Melbourne CBD Incident

Discuss any coverage of the Melbourne CBD lockdown incident.

3AW dumped their Friday Lunch segment and went straight to coverage with Denis Walter. Taking calls from listeners + Macquarie reporters. Edit: back to regular segments at 2:12.

Channel 9 is live streaming from their helicopter on Facebook.

Richelle Hunt and Brian Nankervis on ABC Radio Melbourne on the phone to Raf Epstein. Edit: dumping regular segments by 2:19

Fox FM went to a breaking news update at 2:10

So is Channel 7

Rolling coverage on ABC News 24 with Jeremy Fernandez.

Channel 9 has broken into the Tour Down Under with Peter Hitchener.

7 still on the tennis

Bulletin?/extended update? coming from Melbourne:

Nine have now returned to the cycling


Channel 9 just wrapped up.

Seven running the tennis.

News coverage should be on either Flix or Mate IMO.

ABC News 24, coverage being presented by Jeremy Fernandez

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Ten still on ‘Bens Menu’

SBS still on normal programming too.

Surely Seven will switch from the tennis

Recording 7HD and 9HD, nothing yet.

You would have already missed Nine’s coverage from Melbourne.

7 Now on breaking news

And back to the tennis…

Its events like this where TEN should be on top with such coverage as they are called Ten Eyewitness News, and from what I am seeing on ABC News 24, there are certainly many eyewitnesses.


Just got the top of it but the dongle cut out.