Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 2, 2019

DAB+ ratings:

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In Sydney, 2GB remains at #1 with a 1.1% increase to 14.5%, followed by Smooth at 9.5% (-0.2), KIIS at 9.1% (+1.4), ABC Sydney at 8.8% (-0.1) & WS at 7.9% (-0.9). Further down the list, Nova had a very slight rise of 0.1% to 6.6%, with 2Day also going up 0.1%, hitting 6% share. 2MMM rates narrowly ahead of JJJ, whilst 2CH fell 1% to 3.5%. MSR is at 0.5%, outrating Sky Sports Radio.

In Melbourne, 3AW is #1 with 15.2%, followed by Smooth at 11%, Gold at 10.1% & Fox with 9.6%. ABC Melbourne fell 1.1% to 7.8%, whilst Nova remained steady at 7.3%, and KIIS remained stagnant at 4.8%. MSR went up 0.1% to 0.4%.

In Brisbane, Nova remains on top with 12.4%, followed closely by 4MMM with 11.9%, hit105 with 11.8% & 97.3 with 10.8%. 4KQ fell 1.3% to 7.9% (tied with ABC Brisbane), whilst 4BC went up 0.6% to 6.1%. MSR fell 0.2% to 0.5%.

In Adelaide, Mix 102.3 remains at #1 with 13.9%, followed by Nova with 10.3%, ABC Adelaide with 10.2%, hit107 with 10%, Cruise with 9.1%, FiveAA with 9% & 5MMM with 8.8%. And in Perth, Mix 94.5 remains at #1 with 15.4%, followed by Nova with 12.1% & JJJ with 10.6%. Hit 92.9 & 96fm are only 0.5% apart, whilst 6iX fell 0.6% to 4.4%.


0.5%…is that an alltime ratings low for 954AM Sydney? :confused:

Quite interesting how Ray Hadley’s audience share increased even despite (or because?) the recent bullying controversies, while ABC Radio Sydney didn’t experience an increase during a survey which included NSW Election & Federal Budget coverage.

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3AW a powerhouse in Melbourne. Poor old ABC Radio Melbourne taking another hit.

And what will they be saying at ARN with Gold 104.3 having a great survey despite their pricey import not coming up with the goods in breakfast? Especially given Smooth 91.5 doing so well with its “more music breakfast”. No expensive breakfast crew. Just two professionals having occasional chats between plenty of music.

Also interesting is the drop in cume audience for digital only stations in SYD, MEL and BNE.



As for the Brisbane & Sydney ratings in ranking order:


#1 Nova: 12.4
#2 4MMM: 11.9
#3 hit105: 11.8
#4 97.3: 10.8
#5 4KQ: 7.9
=#5 ABC Brisbane: 7.9
#7 4JJJ: 6.8
#8 4BC: 6.1
#9 ABC Classic: 3.3
#10 4RN: 2.5
#11 ABC Newsradio: 1.1
#12 MSR: 0.5


#1 2GB: 14.5
#2 Smooth: 9.5
#3 KIIS: 9.1
#4 ABC Sydney: 8.8
#5 WSFM: 7.9
#6 Nova: 6.6
#7 2Day: 6.0
#8 2MMM: 4.7
#9 2JJJ: 4.6
#10 2CH: 3.5
#11 ABC Classic: 3.4
#12 2RN: 3.3
#13 ABC Newsradio: 2.3
#14 MSR: 0.5
#15 Sky Sports Radio: 0.4

It’s a similar story in Sydney, where WS’s Jonesy & Amanda have been beaten by Smooth’s “More Music Breakfast” for the 2nd survey in a row.


Smooth building up a nice lead in FM ratings in Melbourne. Gold’s breakfast not doing well despite a big advertising campaign.

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2ue lifestyle rated better lol


Phenomenal book for Smooth in Melbourne. Who would’ve thought that 91.5 would ever soar to an 11% share? Nova relatively flat, down in the 25-39s but expect some fluidity in this demo (plus daytime shares) with the Matt Tilley effect becoming clearer from Survey 3. Still think the music needs to be better targeted, as mentioned continuously in the Nova thread.

Gold is proving to be a solid performer 10+, a healthy 10.1% share with some good gains 18-24 and 40-54. O’Connell’s show is making gains (up 0.5 this survey) after the initial curiosity factor has worn off and is now nipping at the heels of Nova. Still bewildered why there’s no jock in the evenings shift - even a voicetracked shift would help them lift (I hear Higgo wants a permanent gig)

KIIS is a complete shambles, not helped by strong competition from Fox and Nova. Jase & PJ simply isn’t the same show that they were on ZM drive, and it’s no wonder given that breakfast is a completely different beast. Parachute Will & Woody into breakfast with a good anchor, then give Jase & PJ some freedom back. There’s a massive CHR gap in Melbourne, and with most of the ex-Mix audience bailing to Fox, Gold, Nova, and Smooth, you might as well go for it.

Big drops across the board for Triple M - down 2.4% in afternoons (inclusive of The Rush Hour airing 2-4pm) and 1.1% in drive. Being a 35+ brand is great, but when you’re only making gains in the fickle 10-17 demo it’s hardly a good book. Fox is up and down across the day, expect the station to remain stable between 9-10% 10+ until Hughesy & Kate eventually depart drive.

ABC Melbourne are in trouble, the decline in breakfast filtering across the station. See also: 3AW when Ross & John retire sometime in the future.


Hasn’t it been mentioned before that Jonesy & Amanda are contracted to WSFM until 2020?

Although taking into consideration that Smooth’s undoubtedly lower cost “More Music Breakfast Show” has outrated WSFM in recent surveys + the major generational changes that have swept WS in recent years (eg, changes to the branding & morning/afternoon presenters), I wouldn’t be overly surprised if this year or next is the last for J&A.

ARN would’ve been running a similar (perhaps even larger, taking into consideration everything at the Homebush Showgrounds over Easter) campaign for WSFM in Sydney, particularly towards the end of Survey #2.

Yep, although part of the reason Talking Lifestyle did OK-ish in Sydney would surely have to be because a number of 2UE presenters/programs stuck around after that relaunch. But of course, they all left/finished when the Macquarie Sports Radio relaunch happened. Heck, even presenters like Tim Webster (now on 2CH of course) who survived the TL >MSR transition felt there was a better future in broadcasting elsewhere.


Smooth is a phenomenal success in Sydney and Melbourne. I have no doubt that Smooth 97.3 would win in Brisbane.


Looking at the Sydney ratings in closer detail, it’s worth noting that 2Day is #2 in the 25-39s behind KIIS, going up 2.1% to 13.4%, placing themselves 4.4% ahead of Nova. As for WS, the only demo where it rates ahead of Smooth is in the 40-54s, and even then, it fell 3.8% from the previous survey (16.6% to 12.8%), with the gap between WS & Smooth going down from 5.7% to 2.3%. 2CH had quite a significant fall in the 65+, going down from 12% to 9.1%, closing the gap between it & Smooth, down from 6% to 2.6%.


Agree and it would be a hell of a lot cheaper format as it’s all networked outside of bfast. Which is a shame as it means Brisbane has three commercial stations piped on from elsewhere.

That said, I’m still in favour of it.

Shift the station from Stones Corner to Newstead, Jay to manage it. Nova management, Nova sales.

Also, there is no 4BH any longer, they have the soft AC market to themselves. They will clean up.

The only stumbling block is ARN have to agree the upside of their half share of 97.3 to offset the decrease of KQ as some will switch to Smooth however Barry has it quite well skewed to males in advance of such a change.

Updated, adding the last two pars @Brianc68

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Survey 1

Survey 2

Just proves that Nova made big mistake with the Greatest Hits Workday. They must have known before the results were released since have already started trying to fix it with the change to Non-Stop Nova.

But they need to make significant changes to the playlist because at the moment it’s still pretty much the same which is awful.

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All they have done is introduce the Smallzy morning show, which sounds great. It’s still the same Greatest Shits playlist with a new positioner !! Seriously if you are going to launch new shows fix the music too.

Will and Woody beating KTM, 2Day Fm beating Nova across the workday, and Smallzy again being beaten at night by KIIS and 2Day.

Nova have serious problems in Sydney that need to be addressed.


Thanks @TV.Cynic, have the other stations sent their media releases in Brisbane?

It’s all about the playlist but they just don’t get it. They also have serious competition with The Edge 96.1 in Sydney which plays mostly fresh hits.

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Fresh urban hits.

Not to Media Spy.

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I’d say fresh and urban hits. They play most of the stuff in the pop charts.

They’ve even played some music which is entirely in Spanish and even Korean K-pop. The current hit single by BTS & Halsey is on their playlist.

Most of the urban stuff doesn’t fit Nova’s playlist but some of it should definitely be getting a bit of a run.

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