Melbourne CBD Incident

Absolutely nothing mentioned on the Canberra Times. Pathetic.


I would have expected the tennis to be moved to 7Mate or Flix and rolling coverage on the main channel.

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Particularly when Nine and Seven have sporting commitments. I have now discovered the answer to TENFAF current promo slogan “See why we’re different”. They are different because they can hardly put together their main flagship bulletin on weekends let alone cover breaking news happening in the CBD.


Sky News seems to be the better of all the networks with rolling coverage of this event - a live chopper feed and a reporter on the scene, speaking to witnesses.

Meanwhile ABC News 24 is looping over the same 10 images from Twitter with reporters on the phone. The only real vision they appear to have is taken from Nine’s short broadcast before (zoomed in with the watermark and supers visible.)


ABC News 24 absolutely embarrassing. Jeremy Fernandez bumbling his way through the same old social media photos with reporter on the phone.

Sky has live video and reporter on the ground plus live access to helicopter video.

Why isn’t ABC there??!!


Getting reports that someone has been shot and tased.

ABC News 24 just welcomed WA viewers on ABC TV to continue the rolling coverage.

News 24 have a reporter live now.

Sydney update with Musher:


Press conference confirms three dead. Linked to a previous stabbing in Windsor overnight.

It’s an extraordinary incident, but there is no reason to immediately suspect terrorism.’s livestream showing media setting up for a press conference.

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7 and 9 on the breaking news.

‘This is not related to CT’

Well I guess i’m worng

Did TEN go live yet or not?

Police Press Conference: 3 dead & 20 injured (including 4 children) after the driver deliberately drove into them - he’s now in custody and there’s no ongoing threat to the public. Incident connected to an earlier stabbing in Windsor this morning

A further press conference will be held at 5pm

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Seven Melbourne is still on ads. Nine Melbourne now showing breaking news.

3 confirmed dead, although 9 still reporting 1.

Ten Melbourne still on Judge Judy.

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Nine continuing from Melbourne: