Metro Radio Ratings - Survey 2, 2023

DAB+ ratings:


Wow. 2DayFM has had a much better book.

2DayFM beats Nova96.9 in Mornings and equal with Nova96.9 in Afternoons.

Not sure if Ricki Lee’s addition has helped Nova96.9 much.

… And Sky Sports Radio isn’t doing as bad as I initially thought …


Ricki-Lee’s addition didn’t help Nova 100 either, it dropped 1.2 at drive in Melbourne and as the result, fell from third (among FM stations) last survey to fifth in the timeslot.

Mixed results for 3AW. It lost 3 points at drive (Tom Elliott and Sam McClure) and 1.6 at breakfast, but increased its shares elsewhere. Conversely, SEN’s Sportsday at drive went up by 0.3 from last survey.

ABC Melbourne increased its shares across most timeslots, notably Ali Moore with a gain of 1.4 at mornings (Virginia Trioli returned this week) but breakfast remains an issue.

Little change at FM breakfast although Gold’s lead had been cut by half to 0.8.


Correct me if I’m wrong (as I am missing a few Adelaide surveys,) but I believe this is the first time Triple M has ever led Adelaide - the only major where it had never led before.


That show sounds so amateur now.


In Sydney, 2GB has taken back the #1 spot with 11.8%, up 0.8 from the previous survey, with KIIS down to 2nd place with 11.5% (-0.4). Smooth is 3rd with 9.7% (-0.6), followed closely by WS with 9.4% (+0.5) & Nova with 6.6% (-0.4). SCA stations had a nice boost in the ratings, with 2MMM up 1.1 to 6.1%, whilst 2Day also went up 1.1 to 5.8%. Both stations beat ABC Radio Sydney, who fell 0.4 to 5.5%, whilst JJJ fell 0.9 to 4%. 2UE had a different audience share for the first time in a few surveys, in which they went down 0.1 to 4.4%, whilst Sky Sports Radio went up 0.1 to 1.6%, and SEN fell 0.2 to 0.5%.

In Melbourne, 3AW maintains its top position with 16.3% (-0.3), followed by Gold with 11.6% (-0.8), Smooth with 9.7% (+0.4) & Fox with 9.3% (-0.5). KIIS & Nova tied with 6.5% each (-0.1 & -0.6 respectively), whilst 3MMM remained steady at 6.1%. ABC Radio Melbourne went up 0.4 to 6.2%. Magic went up 0.3 to 1.2%, whilst 3MP went up 0.1 to 1.6%.

In Brisbane, B105 took back the spot with 12.7% (+1.0), followed by Nova with 12% (-0.2), KIIS with 10.6% (-0.2) & 4MMM with 9.5% (-0.3). 4BC went up 1.5 to 8.4%, whilst 4BH fell 0.5 to 7.9%, and ABC Radio Brisbane fell 0.3 to 6.2%, whilst SENQ went up 0.1 to 0.8%.

In Adelaide, 5MMM took the top spot for probably the first time ever with 12%, beating Mix 102.3 by 0.1%, with Nova not far behind at 11.3%. FiveAA went up 0.5 to 9.7%, whilst SAFM fell 0.5 to 9.6%, Cruise fell 0.5 to 8.6% and ABC Radio Adelaide fell 0.9 to 7.2%.

And in Perth, Nova remains on top with 17.2% (+0.2), followed by Mix 94.5 with 13.1% (+1.9) & 96fm with 12.9% (+0.8). Further down the ladder, 6PR went up 0.2 to 6.7%, whilst 6MMM fell 0.6 to 6.1%, JJJ fell 1.3 to 6%, ABC Radio Perth fell 0.9 to 4.8% and 6iX fell 0.3 to just 3.7%. Surely, for ABC Radio Perth & 6iX, their FM conversions can’t come soon enough.


Great survey for 2day fm, at the rate they are going they will be ahead of Nova before the end of the year.

The next survey will be the first full survey since the changes at Nova were made at breakfast and drive. This all took place during survey 1 / Survey 2. So Survey 3 could be interesting.


Here are the overall ratings in ranking order.


Ranking Station Share
1 2GB 11.8
2 KIIS 11.5
3 Smooth 9.7
4 WSFM 9.4
5 Nova 6.6
6 2MMM 6.1
7 2Day 5.8
8 ABC Sydney 5.5
9 2UE 4.4
10 2JJJ 4.0
11 ABC Classic 2.7
12 Sky Sports Radio 1.6
13 ABC NewsRadio 1.5
14 2RN 1.1
15 SEN 0.5

Other Stations: 17.8% (+0.5)


Ranking Station Share
1 3AW 16.3
2 Gold 104.3 11.6
3 Smooth 9.7
4 Fox FM 9.3
=5 KIIS 6.5
=5 Nova 6.5
7 ABC Melbourne 6.2
8 3MMM 6.1
9 3JJJ 3.7
10 SEN 2.4
11 3RN 2.3
12 3MP 1.6
13 ABC Classic 1.5
14 ABC NewsRadio 1.3
15 Magic 1.2
16 RSN 0.7

Other Stations: 13.1% (+0.9)


Ranking Station Share
1 B105 12.7
2 Nova 12.0
3 KIIS 10.6
4 4MMM 9.5
5 4BC 8.4
6 4BH 7.9
7 4JJJ 6.3
8 ABC Brisbane 6.2
9 ABC Classic 2.6
10 4RN 2.0
11 ABC NewsRadio 1.7
12 SENQ 0.8

Other Stations: 19.3% (-0.7)


Ranking Station Share
1 5MMM 12.0
2 Mix 102.3 11.9
3 Nova 11.3
4 FiveAA 9.7
5 SAFM 9.6
6 Cruise 8.6
7 ABC Adelaide 7.2
8 5JJJ 4.8
9 ABC Classic 2.0
10 ABC NewsRadio 1.7
11 5RN 1.5

Other Stations: 19.7% (+1.7)


Ranking Station Share
1 Nova 17.2
2 Mix 94.5 13.1
3 96fm 12.9
4 6PR 6.7
5 6MMM 6.1
6 6JJJ 6.0
7 ABC Perth 4.8
8 6iX 3.7
9 ABC Classic 2.1
10 ABC NewsRadio 1.1
11 6RN 0.5

Other Stations: 25.8% (+0.1)


Not a lot of movement really this survey in most cities. Perth is interesting though. 6MMM clearly not cutting through and what on earth is going on with 6iX? Don’t really get why they can’t be doing as well as Cruise and 4BH. Smooth Perth is phenomenal though on DAB. Why don’t they just simulcast Smooth on 1080/105.7, surely a deal could be done?

I also am a bit surprised at the high “other” figure in Perth. Surprised it’s higher than Brisbane given there are so many more fringe/overlapping stations into Brisbane than Perth. What is it in Perth? The Mandurah stations or do they have stronger community stations?


The Mandurah stations is a factor on the high “other” figure for Perth, but I think a big chunk of it would be towards Curtin FM, which has an easy listening format.

Here’s their playlist:


Record audiences: Nine’s talk stations No.1 in Sydney and Melbourne

Sydney’s 2GB and Melbourne’s 3AW are the outright market leaders, and Brisbane’s 4BC and Perth’s 6PR have claimed No.1 in talk, as Nine’s radio stations have posted significant audience gains in Survey 2 for 2023, as more listeners turn to live and local content.

These results represent the highest audience cume for Survey 2 on record for Nine’s talk radio stations, up almost 4% overall, and 9% in 25-54s from Survey 1.

2GB is Sydney’s No.1 station with a 11.8 share (up 0.8) and audience gains across all programs.

Ben Fordham Live remains the number one talk show in Breakfast, with a 14.7 share (up 0.7). Ray Hadley has recorded his 148th consecutive survey win in Mornings, with 14.3 (up 0.3). Afternoons with Deb Knight and Drive with Chris O’Keefe were both No.1 in talk, posting 8.2 (up 0.5) and 6.8 (up 0.5) respectively.

Melbourne’s 3AW dominates as the clear market leader, recording its 69th consecutive win, with a 16.3 share.

Ross and Russ are the clear No.1 in Breakfast, with a 22 share – more than 10 points ahead of their nearest rival. Mornings with Neil Mitchell also recorded impressive gains to remain No.1, with 18.9 (up 0.7).

Brisbane’s 4BC has recorded its best Survey 2 cume result on record and the best share result for the station post-COVID.

Across the day, all programs recorded share increases and dominated talk, including Breakfast with Laurel, Gary and Mark, with 9.0 (up 0.6), Mornings with Ray Hadley (9-11am) 10.6 (up 1.8), Afternoons with Sofie Formica 6.8 (up 1.7) and Drive with Neil Breen 7.9 (up 1.9).

In Perth, 6PR’s key shifts have also seen audience increases to claim No.1 in talk. The new breakfast duo of Millsy and Karl recorded 10.6 (up 0.9), and Mornings with Gary Adshead is 7.1 (up 0.4).

Greg Byrnes, Nine Radio’s Head of Content, said: “This is a great result for Talk Radio. 2GB number is one in Sydney, 3AW dominates Melbourne, big gains on 4BC, and more people listening to 6PR’s brand new lineup. Survey-on-survey, 2GB’s audience is up almost 10% and 4BC’s almost 20%. Australians know they can rely on us for trusted live and local content and we thank them for switching us on each day.”

Source: GfK Radio Ratings, Survey 2 2023, Mon-Fri 5.30am-9.00am, Mon-Fri 9.00am-11.00am (4BC Mornings), Mon-Fri 12.00pm-3.00pm, Mon-Fri 3.00pm-6.00pm, Mon-Thurs 8.00pm-12MN Fri 7pm-12MN, Market Share %, Cume AP10+ unless otherwise specified

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Looking at the demo breakdowns for Sydney, Smooth & JJJ tied in the 25-39s with 8.6% each, with both beaten by 2MMM (9.0). Meanwhile, both 2MMM (8.3) & 2Day (8.1) managed to outrate Smooth in the 55-64s, who fell 3.4% in that demo to 7.3% (WS dominated in that demo with 17%).

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Nova targeting Middle Aged Mums has just given KIIS free reign. By being the station for all demographics, KIIS will soon have double Nova’s ratings. Will not be surprised if Nova fall further and 2Day overtakes it this year.


i always feel sorry for poor 6IX they just can’t seem to lift from the bottom. But as others have pointed out in the past the main challenge is apparently poor AM coverage, and the FM translators aren’t really doing the trick either it seems. I am not sure why that is. I can’t see why a format like that can’t be performing better.


It would be challenging for listeners commuting to commit to tuning in, as the FM translators drop off as you get closer to the CBD, and the AM signal is average at best.


In my car, 6IX drops off about 25km to the East in the Perth Hills. Shame they’re still at 2kW. Needs to be at least 5kW. That would involve 6WB Katanning moving from 1071 to 1062AM.

Perhaps they could swap frequencies with 6RPH on 990AM, which is already at 5kW.

98Five Sonshine FM would also have a decent share.


Not all the DAB+ only stations are listed in the survey results, I wonder is there’s a low cut off point where they don’t get included & how low listenership would that be, or is it just as some of us have suspected for years, that the DAB listener figures are made up & bullshit?

For example unless I’m blind, there’s no 80’s New Wave station listed in Sydney, if you grew up in the early 80’s it’s a great station, I’ve even broken my self imposed SCA station ban to listen to it, we’ve had it pumping in the office all week & I listen on & off at other times in the work car, surely I’m not the only one listening?


It’s looks like none of the LiSTNR stations are included in the ratings, just those that are aligned to the Hit and Triple M networks.


4BC’s great result helped by the addition of Laurel,Gary and Mark. I still think they should be on 4BH.