Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 4, 2016

In Sydney, Smooth takes the #1 FM spot with a 9.1% share, their highest share yet. KIIS & Nova tied for the #2 FM spot with 8.1% each, followed by 2MMM with 6.5% & WS with 6.2%. 2Day went down 0.3% to 4.1%, but Rove & Sam went up 0.6% to 3.9%.


3AW is still No.1 in Melbourne but had mixed results. As the survey period included the whole federal election campaign, more people listened to ABC 774, which led to falls on ratings for 3AW in breakfast (down 2.3% while 774 went up by same margin, morning and drive (overtaken by Hamish and Andy).
Overall, Fox was the only FM station which increased its share from previous survey while all other FM stations lost ground.

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How the hell KIIS and Nova both went backwards in Melbourne is beyond me.

Edit: 4.6 share for KIIS breakfast. My god.

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How did Brisbane stations finish? Thanks

  1. Nova 106.9: 13.7
  2. 97.3FM: 11.7
  3. hit105: 10.1
  4. ABC612: 9.5
  5. 4MMM: 8.7
  6. 4KQ: 8.5
  7. 4JJJ: 8.1
  8. 4BC: 5.0
  9. Magic 882: 2.7
  10. 4RN: 2.4
  11. ABCFM: 1.8
  12. NewsRadio: 1.6
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The situation for Ben Fordham on 2GB drive continues to cause concern. He used to dominate, but now is in 5th position. His show is nowhere near as good as it used to be. He is testy with callers and seems disinterested in the whole thing. Seems to just be there for the money.

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Smooth 95.3 becomes the #1 FM station in Sydney with 9.1%? Admittedly, I didn’t see that one coming! It’ll be very interesting to see if they manage to get overall ratings of double digits figures in coming surveys (this survey’s timeslot high for Smooth 95.3 was 10.0% in the afternoon), that’s for sure.

2DayFM getting a slight decrease would have to be concerning, but the increase for Rove & Sam will probably be enough to secure that show at least a few more months and at least the station is still outrating 2UE (only just though!) and 2CH!

2UE sees some improvement except Drive. May as well let The Duck and Bowen do 5 days a week. At least it’s something different and unique.

To me, he doesn’t quite fit in compared to Jones, Hadley, Smith and Price. I don’t think he has ever dominated the Drive ratings.

From Nova Brisbane:

• # 1 Breakfast Show with Ash, Kip & Luttsy 5:30 – 9am (13.5% share)
• # 1 Workday with Katie Mattin & Tim Wong-See 9 – 4pm (13.5% share)
• # 1 Drive Show with Kate, Tim & Marty and Fitzy & Wippa 4 – 7pm (16.5% share)
• # 1 Nights Show with Smallzy’s Surgery & Jase 7 – 12mn (17% share)
• # 1 cume in Brisbane with 541,000 listeners

A big survey for both of NOVA Entertainment’s Sydney outlets: Smooth’s 9.1 is easily the largest share in that frequency’s history and Nova’s 8.1 good for its best share since S8/2009.


The Smooth playlist has become way too predictable I think, so I am surprised the ratings have gone up. I still listen to Smooth 95.3 in the car, but at home I’ve found Easy to be a better than good imitation - the playlist is wider and I’m yet to hear an Abba song!!

The Mix listeners who now hate KIIS have migrated to smooth.

Yep, its breakfast show is a disaster. Hopefully it’ll be goodbye Meshel and Matt Tilley asap. Matt can drift off to yet another station’s breakfast show which will undoubtedly underperform.

Time for some fresh talent across the board!

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[quote=“TheViewer, post:14, topic:1497”]
Yep, its breakfast show is a disaster. Hopefully it’ll be goodbye Meshel and Matt Tilley asap. Matt can drift off to yet another station’s breakfast show which will undoubtedly underperform. Time for some fresh talent across the board![/quote]
They should make Kyle and Jackie O move down there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Everytime Meshel is on The Project I rarely watch. I can’t imagine listening to her everyday on the radio.

It seems a strange survey.

Ratings were down across Melbourne & Sydney, despite the election.

In terms of the election coverage, really only 774 ABC Melbourne enjoyed a big lift.

3AW (after three astonishing surveys) was always going to drop, and it did.

Still way in front at #1.

Fox FM, especially Hamish & Andy riding high…

Who in their right mind would tune in specifically to hear election chat?

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Sydney’s 40 - 54 year olds are an interesting demographic. The top three stations in this demo are:

  • Smooth (9.8%): soft hits and inoffensive announcers
  • Triple M (9.8%): sport, rock and blokey announcers
  • KIIS (9.4%): Pumping out the Top 40 with hyped announcers
    A new station with bogan announcers playing Celine Dion and One Direction with the AFL ad NRL coverage would own the 40 something market.
    Something for 2DayFM to think about.

Also, the “Other Stations” (ie. non-listed stations) got 17.8% of Sydney’s 40-54 year olds, meaning a fair chunk of them would be listening to the fringe stations from nearby regional markets (eg. Star 104.5) or the DAB-only stations (eg. OldSkool Radio, Zoo Super Digi, Fun Super Digi, Classic Rock, The 80s, The 90s). In Brisbane, the “Other Stations” on among the 40-54s attract an astounding 25.9% of its listeners.

It’s also interesting to see Smooth attracting double-digit figures on among Sydney’s 25-39s, rating not very far behind 2MMM & JJJ.

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