Metro Radio Ratings - Survey 2, 2024


I would’ve thought there’d been a bigger bump for Jase and Lauren (up 1.6% / +52,000 cume).

Conscious, though, that 50% of this result was based on the survey 1 wave, meaning we’ll get a better indication of their performance next survey.

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In Sydney, 2GB remain on top with 11.9% (-0.8), with KIIS & Smooth tied for 2nd place (#1 FM) with 11% each. This was followed by WS with 8.7% (+1.2), Nova with 8.1% (+0.1), 2Day with 5.5% (+0.9), 2MMM with 5.3% (+0.3), ABC Sydney with 5.1% (-0.3) and 2UE with 5% (-0.6). SEN went up 0.5 to 1.6%, their highest share yet, outrating Sky Sports Radio in the process.

In Melbourne, 3AW remain on top with 13.8% (-0.7), followed by Gold with 10.9% (-0.9), Fox with 10.1% (+0.7), Smooth with 8.9% (+1.4), Nova with 7.6% (+0.5), KIIS with 6.2% (-0.2), 3MMM with 6.1% (-1.7), and ABC Melbourne with 6% (-0.5). SEN went up 0.9 to 3.5%, whilst 3MP rated 1.4% (-0.2), and Magic rated 1.3% (-0.1).

In Brisbane, B105 remain on top with 11.9% (-1.9), followed closely by 4MMM with 11.8% (-1.4), Nova with 10.3% (-1.1), KIIS973 with 10.2% (+2.0), 4BH with 9.5% (+0.4), and 4BC with 7% (+0.5). ABC Brisbane fell 0.1 to 4.2%, whilst SENQ went up 0.1 to 0.6%.

In Adelaide, Mix 102.3 remain on top with 14.3% (+1.0), followed by 5MMM with 12.4% (+0.8), Nova with 10% (-1.3), SAFM with 9% (+0.1), Cruise with 8.7% (+0.1), FiveAA with 7.9% (-0.3), and ABC Adelaide with 7.4% (+0.8).

And in Perth, Mix 94.5 remain on top with 15.3% (-0.3), followed by Nova with 14.6% (+0.6), 96fm with 12.4% (Steady), 6MMM with 7.8% (+0.8), ABC Perth with 5.7% (+0.1), JJJ with 5.6% (-1.4), 6PR with 5.5% (+0.2), and 6iX with 4.2% (Steady).


Good initial result for Jase and Lauren. Think end of last year they hit 9.1? So not far off the mark.
Honestly surprised KIIS1011 has a share as high as 6.4 for breakfast.

Fifi Fev and Nick reclaimed the title as Melbourne’s No.1 FM breakfast show, switching positions yet again with Christian O’Connell who dropped 2 points in the survey.

3AW had an average survey. Tom Elliott (mornings) and Tony Moclair (afternoons) both edged up by 0.1, while other shows lost ground, with Jacqui Felgate (drive) shedding another 0.6.

ABC Melbourne’s poor results continued, losing share in every timeslot except weekday drive.

SEN gained share in every timeslot.


Here are the overall ratings in ranking order.


Total Radio

Rank Station Share
1 2GB 11.9
=2 Smooth 11.0
=2 KIIS 11.0
4 WSFM 8.7
5 Nova 8.1
Other AM/FM 7.1
Commercial DAB+ 6.5
6 2Day 5.5
7 2MMM 5.3
8 ABC Sydney 5.1
9 2UE 5.0
10 2JJJ 3.7
11 ABC Classic 2.4
ABC DAB+ 1.9
12 SEN 1.6
Other DAB+ 1.5
13 ABC Newsradio 1.3
=14 Sky Sports Radio 1.2
=14 2RN 1.2


Total Radio

Rank Station Share
1 3AW 13.8
2 Gold 104.3 10.9
3 Fox FM 10.1
4 Smooth 8.9
Commercial DAB+ 7.8
5 Nova 7.6
6 KIIS 6.2
7 3MMM 6.1
8 ABC Melbourne 6.0
Other AM/FM 4.7
9 SEN 3.5
10 3JJJ 3.2
11 3RN 2.3
ABC DAB+ 2.1
12 3MP 1.4
13 Magic 1.3
14 ABC Classic 1.1
Other DAB+ 0.8
15 RSN 0.5


Total Radio

Rank Station Share
Other AM/FM 12.2
1 B105 11.9
2 4MMM 11.8
3 Nova 10.3
4 KIIS973 10.2
5 4BH 9.5
Commercial DAB+ 8.5
6 4BC 7.0
7 4JJJ 5.5
8 ABC Brisbane 4.2
ABC DAB+ 3.1
9 ABC Classic 2.3
10 4RN 1.1
Other DAB+ 1.0
11 ABC Newsradio 0.8
12 SENQ 0.6


Total Radio

Rank Station Share
1 Mix 102.3 14.3
2 5MMM 12.4
3 Nova 11.0
Commercial DAB+ 9.1
4 SAFM 9.0
5 Cruise 8.7
6 FiveAA 7.9
7 ABC Adelaide 7.4
Other AM/FM 7.3
8 5JJJ 5.1
9 ABC Classic 2.6
ABC DAB+ 2.0
10 ABC Newsradio 1.7
Other DAB+ 1.3
11 5RN 1.2


Total Radio

Rank Station Share
1 Mix 94.5 15.3
2 Nova 14.6
3 96fm 12.4
Commercial DAB+ 10.5
Other AM/FM 9.1
4 6MMM 7.8
5 ABC Perth 5.7
6 6JJJ 5.6
7 6PR 5.5
8 6iX 4.2
9 ABC Classic 2.3
ABC DAB+ 2.3
Other DAB+ 1.9
10 ABC Newsradio 1.6
11 6RN 1.2

Magic and 3MP just seem stuck, which is a shame because the stations are the best they’ve sounded for years as ACE have restored them after years of mismanagement by past owners.


Can’t remember a recent time when 3AW and 2GB both looked so mediocre. Those Drive results must be alarming.

Fordham beaten by Kyle and Jackie O once more. AW saved by Ross Stevenson’s (with Russell Howcroft) perpetually enduring powerhouse of a show, plus solid hold/smidge gain for Tom Elliott.


Nice results for SmoothFM, especially daytime dominance.

Bit of an upset for Christian O’Connell, a battle is back on there. Fox looked strong.

Encouraging for Jase and Lauren’s switch.


I wonder if this is the share of audience waiting for KJO to start?

It will be interesting to see the survey after they start if that figure goes up or down.

Better survey for KIIS 97.3 in Brisbane, and with the once dominant Nova 106.9 well off the boil ARN will feel confident moving KIIS 97.3 CHR / Hot AC and probably network KJO into Brisbane in 2025.


Good result for Triple M Adelaide breakfast, Roo, Dits and Loz doing well.


From the days of 6PM, then 6PM FM, then PMFM, then The All New 92.9, then 92.9, then Hit 92.9 and finally to Triple M.

It looks like Triple M in Perth is in a rut that is going to take a loooooong time to turn around. I know that SCA have many stations in a “multi-decade turn around phase” including 2DayFM and MMM in Sydney. Perhaps they could take a chance in Perth:

  • Drop the Triple M branding
  • Drop the networking
  • Launch a proper rock station in Perth
    They could use this as the blue print to relaunch other failing MMM stations. The shareholders deserve it and the listeners deserve it. Sometimes I think that if SCA had launched the vega brand it would still be around today and hovering around the bottom of the ratings ladder in Sydney and Melbourne.

Triple M Brisbane number 1 at Breakfast??? :flushed:


4 BH creeping up towards double figures with 3 FM stations losing audience with KIIS gaining 2 - 2 of 97.3’s digital stations doing ok in DAB as well. Looks like Nova can still claim to have the biggest audience in cumes.



Melbourne radio listeners have once again made 3AW the city’s undisputed market leading radio station.

The release of GfK Survey 2 results today show that 3AW has a winning audience share of 13.8.

Every week, a staggering 721,000 residents of Melbourne engage with 3AW’s captivating blend of live and locally-focused talk radio.

3AW has also maintained its indisputable dominance in live audio streaming, capturing more than a quarter of the commercial streaming audience.

Ross and Russ continue their reign as Melbourne’s favourite breakfast program, recording an impressive 18.6 – 7.8 points ahead of their nearest competition. The dynamic duo also drew a massive 47% share of the commercial streaming audience, showcasing their immense popularity and influence in the digital realm.

In his second survey in the Mornings slot, Tom Elliott was an overwhelming No. 1 with a share of 16.7 (9.9 points ahead of his Mornings talk competitor) and a commercial streaming share of 28.2.

Tony Moclair is the No.1 Afternoon talk program with a share of 11.6 (up 0.7 points on Survey 1) and a market-leading commercial streaming share of 24.2.

Jacqui Felgate is Melbourne’s No. 1 Drive talk program, with a 7.4 share. Week after week, her show captivates an audience of 294,000, drawn to her insightful perspectives and agenda-setting news coverage.

Denis Walter continues his supremacy as Melbourne’s top-rated Evening program, with a share of 20.5 – more than double his nearest competition.

Stephen Beers , 3AW Station Manager, said: “A very pleasing survey 2 for 3AW, a dominant number one again led by Ross Stevenson and Russel Howcroft in Breakfast. Right across the day and all across the week listeners are continuing to rely on 3AW for trusted news and entertainment. We look forward to 3AW Football and later in the year the Olympics to continue 3AW as Melbourne’s favourite radio destination.”

Source: GfK Radio360 Ratings, 3AW Melbourne Survey 2 2024, Mon-Sun 5.30am-12MN, Mon-Fri 5.30am-8.30am, Mon-Fri 8.30am-12pm, Mon-Fri 12pm-3pm, Mon-Fri 3pm-6pm, Mon-Thurs 8pm-12MN & Fri 7pm-12MN, Weekends 5.30am-12MN, Cume (000s), Market Share % Total Radio, Streaming share %, Commercial Share AP10+ , unless otherwise specified.


Congrats (again) to James Speed & Mix94.5.

It is clear this is just what the station needed.

He knows what the audience wants and he continues to deliver.

As for Triple M Perth, I would not give up. Their biggest problem is they launched sounding like the Eastern states and should’ve launched as they’re currently sounding.

They’re too busy re-re-educating.
But I still believe they’re onto a winner by sounding different.


A strong increase result for WSFM.

2GB slowly losing its big lead it once had

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Are you surprised? How can anyone sit through 3 hours of Ray Hadley.


Triple M Perth are actually leading in 25-39 demographic, even beating Nova - it’s understandable though because they do play a lot of the alternative and modern rock songs that they (including myself) grew up with along with some good new rock as well that I just don’t see played on any station in the eastern states.


For a youth station, JJJ is still failing to connect with 10-24 year olds.