is actually fairly consistent with what they were getting as Edge. That’s a strong indication of how they would be rating 96.1 also.

However, I agree that overall CADA/96.1 would be rating quite low in Sydney. You’d have to think less than 2Day otherwise SCA would have put them on 2Day rather than burying them in the basement.


Cada’s signal is fine over great stretches of Sydney, but very poor around the Northern Beeches, and eastern suburbs.
That would affect the Sydney ratings, and blowing up the Edge.

I still think around 1% share if the station appeared in the GFK Sydney survey. There was talk that Cada could be included in future GFK surveys.

I wonder if Win will try to get C91.3 into the Sydney survey down the track?


That would open up a real can of worms. It would be bitterly opposed by the other operators in the Sydney market, as it could set a precedent for the rest of the country - think River 949, Rebel and Breeze in Brisbane, Rebel and Breeze on the Gold Coast, 2NM in Newcastle, Bay and K-Rock in Melbourne, Wave and Coast in Perth for example. The Sunshine coast could even see another 3 stations enter the ratings: Zinc 96.1, 4GY and River 94.9. It would be unfair to the incumbents who have paid top dollar for the Metro / Regional licenses.

But if people are listening to them, doesn’t it make sense to show that in the ratings survey?


Yes it strikes me as anti-competitive behaviour to exclude them. Fortuitous overspill has always been a fact of life for radio. If licence areas overlap they shouldn’t be excluded.

If 4KQ had to be sold due to licence overlap with River 94.9 and Hot 91, those stations should be allowed in the Brisbane ratings. Can’t have it both ways IMO.


Not when the Metro operators paid hundreds of millions per licence. I know the Metro operators are included in the Gold coast and Wollongong ratings, but I don’t think regional licencees should be included in the Metro ratings as CADA is really a Katoomba licence and C91.3 a Campbelltown licensed, they shouldn’t be able to air advertising from businesses based all over Sydney as they have much smaller licensed boundaries than their Metro counterparts.

What does the price of licences have to do with providing an accurate picture of what people are listening to?

Its ridiculous to have an Other 18% figure in a survey and not know what people are listrning to. If one of those stations is doing better than the big bucks stations then advertisers need to know.


The details of the “other” stations being listened to are recorded in the survey. It’s just that they are just banned from being reported. Not sure why we aren’t allowed to see the full picture.


GFK surveys are 100% funded by the ABC and the commercial stations included in each survey. It would be the likes of Nova Entertainment and SCA that would not want CADA included in the survey - they would actively try to resist such an addition.

If CADA was allowed to be included, I reckon ARN would have to pay big bucks to get them into the survey anyway.

The reason why 2SM is not in the survey is so Bill could save some dollars, and because the station was rating similar to 1170SEN today.


Not all metro operators paid hundreds of millions of dollars, and the last metro licences were auctioned almost 20 years ago. The original metro FM licences were basically granted free of charge.

Put it this way, Hot 91 on the Sunshine Coast paid more for their licence than 4MMM ever did. Not to mention AM stations that have been around for 80 years.

The new FM entrants did not buy protection from competition.

I don’t even know where to start on your proposal to ban Sydney advertisements on stations that overlap with the LAP but are based outside. So I hear ads for events and hotels in Sydney, Gold Coast and Melbourne on Brisbane stations all the time - should that also be not allowed? Why shouldn’t an Ipswich station air advertising for services in Brisbane CBD when listeners travel there all the time. That’s just bizarre.


The ratings aren’t a public report about public resources, nor are they intended to be a reason why advertiser X SHOULDN’T advertise with advertiser Y.

The commercial stations pay for ratings so that they can go to advertisers and say they can deliver whatever audience they have. Be that a total % of listeners, or a demo or whatever. They are public to give credibility and assurances about the accuracy of those claims. There are no more exclusionery than anything else run by an industry body in any industry, but there is also nothing stopping someone else from running their own independent survey to get the same results.

If an out of area station wants to be in the ratings, they benefit the most and would have to pay for the privilage. The metro ratings would be very expensive to run (millions of dollars per year) and for most regional stations their share of the ratings cost would far exceed any increase in advertising they get.


It will prevent the regional stations taking more advertising dollars away from the Metro licensees, and as another member posted on here, the GFK surveys are funded by the ABC and Commercial operators.

You have to remember there was a big issue with overlap, whereby operators from adjacent LAPs were broadcasting and getting advertising from markets next door to them where they shouldn’t be. This issue is not as bad now as it used to be and not having adjacent licencees included in Metro surveys means they will take less advertising revenue from these adjacent Metro markets.

You have misunderstood my point. Why should CADA or C91.3 or River 949 be able to advertise businesses that are not in their LAP and not overlapping with their LAP?

Including them in the Metro ratings will just give them carte blanche to advertise more Sydney or Brisbane businesses, which are not included in their LAP and which is unfair to the incumbents.