Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 4, 2018

DAB+ ratings:

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The former 2UE is below 1.0 in all but one demographic and on weekends. I expect both to fall below 1.0 in the next survey. The Melbourne Sports ratings are beyond diabolical. The Perth cumulative digital ratings must have been rounded up to 1,000.

Firstly, to Sydney & 2GB is once again #1 with 14%. Coming in 2nd (#1 FM) was WSFM, which went up 1% to 10.7%, followed by KIIS & Smooth, who tied with 8.4%. Nova went up 0.4% to 7.1%, whilst 2Day tumbled from 5.6% to 4.9%. MSR (formerly 2UE) fell 1.1% to just 0.8%, beaten by Sky Sports Radio, who went up 0.5% to 1.2%. Ouch!

In Melbourne, 3AW is #1 with 13.8%, followed by Gold 104.3 with 10.8%, Fox with 10.4% & Smooth with 9.1%. Nova fell 0.2% to 6.6%, whilst KIIS fell 0.4% to 5.1%. MSR fell 0.1% to 0.3%.

In Brisbane, Nova takes the #1 outright with 12.2%, followed closely by 97.3 with 11.9%, hit105 with 11.8%, 4MMM with 10.5% & 4KQ with 9.9%. 4BC went up 0.4% to 5.3%, whilst MSR went up 0.5% to 1.1%, in what is becoming their strongest market, outperforming its Sydney & Melbourne stations in terms of overall audience share.

In Adelaide, Mix 102.3 is #1 with 15.4%, followed by FiveAA, Nova & 5MMM. Hit 107 went up 0.3% to 8.3% with their “More Music, More Variety” format, dominating in the 25-39s. And in Perth, Nova takes the #1 spot from Mix 94.5, after going up 2.1% to 14.7%, whilst Mix fell 0.6% to 13.6%.


Christian O’Connell made a successful debut on Gold breakfast in Melbourne. Its share was up 0.7% from the last survey.
Poor MSR in Melbourne. Only drive with David Schwarz and Mark Allen continued to go up. It got only 0.1% at breakfast, morning and evening.
3AW also had a big drop in the evening.


And therefore #2 FM in breakfast behind Fox. Not bad for a one-man breakfast show on a commercial FM station in a major city. :slight_smile:

And for those who want it, here are the Brisbane stations in ranking order:

#1 Nova: 12.2
#2 97.3: 11.9
#3 hit105: 11.8
#4 4MMM: 10.5
#5 4KQ: 9.9
#6 4JJJ: 7.6
#7 ABC Brisbane: 7.2
#8 4BC: 5.3
#9 4RN: 2.0
#10 ABCFM: 2.0
#11 MSR: 1.1
#12 NewsRadio: 0.8

And for Sydney, just to make it a little fairer:

#1 2GB: 14.0
#2 WSFM: 10.7
#3 KIIS: 8.4
=#3 Smooth: 8.4
#5 ABC Sydney: 8.2
#6 Nova: 7.1
#7 2MMM: 5.6
#8 2JJJ: 5.2
#9 2Day: 4.9
#10 2CH: 4.5
#11 ABCFM: 2.9
#12 NewsRadio: 2.2
#13 2RN: 2.0
#14 Sky Sports Radio: 1.2
#15 MSR: 0.8


I see Nova knocked off Mix for #1 in Perth


Looking at the demographics, in Sydney, WS is well ahead of the others in the 40-54s with a 16.1% share, whilst Smooth fell from a distant #2 to #5, rating behind that of 2GB, 2MMM & KIIS. In the 55-64s, WS almost reached the 20% mark with a 19.2% share, therefore maintaining the top spot in that demographic.

In the 25-39s, Smooth outrates JJJ, 2Day & WS.

I thought he had an offsider.

If you want a quick loading view of the results:

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Wow 4KQ on 9.9%

Memo to Macquarie - you could have had a chunk of that if you’d kept easy listening 4BH.


Well, Nova just picked up the listeners that had just recently gone to 2Day so now with KIIS we just get all three sounding same same again only playing more old rubbish and moving closer to WS and Smooth.

More repeats and shit music on Nova Sydney. But imagine if they actually did something different, what they could achieve:

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Not just #1, but the largest share Nova’s ever registered in Perth.

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Interesting figures in the Sydney market, has 2Day Fm peaked or is this just a blip?
Nova’s have improved in all capital cities except Melbourne. Troy Ellis has increased the morning ratings in Sydney. Will mornings become a permanent gig for him now with Greg Burns on weekends only.
KTM back to #1 in Sydney.
This survey was when Nova was transitioning into their Greatest Hits Workday. Will Nova continue to gain listeners in the next survey which will take in full their new workday format?

Impressive run for WS, this is their largest share since S2/1997


Yes. It should be.

Also, this is the first time WS has scored double-digits in overall ratings since S4/2014. The last FM station to score double-digits in Sydney was Smooth in S3/2017, when they scored an 11.3% share, just 0.1% behind 2GB.


From Nova Brisbane

• Number 1 Breakfast Show with Ash, Kip & Luttsy with Susie O’Neill 5.30am-9am (12.7% share)
• Number 1 Workday with Katie Mattin & Miriam Young 9am – 4pm (12.4%)
• Number 1 Drive Show with Kate, Tim & Marty 4pm – 6pm (15.4% share)
• Most listened to radio station – 592,000 Cume

MSR has actually made Talking Lifestyle look like it was successful.

Quite an achievement.


Looking at MSR’s Brisbane ratings more closely, its boost in the overall ratings was mainly thanks to the 40-54s, in which its ratings went up from 0.6% to 2.9%, beating out 4BC in the process! In the other demographics, it’s getting either asterisks or sub-1% shares.

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he does. Jack Post.

despite being the christain O’connel show, it’s defintly a group effort with Jack (and to a lesser extent newsreader Patrina Jones)

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