Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 3, 2018

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Jocks’ Journal quick view of survey results:

One of the most interesting results is Gold’s gain in Melbourne. #1 FM overall, #2 FM in breakfast all without a breakfast show. It seem’s that an all music breakfast show was working for them, which make’s Christian’s job all the more challenging.

I’d expect Gold to suffer big drops for the next couple of surveys as all the listeners they gained drop off with the introduction of the new show. The only saving grace might be that apart from Smooth, it’s still the most music centred of the FM breakfast shows.


Firstly to Sydney & 2GB is #1 with a 12.7% share, with WS #1 FM (#2 overall) at 9.7%, followed by KIIS at 8.8%, Smooth at 8.7% & ABC Sydney with 8.6%. Nova fell 0.2% to 6.7%, whilst 2Day went up 0.4% to 5.6% & beating JJJ for the first time in a long time. 2CH went up 0.8% to 4.2%, whilst Macquarie Sports Radio fell from 3.5% (as Talking Lifestyle) to just 1.9%, levelling with RN & ABC News.

In Melbourne, 3AW is #1 with 14.4%, with Gold 104.3 taking out #1 FM, just ahead of Fox, whilst Smooth took a bit of a tumble from 10.1% last survey to 8.9% this survey. Nova fell 0.3% to 6.8%, whilst KIIS slid slightly to 5.5%. Macquarie Sports Radio was almost unchanged from the previous survey as Talking Lifestyle, scoring a 0.4% share.
In Brisbane, 97.3 & Nova tied for the #1 position with a 13% share, followed by hit105 with 11.6%, 4MMM with 10.6% & 4KQ with 9%. 4BC fell 0.7% to 4.9%, whilst Macquarie Sports Radio remained unchanged at 0.5%.

In Adelaide, Mix 102.3 maintains its position as the #1 station, with ABC Adelaide at 2nd position, 5MMM at 3rd & FiveAA at 4th. And in Perth, it’s business as usual, with Mix 94.5 remaining on top, followed by Nova, hit92.9, JJJ & ABC Perth, with 96fm recovering a bit, going up 0.5% to 8%.

Here’s the full surveys, which includes the DAB+ ratings:


Macquarie Sports Radio gone within 12 months. No turn around in Melbourne or Brisbane.

Sydney has seen legacy 2UE audience completely walk away.

In Adelaide, talk radio done right sees its share close to 25% over the stations.

Smooth FM in a soft patch in both cities.

Melbourne, 3AW again cleaning up. They’d be bonkers to lose the AW bfast duo. ABC Melb continues to demonstrate the disaster of presenter change and content. The Whippy fill in show on Gold finished its run with an improvement and shows what a single person breakfast with more music and zero marketing can do.

Talk radio is wrecked by mismanagement in Brisbane.

Continued relay of 2GB onto 4BC sees them down again.

Presenter change and more importantly, the terrible content change on ABC Brisbane results in more audience erosion prior to midday and only improves when familiar content comes on at 4pm through to nights.

The interstate relay of sports on the 4BH licence sees no improvement. 4KQ continue to do very well, especially in over 65’s due to those happy to listen to the radio but not the wrong kind of talk content.

4MMM loses share in drive due to the cookie cutter sandwiching of the Melbourne drive show.


RN about to leapfrog KIIS 101.1 in the breakfast ratings. Always Awkward indeed.

Snark aside, they should’ve been given the drive shift.

For ARN, it will probably affirm that not renewing Jo & Lehmo was the right move. Will O’Connell’s show blow up in their face? Only time will tell.


Radio Today have got it wrong it says Kate Tim Marty #1FM Drive in Perth when Mix are clearly #1, and just when you thought KIIS Melbourne couldn’t get any lower they do and this arcticle shows 2Day FM on top

Here’s the Brisbane ratings in ranking order:

#1 97.3: 13.0%
=#1 Nova 106.9: 13.0%
#3 hit105: 11.6%
#4 4MMM: 10.6%
#5 4KQ: 9.0%
#6 4JJJ: 6.5%
#7 ABC Brisbane: 6.2%
#8 4BC: 4.9%
#9 4RN: 2.6%
=#9 ABCFM: 2.6%
#11 ABC News: 0.8%
#12 Macquarie Sports Radio: 0.5%


They seem to have changed their mind:

Meanwhile, look how garbage this is.

What a stupid comparison by RT. Why would you compare two stations in two different markets with two different formats? A continued inability to understand the industry they write about.


Great summary Cranky. Hit the nail on the head as usual. I reckon Macquarie Sport might not last the full 12 months though. What a tragic outcome for 2UE. 4BC is a disaster too.


I wonder if we will ever hear 4BH again.

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While they’re different, they’re both stations that are struggling to build an audience and are the stations that a lot of people would look at first when opening that ratings.

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Looking at the Sydney ratings more closely, it’s worth noting that WS is the #1 station overall in the 55-64s with a 17.9% share, which is up a whopping 7.7% from the previous survey, beating out the likes of ABC Sydney & 2GB in the process.
In the 25-39s, Sky Sports Radio outrates Macquarie Sports Radio, whilst 2Day beats Nova in that same demographic, possibly for the first time since before Kyle & Jackie O defected to KIIS.
Also, 2Day is ahead of Nova from 9am to 4pm weekdays.

Regarding the RT article I think they aren’t actually comparing the stations themselves but rather the fact those two stations are in similar predicaments in their markets and both trying to rebuild.

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That’s just more good news for 2Day because they have risen again in Total listeners Mon-Fri, Weekends, Drive, Evenings and even the Breakfast show continues to rise.


Interesting to note that the Top 5 in Sydney and Melbourne are (format-wise) practically identical:

MEL: 3AW, Gold, Fox, Smooth, ABC


It’s interesting to note that in Brisbane, the “Other Stations” account for over a quarter (26.4%) of listeners in the 55-64s, up from 23.8% in the previous survey. Many of those would be listening to Breeze & River.

In the DAB+ ratings, Smooth is #1 in Perth, whilst over in Brisbane, it has a higher cume than Macquarie Sports Radio, the station that used to be 4BH/Magic 882 before Fairfax (its previous owner) & Macquarie merged and gradually destroyed the station.

In Sydney, The Edge is #1 with 137,000 listeners, way more than in other cities for that station. MMM Classic Rock & Greatest Hits are very well liked in Sydney, attracting a combined audience of just under 150,000 listeners, way more than even in Melbourne, where the two have a combined audience of just over 80,000. On its debut survey, MMM Country is more popular than MMM Modern in Melbourne & was close to beating it in Sydney & levelled in Brisbane.

Or listening to Community radio stations 101fm Logan or Bay fm Redlands.

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Days after marking 25 years since converting to FM, I’m sure WSFM will be very pleased that they’re currently the #1 station on Sydney FM radio and #2 in the market overall after 2GB. Although it’s interesting to note that Smooth 95.3 edges out WSFM on weekends.

1.9%…surely that share is an alltime low for 954AM in the Sydney market? I also wonder if they might attract less than a percent of the audience in the next survey, since Talking Lifestyle would’ve still been running for most of the first half (March 11 to April 14) of Survey #3!

But of course, one wonders how much of an influence The Edge on 96.1FM has on Sydney’s DAB+ figures.


Yes - last year’s 2.9 (S4) was the previous all-time low for the facility.

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