Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 3, 2016

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In Sydney, KIIS maintains its position as the #1 FM station, followed by Smooth, Nova, WS, JJJ & 2MMM. 2Day went up 0.2% to 4.4%, with Rove & Sam up 0.3% to 3.3%.

Brisbane: Spencer still No.1 at b/fast. Massive gain for hit105. Triple M and Tragic slip.

Magic, or Tragic, as you like to call it, actually went up 0.4% to 2.7%. For some reason, the Radio Today article which I linked before I changed it to a Radioinfo article, had Survey 2 figures. :confused:

In Melbourne, Fox is the #1 FM station, beating Gold, who slid to #3 FM behind 3MMM. In Adelaide, Nova is the #1 station, whilst in Perth, Mix 94.5 extends their leading position, with 96fm going up 0.2% to 8.6%.

Things are not looking good for KIIS in Melbourne where Matt and Meshel came fifth in breakfast, behind Triple M, Fox, Nova, Gold and Smooth. Hughesy and Kate also lost share in drive, coming fifth behind Fox, Nova, Gold and Triple M (tie).
On AM, 3AW’s Neil Mitchell has opened a 6.2 point lead over Jon Faine on the ABC! 3AW gained in every timeslot while ABC fell in every timeslot except drive.

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ASTONISHING ratings for 3AW!

Wow… For Survey 3… Setting a new trend. Election?

Around 22% for Breakfast with Ross & John. Absolutely ridiculous. Maybe their aiming to take the ENTIRE breakfast market of Melbourne? :grin:

Whilst 774 ABC Melbourne (always been the biggest station for them, with Red Symons & Jon Faine)… Unusually continues to FALL!?

Can’t be bothered dissecting everything else, way too much.

What is the overall result for Brisbane ? Thanks

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  1. 97.3FM: 14.3
  2. Nova: 12.1
  3. 612ABC: 10.7
  4. hit105: 10.7
  5. 4MMM: 8.7
  6. 4KQ: 8.1
  7. 4JJJ: 7.1
  8. 4BC: 4.8
  9. Magic 882: 2.7
  10. 4RN: 2.3
  11. NewsRadio: 1.7
  12. ABCFM: 1.5
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Ben Fordham continues his inexorable decline in Sydney afternoons. He used to rate number one or two - now he’s dropped down to fifth position. The rot set in around the time he left his morning TV gig on Nine and had a kid. He seems to have lost interest and the lack of preparation and effort is blindingly obvious to any long-term listener.

Thank god 2UE are not offering an interesting alternative or he’d be rating even lower.

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I note with interest that the ratings of 702 ABC Sydney increased to 9.9%! With the Federal Election campaign now well and truly in full swing (but unfortunately they won’t get the election itself, because of that two week break), the results of Survey #4 could be very interesting reading for talk stations when they’re released on July 5.

Big increases for Nova and Smooth in the Sydney ratings, with 1.1% and 0.8% increases respectively. Could this be a sign that they’re closing the gap on the ARN stations in the ratings, or just a fad for a survey or two?

Though not its largest share ever, this is the first time Nova has ever topped Adelaide.

Nova in Sydney had two really bad surveys, survey 1 and 2 so they had to go up sometime. I still think the Sydney playlist is to safe and repetitive compared to Nova Brisbane. First time this year they have piped Triple J.

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It’s the main reason they’re losing listemers. I get in my car ang go out somewhere listening to Nova. On the return trip two or three hours later I hear the same songs so I switch stations.

They need to target Triple J audiences if they’re ever going to go up in the ratings in sydney. Less repetition and more new/alternative/Aussie music.

Is 22.4% (5:30am to 8:30am) the highest ever for Breakfast with Ross & John on 3AW?

I think in 2013 they got their (then) highest ever? @TV-Expert

I know Hamish & Andy achieved a few 20%+ during their reign?

I can’t find any higher breakfast share for 3AW in the past seventeen years’ worth of data. (Though there have been a few 20+ share instances.) The previous breakfast high was S6/2012, at a 21.6.

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Remember, the 22.4 I quoted, is from 5:30am to 8:30am ONLY (3AW’s press release).

Not GFK.

Looking at the Sydney radio ratings more closely, after doing a bit of calculating, the “Other Stations” scored a whopping 18% share on among the 40-54s, which is probably the highest ever for that demo in that city. This is because WS, despite being the #1 station in the 40-54s, can only manage a 10.8% share in that demographic. In fact, the only demographic where WS outrates Smooth this survey was the 40-54s, which is WS’s main target audience. Plus, in terms of timeslot breakdowns, breakfast is the only timeslot where WS outrates Smooth, thanks to Jonesy & Amanda.

Meanwhile, JJJ is once again the #1 station on among Sydney’s 18-39 year olds (when combining the 18-24 & 25-39 ratings together & then divide it by 2), beating out Nova, KIIS & 2Day.

Where are these listeners going I wonder

I would imagine a fair number of them would be listening to Star 104.5 from the Central Coast, which offers a music format that is not really offered by the Sydney commercial FM stations, which is Hot AC, playing hits from the 80s to now. They stream online if you’re curious to check it out for yourself. :slight_smile:

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I would think the “other” categories will increase with the uptake of Digital Radio? In addition to the fringe stations around metro areas, a lot of listeners (like me!) are drifting to DAB only stations like More 80s&90s, The 80s, Classic Rock etc.

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