Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 1, 2019


To be fair, SEN tends to perform better during the AFL season

I’ve stopped trying a while ago - the wild flutations from survey to survey makes it somewhat hard to establish trends


Why is Hutchy so disliked?


Probably an *.


In other words, you don’t know… Which is exactly my point. Hard to know how a radio station is performing if there is no way to measure it.


The one very surprising result of this survey is ABC Classic FM getting a 3.6 increase in 18-24 in Sydney!
Bach is really seeming to gain traction with the youth of today.

Given Nova’s -6.8 walloping, could we see them adopting a “new” “Greatest Classic Hits” format by survey 5? All the 9th symphony, all the time… (and don’t forget your free tickets to Chopanzy in the Nova Red Room in the next hour…)


And score yourself a free bowtie

But seriously why can’t Kiis, 2DAY/Hit and Nova start trying to sound different. We have the same issue in Brisbane where 3 of the 4 commercial stations all sound similar. No variety like they get in NZ.


I’m surprised there’s no bigger fanfare for 2Day beating Nova in workdays and being equal to Will & Woody on KIIS.

AND 2Day beats KIIS and Nova in afternoons!! Wowser! What does Kyle have to say about that!?

2Day has hopefully finally gotten its strategy right.

IMO this is big news.


Also 2Day beating Nova at night aswell.
Nova needs to stop trying to be 2Day and Kiis and sound different.

This can be done by creating a unique hotter playlist like Brisbane for Sydney rather then the National playlist.


I do the Nova Rated Fresh Hits survey which gets emailed out to me every week.

They have heaps of new songs in that survey that they should be playing on high rotation but don’t. Instead we get hits from four to six months ago on high rotation and all these 90s & 00s mouldy oldies played incessantly as if they are new. :face_vomiting:


The result of 4BC should surely have 9 rethinking the 2GB simulcast for 153 hours a week.

Yes they’re saving money but listen to the ad breaks, low value clients, I’ve heard regional stations with better client lists than they have.