Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 1, 2018

The full details, including DAB+ stations (which are now released at the same time), can be found here:

2Day has started to rise. Breakfast and Mornings up but Afternoon and Drive dropped.

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WSFM is the #1 FM station in Sydney, placing themselves at 2nd place overall behind 2GB, whilst Smooth is the #2 FM station ahead of KIIS & Nova. 2MMM fell 1.3% from last survey, whilst 2Day only went up by 0.2%.

In its final full survey, Talking Lifestyle went down 0.1% to 3.4% in Sydney, whilst in Melbourne, it fell to a new low of 0.2% & in Brisbane, it rose slightly to 0.9%. In fact, in Melbourne, several DAB+ stations have higher cumulative audience than Talking Lifestyle.

Still in Melbourne, Fox is the #1 FM station (#2 overall behind 3AW) with a 10.8% share, followed closely by Smooth at 10.3% & Gold at 9.7%. Nova fell below 3MMM, whilst KIIS went down 1.8% to 5.7%.

In Brisbane, Nova holds on to the #1 position, but 97.3FM is closing in, with hit105 not far behind. 4KQ fell 2% to 8.2%, putting themselves behind 4MMM & JJJ.

In Adelaide, Mix 102.3 is #1 with a 3.8% increase from last survey to 16.1%, whilst Nova took a big tumble from 12% to 9.6%, putting themselves from a close 2nd last survey to 5th behind FiveAA, 5MMM & ABC Adelaide.
And in Perth, it’s the usual story with Mix 94.5 at #1, followed by Nova at #2 & JJJ at #3.

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Would have risen more if the 18-24s stayed, but that 25-39 gain is spot on. Now the game is to grow that, and the 18-24s with it. Maybe narrow the music a little more and hone in on those “Feel Good” 90s.

Seeing that 2WS and Smooth are the top rating stations now, it certainly can’t hurt to include 80s music too.


Looking at the 40-54 ratings for Sydney, it’s interesting to see JJJ being at #2 behind WS, with Smooth at 3rd place. In the 55-64s, 2CH is levelled with KIIS in that demographic, with Smooth smashing them in the “easy music” market, whilst in the 65+, 2CH is comfortably ahead of Smooth (who are narrowly behind WS).

In the DAB+ ratings, MMM Greatest Hits & Classic Rock are among the Top 5 most listened to DAB+ stations in Sydney, with the former narrowly ahead of the latter. In Melbourne & Brisbane, Classic Rock is ahead of Greatest Hits. As for the battle of Smooth vs Easy Hits, the former is ahead in Brisbane & Perth, whilst it’s neck-and-neck in Adelaide.

In case anyone requests for the Brisbane ratings in ranking order:

  1. Nova: 12.6 (- 0.7)
  2. 97.3FM: 12.1 (+ 1.7)
  3. hit105: 11.8 (+ 1.2)
  4. 4MMM: 9.7 (- 0.2)
  5. 4JJJ: 8.4 (- 0.4)
  6. 4KQ: 8.2 (- 2.0)
  7. ABC Brisbane: 8.1 (- 0.4)
  8. 4BC: 5.6 (- 0.6)
  9. 4RN: 3.4 (+ 0.9)
  10. ABCFM: 2.0 (Steady)
  11. ABC News: 1.0 (- 0.1)
  12. Talking Lifestyle: 0.9 (+ 0.4)
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What a rise by Fifi, Fev and Byron at Melbourne breakfast! 3.3 points! :open_mouth:
Gerard Whateley’s switch to SEN failed to make an impact, in fact the morning show was down from 4.4% last survey to 3.1% this survey.

Talking Lifestyle has reached rock bottom in Melbourne. The new sports radio station can’t come soon enough.

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Looking at the falling ratings for SEN I’m not sure that sport is going to do much for the TL stations

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Why can’t the rest of Nova see what a success the playlist is in Brisbane and emulate that in other cities?

The biggest complaint about Nova in Sydney and Melbourne is how narrow their playlist is and the lack of variety. Especially in Breakfast and Drive shifts. The same dozen songs are played every single day for months.


Apparently, Nova in Adelaide carries the same playlist as its Sydney/Melbourne stations & that fell quite significantly this survey, as mentioned earlier.

Meanwhile, whilst calculating the ratings on my spreadsheet, I’ve noticed that the “Other Stations” ratings are quite high on among the older demographics in Sydney this survey. In the 40-54s, the “Other Stations” account for a whopping 20.1% of its listeners, which is 7.6% higher than for WS, whilst in the 55-64s, they account for 18.1% of its listeners, which is 4.5% higher than for 2GB. It seems that Sydney’s older radio listeners are turning away from the major stations in favour of DAB+, Community & fringe commercial FM stations (ie. Campbelltown, Gosford & Wollongong).

I think Hughsey & Kate would do better without the Carrie & Tommy lead in until 4:30, the humor and tones of the show is very different, I will generally listen to KTM from 4pm with the plan to change it over at 4:30, before I know it it’s 5:15 and I haven’t made the switch!

What’s the units of measurement for every 0.1? Is it 100 or 1,000?

Great day at SCA. All 5 hit stations showing increases, with a significant increase in Melbourne. Increases in Drive for all Triple M stations with Kennedy Molloy now national.

On the other hand, not so great at Nova. All 5 stations down, including a drop in all morning shifts with Greg Burns now being networked into Adelaide and Brisbane as well.

The tough times remain at KIIS 1011, with a nearly 2 point drop overall. Big drop also in breakfast, and even bigger in drive. KIIS1065 has also followed suit with big drops in all shifts.

Interestingly very little movement at Gold. No drop at breakfast, despite having no breakfast show, and even increases during the day. It would appear that the Gold audience at happy with a music shift for breakfast (no surprise given Smooth’s success).

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It’s percentage of total listeners at that time, so not easily converted into total people.
For Talking Lifestyle, that equates to an average audience (total people listening at any given time) of 1,000 and a total cume (total people who listened for at least 15 minutes during the week) of 46,000.

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Mix 94.5 big breakfast number for the first time in awhile knocking off Nova

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2CH need to rethink what they’re doing (or not doing).

They are not where they should be for 65+ or 55 - 64.

Smooth is rolling off above 55, this is where 2CH should be grabbing the audience but they’re not.

Talk listening is interesting, off the boil in Brisbane, Melb & Perth but up in Adel & Sydney. Usually all talk is soft in the first survey being personality based and many of them on hols.

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Re Nova’s narrow playlist, Nova Brisbane is actually becoming more like Nova Sydney with more mainstream songs based on their logs. They still have more out there Throwbacks / Friday feels.

Try listening to Capital Fm London which the Nova network is a copy of. Same news theme, same imagining. They repeat their playlist every two hours. They lost Their #1 position in London to Kiss 100 who has slightly more variety in their playlist. However both stations are extremely repetitive but they rate highly in their market.

Hilarious that ABC management thought their changes to the main local stations would get a younger audience. In Melbourne, for example, all age groups dropped substantially. Apart from 65+. So much for that.

Nationally the Myf Warhurst afternoon non event of rubbish talk “Call me and tell me how you’re feeling today” and inappropriate music for that audience has been a failure in all cities.


But you can only put up with it for so long. They may get listeners tuning in for an hour but they won’t stay longer. That’s a big problem. I listen to Nova on weekends and it’s almost a different station (almost). They have a wider playlist of new songs and I can listen to it for most of the day.

Then back to Breakfast and Drive on weekdays and you have the same dozen 'most played" song played every single morning, then repeated every single afternoon. It’s physical abuse on my ears! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The hosts are good but the music has me reaching for the dial.

And Nova News is getting really bad too. They try to deliver the whole news in two minutes and sometimes they talk so fast, that you don’t have time to process the content. They are desperate to have an entertainment story in every news bulletin but some days are slow in entertainment. So you will often hear an entertainment “news” story that is actually three or four days old. That’s rubbish “news”.


Does 2ky make a lot of money? Do you think 2ky will ever stop being a racing station given the ratings? The racing can be on dab radio in Sydney or streaming.

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