Metro Radio Ratings - Survey 1, 2023

DAB+ ratings:


Pretty remarkable that Nova Breakfast in Melbourne has basically not skipped a beat.


Seems like KIIS was instead the biggest loser of the 3 hit stations in Melbourne. Very surprised Ben, Liam and Belle held its audience. Perhaps the early start over Summer helped?


In Sydney, KIIS takes out the top spot with 11.9% (+0.3), ending 2GB’s run at #1 that had been ongoing since 2004. 2GB fell to 2nd place with 11% (-1.5), followed by Smooth with 10.3% (-0.1), WS with 8.9% (+0.2), Nova with 7% (-0.1) & ABC Sydney with 5.9% (-0.4). 2MMM rated 5% (+0.6), whilst JJJ went up 0.6 to 4.9%, 2Day fell 0.6 to 4.7%, and 2UE remained steady at 4.5% for the 4th survey in a row. Sky Sports Radio remained steady at 1.5%, whilst SEN went up 0.2 to 0.7%.

In Melbourne, 3AW is #1 with 16.6% (+1.5), followed by Gold 104.3 with 12.4% (+0.5), Fox with 9.8% (+0.9), Smooth with 9.3% (+0.5), Nova with 7.1% (-0.4), KIIS with 6.6% (-1.8), 3MMM with 6.1% (+0.4) & ABC Melbourne with 5.8% (-0.4). JJJ fell 0.5 to 3.6% despite the Hottest 100, whilst SEN fell 0.5 to 1.8%, 3MP fell 0.4 to 1.5% & Magic fell 0.5 to 0.9%. RSN rose 0.7 to 1.2%.

In Brisbane, Nova takes back the top spot with 12.2% (-0.5), followed by B105 with 11.7% (-1.3), KIIS with 10.8% (+1.0), 4MMM with 9.8% (-0.7), 4BH with 8.4% (+1.0) & 4BC with 6.9% (-0.6). ABC Brisbane rose 0.2 to 6.5%, whilst SENQ rose 0.5 to its highest share yet of 0.7%.

In Adelaide, Mix 102.3 remains at #1 with 12.3% (+0.5), followed by Nova with 12.1% (+2.0), 5MMM with 10.7% (+0.9), SAFM with 10.1% (+1.0), FiveAA with 9.2% (-1.9), Cruise with 9.1% (+0.2) & ABC Adelaide with 8.1% (-1.0).

And in Perth, Nova remains the dominant the station with 17% (-0.9), followed by 96fm with 12.1% (+1.0), Mix 94.5 with 11.2% (Steady), JJJ with 7.3% (+1.2) & 6MMM with 6.7% (-0.2). 6PR fell 2.0 to 6.5%, whilst ABC Perth fell 1.1 to 5.7% & 6iX fell 1.7 to 4%.


Another good result for Nova in Brisbane but fairly close between four stations at the top.

Next best BH had a good survey after the previous survey drop. 4BC slipped down and is matched by ABC and JJJ.


Christian O’Connell extended his lead as the No.1 FM breakfast show in Melbourne, but Fox’s Fifi, Fev and Nick also went up by 1.5%.

3AW had big increases at drive and evenings in the survey. Looks like listeners are embracing the new Wide World of Sports show with Sam McClure (6pm to 7pm).

SEN did well in evenings thanks to its coverage of Big Bash League and the recent India-Australia test series.

ABC Melbourne had a poor survey, although it halted its ratings slide on weekends.


Bringing in COC from the UK was a ballsy move for both him and ARN but i think we can safely say its worked. He’s now firmly entrenched in the melbourne radio scene and managed to turn his weaknesses (such as not having a footy team when he came out) into a massive selling point.

Has there been another DJ thats come from the UK and been as successful as him? i can think of many who went the other way, but none from the motherland to here


Nine’s talk stations record highest cume audience for survey 1 on record

Nine’s radio stations have posted the highest cumulative audience for a Survey 1 on record – with 1.961 million tuning in nationally – and taken out the number one spot in Melbourne, and number one talk station across Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

Melbourne’s 3AW remains on top, recording its 68th consecutive win with a share of 16.6 and the highest cumulative audience for a Survey 1 on record. Breakfast duo Ross & Russ posted a winning share of 22.7, and Neil Mitchell grew his share and continued to dominate Mornings with a share of 18.2 up 0.7.

Sydney’s 2GB is the number 1 talk radio station, increasing its cumulative audience in the key 25-39 demo by a staggering 47%.

Ben Fordham Live is the number one talk show in Breakfast in Sydney, with a share of 14.0, and Ray Hadley delivered an incredible 147th consecutive survey victory in Mornings with a 14.0 share.

Brisbane’s 4BC has also recorded its best Survey 1 cume on record and taken out the number one position in talk, with a 6.9 share.

And Perth’s 6PR rounds out the number one talk position across the country, holding the top spot across Breakfast, Mornings, Afternoons and Drive.

Greg Byrnes, Nine Radio’s Head of Content, said: “At a time when radio has never been more competitive, our audiences are getting bigger. These are stunning results in Melbourne, right across the week and into the weekend. In Sydney, Ray has extended his record of number ones even further, and around the country our refreshed lineups are building new audiences. It’ll be a big year and we’re up to the challenge.”

Source: GfK Radio Ratings, Survey 1 2023, Mon-Fri 5.30am-9.00am, Mon-Fri 9.00am-12pm, Mon-Fri 12pm-3pm, Mon-Fri 3pm-6pm, Mon-Thurs 8pm-12MN Fri 7pm-12MN, Market Share %, Cume AP10+ unless otherwise specified


Here are the overall radio ratings in ranking order.


Ranking Station Share
1 KIIS 11.9
2 2GB 11.0
3 smoothfm 10.3
4 WSFM 8.9
5 NOVA 7.0
6 ABC Sydney 5.9
7 2MMM 5.0
8 2JJJ 4.9
9 2DAY 4.7
10 2UE 4.5
11 ABC Classic 3.3
12 ABC Newsradio 1.8
13 Sky Sports Radio 1.5
14 2RN 1.3
15 SEN 0.7

Other Stations: 17.3%


Ranking Station Share
1 3AW 16.6
2 GOLD 12.4
3 FOXFM 9.8
4 smoothfm 9.3
5 NOVA 7.1
6 KIIS 6.6
7 3MMM 6.1
8 ABC Melbourne 5.8
9 3JJJ 3.6
10 3RN 2.1
11 SEN 1.8
12 ABC Newsradio 1.6
13 3MP 1.5
14 ABC Classic 1.4
15 RSN 1.2
16 Magic 0.9

Other Stations: 12.2%


Ranking Station Share
1 NOVA 12.2
2 B105 11.7
3 KIIS 10.8
4 4MMM 9.8
5 4BH 8.4
6 4BC 6.9
7 4JJJ 6.7
8 ABC Brisbane 6.5
9 ABC Classic 2.9
10 4RN 1.7
11 ABC Newsradio 1.7
12 SENQ 0.7

Other Stations: 20.0%


Ranking Station Share
1 Mix 102.3 12.3
2 NOVA 12.1
3 5MMM 10.7
4 SAFM 10.1
5 FiveAA 9.2
6 Cruise 9.1
7 ABC Adelaide 8.1
8 5JJJ 5.0
9 ABC Classic 2.3
10 ABC Newsradio 1.8
11 5RN 1.3

Other Stations: 18.0%


Ranking Station Share
1 NOVA 17.0
2 96fm 12.1
3 Mix 94.5 11.2
4 6JJJ 7.3
5 6MMM 6.7
6 6PR 6.5
7 ABC Perth 5.7
8 6iX 4.0
9 ABC Classic 2.0
10 ABC Newsradio 1.0
11 6RN 0.8

Other Stations: 25.7%


Well done 2UE back in the 6’s for some dayparts. We haven’t seen that result since its talkback days.

As for ARN… spend $100k or so as a tactic, and KIIS1011 still falls backwards.

Somewhat sad to see 4BH’s success settle a little. I wonder if the 4KQ audience has disbursed elsewhere/switched off the radio?

I’m surprised the Nova91.9 2x brekkie show experiment is off to a good start.

As for Perth, let’s hope recent changes behind the scenes can bring back Mix94.5’s previous ratings success. I think the crown has well & truly been handed over to Nova937 (and I’m guttered that Triple M Perth hasn’t done better).


Survery 1 usually sees a decent boost to JJJ, usually attributed to the Hottest 100, I wonder what’s happened to see them drop this survey in Melbourne (and Adelaide) while other cities still saw increases.

Despite all the money thrown around at SEN, and while it has recorded some gains off a very low base in Sydney and Brisbane, it’s probably ironic to see it take a dive in Melbourne while RSN has more than doubled since the last survey.

A little disappointed to see 3MP and Magic take a fall. From what I’ve heard both are very well polished stations in terms of playlist and presentation but it just doesn’t seem to be resonating even with their target audiences.

And a shocker for 774. I don’t keep regular tabs on the station but I can’t recall it being that low before.


Ah yes the spin line that you use when you only win 1 of the 4 markets that you broadcast in.

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I wonder how much was spent comparatively advertising radio stations. Today FM seemed to have a huge spend based on the frequency of their adverts.

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There are several “after 4KQ” groups on Facebook. Most of the commenters have switched to 4BH (some happy, some not so happy), but there are other stations mentioned frequently - mostly community stations Logan 101, Bay FM, Bridge FM, but also Breeze FM. So the audience has definitely disbursed a little.

Having said that 4BH is now the No. 1 AM station in Brisbane, beating 4BC and ABC.

My other comment from Brisbane is that 4MMM should be doing better. Ditch the talk shows, especially at drive - it needs to be music. Also the breakfast show isn’t broad enough in its appeal, it’s still too bogan.


The hosts of Sydney’s KIIS breakfast show do not spend four hours each morning laughing uncontrollably at each other. This does not appear to have hurt them in the ratings.

KIIS also remains strong in the 40 - 54 year age bracket- although they slipped from first to second place. It’s a clean sweep for KISS with the under 40s

Interestingly, smooth’s strongest demo is with 18-24 year olds where they are second place (behind KISS) with a 16% share. There next highest share was a 13% with the 40 - 54s.

2DayFM remains wounded as they enter their second decade as Sydney’s No.6 Hit Music Station.


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Here’s one for just Melbourne

3AW is Melbourne’s undisputed No.1 radio station dominating across the day

3AW is once again Melbourne’s undisputed No.1 radio station, with GfK Survey 1 marking the station’s 68th consecutive survey win. The station recorded a share of 16.6 commanding its highest cumulative audience on record for a Survey 1, remaining No.1 across Breakfast, Mornings, Drive, Evening and Weekends.

The ACRA award-winning Breakfast duo, Ross Stevenson and Russel Howcroft again dominated breakfast posting a share of 23.7, more than double their nearest breakfast rival. The double ACRA award-winning Neil Mitchell continues to command Mornings with a share of 18.2 up 0.7 points, while Tom Elliott in Drive grew 2.5 points to post a share of 14.8 to become Melbourne’s No.1 Drive.

Stephen Beers, 3AW Station Manager, said: “It’s a great start to 2023 for 3AW. We dominated from breakfast to the evenings and 3AW has once again proved why we are the station Melbournians tune into. It’s an outstanding survey for Ross Stevenson and Russel Howcroft who are a clear number 1 and more than double the nearest competitor.

“With Neil Mitchell’s incredible run of commanding Mornings and Tom Elliott in Drive both a clear number 1, our line-up is also dominating Nights, Weekends, Overnights while Wide World Of Sports with Sam McClure a narrow second. Thanks to all the teams who worked over summer to keep 3AW the favourite destination for radio in Melbourne.”

Further highlights of Survey 1 in Melbourne are:

  • Dee Dee Dunleavy is Melbourne’s No.1 Afternoon talk program, with a share of 10.8 (Mon-Fri 12.00pm–3.00pm).
  • Denis Walter grew his share by 6.8 points to 22.1 and remains Melbourne’s No.1 Evening program (Mon- Thurs 8.00pm–12.00am; Friday 7.00pm-12.00am).
  • 3AW Weekends is Melbourne’s No.1 with a share of 15.0 (up 2.0).

Source: GfK Radio Ratings, 3AW Melbourne Survey 1 2023, Mon-Fri 5.30am-8.30am, Mon-Fri 8.30am-12pm, Mon-Fri 12pm-3pm, Mon-Fri 3pm-6pm, Mon-Thurs 8pm-12MN Fri 7pm-12MN, Weekends 5.30am-12MN, Market Share %, AP10+

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The daytime part of WSFM went down except for the evenings and the weekends.

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I don’t know how close I am to the average Melbourne talkback radio listener, but I used to be a regular flicker between 774 and 3AW for 10+ years. But these days I just leave it locked to 3AW. I have no need for the ABC anymore.


A music station is #1 on AM in Brisbane in the year 2023 - incredible isn’t it? Like with 4KQ, just got to wonder what that format might be able to do if it was on FM.