Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 2, 2021

DAB+ ratings:


Nova mornings in Sydney?


2DayFM breakfast?

As expected. The beginning of the annual slump then stagnation in ratings. 2022 anyone?


Almost No.1 overall but first in breakfast, mornings and weekends. It’s all about the music. Wow!


3AW posted increases in every timeslot apart from breakfast (which still dominated its rivals).

Nova posted substantial increase at breakfast while Gold, KIIS and Smooth all lost ground, while Triple M and Fox were unchanged from last survey. Gold still had the No.1 breakfast show though.

Triple M should be worried about Mick Molloy’s ratings, down 1.4% from last survey. It was the only station to drop more than 1% in the drive timeslot.


In Sydney, 2GB remains at #1 with 13.4%, down 1% from last survey, whilst ABC Sydney is 2nd with 11.8%, down 0.4%. On the FM front, Smooth remains at #1 with 9.3%, followed by KIIS at 8.9%, WS at 8.3% (up 1.7%), Nova at 6.2%, 2MMM at 5.9% & JJJ with 5.5%. 2Day fell to 3.9%, whilst 2UE & SEN remained steady.

In Melbourne, 3AW remains at #1 with 16.9%, followed by Gold 104.3 at 2nd place with 11.3%, ABC Melbourne with 8.6%, Smooth with 8.4%, Fox with 7.2% & Nova with 7.1%. KIIS & JJJ both rate ahead of 3MMM, whilst Magic fell 0.5% to 1%, and 3MP fell 0.1 to 0.6%.

In Brisbane, B105 takes the #1 spot with 11.1%, followed by AM music station 4KQ at a close 2nd with 11% (:open_mouth:), Nova with 10.6%, 97.3 with 10.2% & 4MMM with 10%. Elsewhere, ABC Brisbane got an 8% share, followed by JJJ with 7.2%, 4BC with 6% & 4BH with 2.2%.

In Adelaide, Mix 102.3 remains at #1 with 13.5%, followed by AM music station Cruise at 2nd with 11.2%, Nova with 10.9%, ABC Adelaide with 10.5%, FiveAA with 9.7%, 5MMM with 9.3% & SAFM with 8.6%.

And in Perth, Nova remains on top with 13.3%, followed by Mix 94.5 at 2nd place with 12.6%, 96fm with 10.7%, 6PR with 9.3% (up 1.1%), JJJ with 9.1% & MMM with 8.2% (up 0.2%).


Stunning result for 4KQ, just 0.1% off the number one spot with the number one breakfast show, number one in the morning and number one on the weekends. Only 1.1% between 5 stations at the top.


Just goes to show, no news is bad news. With all the speculation of Mix 102.3 breakfast show and not on air, it hasn’t really effected them.

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The music on Nova is so shit that people only listen to KTJ & F&W and turn off or listen to another station during the workday.
It is even affecting Brisbane with day parts down too.

When will the insanity stop of going back to focusing on playing the same stale throwbacks over and over again and recycling the same competitions, missing word.
They give away 50K and have their worst mornings figure on record. They should have kept their 50K and invested that in some market research.


Looking at the demos in Sydney, in the 40-54s, KIIS rates a close 2nd behind WS (12.4 to 11.2). In the 55-64s, 2UE had a decent rise, going up 1.6% to 3.5%, similar to what 2CH scored sometime last year or the year before when they were still on AM.

Overall ratings for Sydney & Brisbane in ranking order:


2GB: 13.4
ABC Sydney: 11.8
Smooth: 9.3
KIIS: 8.9
WSFM: 8.3
Nova: 6.2
2MMM: 5.9
2JJJ: 5.5
2Day: 3.9
ABC Classic: 3.5
2UE: 2.3
2RN: 2.2
ABC Newsradio: 2.0
Sky Sports Radio: 0.5
SEN: 0.4


B105: 11.1
4KQ: 11.0
Nova: 10.6
97.3: 10.2
4MMM: 10.0
ABC Brisbane: 8.0
4JJJ: 7.2
4BC: 6.0
ABC Classic: 3.0
4BH: 2.2
4RN: 2.0
ABC Newsradio: 1.9


Pure Gold has to be the #1 music network at the moment, surely?

Hang on, let me run the numbers.

Brisbane is back to being tight as all hell.

Perth market looks bang on, though I’m surprised to see 6PR hold its own without Basil - now 3.5% ahead of Triple M in breakfast.


Average cume figures - no surprises which networks come out on top here.

And when the DAB+ cumes for Smooth Brisbane/Adelaide/Perth and 6GT Perth are removed:


The results for 4KQ and Cruise1323 are amazing - both outrating all but 1 commercial FM in their markets!

A shame that 6IX hasn’t been able to replicate that, their ordinary signal is probably part of the reason, but ARN also seem to market their stations more effectively.

The overall ordinary ratings of Triple M everywhere are another point, but they seem to be doing fair in their key 40-54 demo.


I’ve argued the point many times AM radio is far from dead, & it doesn’t matter about the platform, it’s all about the content & 4KQ are proving that, same with Cruise 1323 in Adelaide with it being No. 2 & rating well for quite some time.

Music still works well on AM, if it matches what the local audience wants.

Would the same music content rate higher on FM or DAB+, maybe, but maybe not, as was the case with 2CH Sydney.

Talk’s also similar, powers on AM in Sydney & Melbourne, but doesn’t work very well on FM.


You might want to re-count your share figures for ABC Local. Look at SYD.

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this is why I don’t multitask



The two AM music stations in Melbourne will always suffer. Interference from trams and associated wiring kills weaker AM stations in much of the metro area. Plus Magic has a pretty bad signal due to the poor antenna system. And 3MP likewise being a fair way east of the city. Wonder if Ace will re-engineer the antenna radiation as was approved by ACMA a decade ago?

Then again, they’re both on DAB+.


Still surprised this isn’t more prevalent in new cars. Had a Hyundai rental recently without DAB+ and its quite a wake up to step back in time without the quality of AM broadcasts and the variety (although often debatable) Of music available. Still the dropouts are annoying but usually brief.

There’s a few comments on the 3MP page from listeners picking 1377 up perfectly well in Geelong and along the surf coast, not much use for Melbourne ratings but interesting.


I was wrong about AM music stations being dead. :flushed:


Great for 4KQ. Opportunity for 3MP to adopt a similar approach as their dreary easy music format is never going to rate much higher that 1’s or 2’s. I think they should adopt a fun Classic Hits playlist - a bit more adventurous that Gold and make the sure they have the DJs to match their playlist.


Remember they’re both AM/DAB+ stations. I think DAB+ is definitely helping 4KQ and Cruise. Imagine if ARN actually promoted it/them.


Last bit of data from me.

Average share in each market, plus other station figures.


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