Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 4, 2021

I agree. 2SM is a sleeping station that could make a move but I think the business model doesn’t want to compete directly with 2GB. It seems that radio networks are more worried on the network rather than ratings. Maintaining the “Hit Brand”, “Super Radio Network”, SEN etc seems to be the main focus. No one seems to want to change a format for just one market, the only changes are more around the announcers but keep the brand the same. It would be nice for the ratings to be good in one location… But it seems it isn’t the end of the world if it isn’t that good. It seems that if they change a format (major change) it will impact the whole “network” then.


Good to see the Am music stations slowly building, especially in Melbourne after being disseminated.


It hasn’t been announced yet


Yep. See: Perth and Triple M / Mix. Spent all that money to effectively go backwards.

But hey Triple M is now a national network.


While I do question whether some “digital” stations get their listeners from non-DAB+/streaming sources (TV for the ABC ones, The Edge on 96.1FM, etc.), at the same time they’re probably at least reasonably credible.

The ABC & ARN having the strongest digital-only offerings from a Sydney perspective with stations like SEN Track & NTS at the bottom? I could believe that.

Hasn’t it been said for years that 2SM is pretty much just a feeder station for regional stations in the Super Radio Network?

Although I think the 2SM brand has taken even more of a back seat role compared to the Super Radio Network one in recent years. For example, we only ever see “Super Radio Network” branded mic flags at press conferences (such as State Parliament) unlike the past when you would sometimes see 2SM ones. And those dodgy ads for Lawsie that pop up in The Daily Telegraph from time to time are more “Super Radio Network” ads than 2SM ads.


This is what the Nova network are doing across Australia. Nova 969 would do much better if it was much hotter and closer to its originally sound to take on KIIS 106.5, but management won’t make the change.

They want their network to be a Heart rip off with limited appeal to anyone who is not a middle age women. BTW most middle aged women in Sydney listen to KIIS and not Nova. This is where their strategy fails.
The younger more marketable audience have gone to KIIS / Triple J, leaving really only the 10-17 kids where Nova 969 is dominant.

The strategy works fine in other markets where their main competitors are weak SCA stations, and where ARN stations aren’t as strong as Sydney and Melbourne.


I’ve really given up on Nova during the day. Every time I flick over it’s the often repeated Usher, Pink, Black Eyed Peas or even crappier one hit wonders from 20 years ago that are on high rotation. I’m sure even the middle aged women are sick of hearing these every day.

Also getting really sick of hearing some of the same personalities everywhere like Sarah McGilvray 5am-6am then on the Fitzy and Wippa Show 6am-9am, repeats 6pm-7pm plus filling in for them when they are on holidays. Plus she does mummy podcasts with non-stop promos on Nova throughout the whole day. :scream: It’s like she’s the middle age woman who is the poster girl for Nova these days.


Kyle Sandilands appeared on Studio 10 from his house in Port Douglas this morning to discuss the radio ratings win.


Speaking of radio ratings survey results coverage on TV, it’ll be very interesting to see if Nine News Sydney acknowledge or ignore the fact Kyle & Jackie O have beaten “their” Ben Fordham on 2GB in the ratings during tonight’s bulletin. You may recall that even though Ben Fordham won Survey #3, the results didn’t rate a mention on the June 1 edition of Nine News Sydney - probably because of GB’s 2% drop.

Of course I’m definitely expecting Seven News Sydney to at least have an RVO, as you do when the news director has a history (and AFAIK, ongoing interest) in radio…


The Australia Today DAB+ channel is not included in the ratings, I wonder why?

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Not a single mention (at least from what I saw) of the radio ratings results on Nine News Sydney, as expected. Disappointing, but not surprising.

Meanwhile on Seven:

Mark Ferguson:

Me: “…except during all those years that 2UE was Sydney’s #1 station!” :wink:

And yes, I don’t particularly need the TV networks to cover the radio ratings for me since they’re covered more extensively on the internet than they’ll ever be in those news reports/RVOs. But since TV has done coverage of radio ratings survey results many times in the past (however brief some bits have been), I think it’s something worth noting/discussing on a forum which is all about analyzing what the media does! :slight_smile:

Probably because it’s a loop of music for all but the few hours of the day that show is on?


It’s not? Fairly sure it’s Steve Price 24/7, with news updates - er - updated throughout the day on weekdays.


Ahh, things must’ve changed since the last time I listened!

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Short report on Seven Brisbane. “97.3 the big winner”.


…and the old Hit 105 logo when as we all know, the station is now B105 again! :wink:


it’s not all about you mate

But the thing is it’s not consistently covered and very rarely more in depth than a voiceover piece from the newsreader, therefore Nine can get away with skipping surveys that aren’t a good result for their radio network.

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Bang on @NewsWeary. Whether people agreed with the conservative nature of Alan Jones’ comments or not, kudos to 2GB for identifying their target market and sticking with it for as long as they did, on the whole. Strong opinions make for good listening. When Alan Jones cited doctors orders for stepping down from radio, I wonder whether this “doctor” was an actual GP, or management at 2GB wanting to take the station in a new direction?

I’m sure Jim Wilson and Deb Knight are lovely people but they are best on television. Whilst the ratings currently say otherwise, I would have to agree with 2GB’s choice of Ben Fordham as Alan’s successor, simply because he will be in the role longer than Ray Hadley could be, providing long-term stability, and not messing around with the Mornings program. So when it came to filling the Drive slot, I think it should have gone to someone like Peta Credlin (if she wanted it), who has similar views to Alan and would fit into 2GB very nicely.

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Probably a bit of both would be my guess.

While I’m sure Nine wanted to take 2GB in a more moderate direction, knowing his age and history of past health problems it also wouldn’t overly surprise me if Alan Jones actually heard “you’ve got to cut back on your workload” from his doctors.

Can’t say I disagree. What makes a good TV presenter is often very different to what makes a good radio presenter. Some excel in both mediums, most have their strengths in either one or the other.

Good lord no!

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Peta is like Deb and Jim. Fits on TV (just) but not suitable to radio.


I’d disagree. Peta appears on 3AW Afternoons once a week joining host Dee Dee Dunleavy to discuss news items.

I’ve actually found her to be really warm and approachable on radio, speaking very calmly and concisely, and can have a laugh too. Comes across much better than she does on Sky.

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