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Why not try different milkshakes using almond, soy and rice milk instead?


My grandad had malted milkshakes.

Wendy’s always used to offer the add in.


Why don’t you try and let us know!


Several years ago I had soy milk instead of normal milk. Tasted good but I preferred almond.


Most milk bars did that in the past. Malt has gone out of fashion in recent times.

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The Pancake Parlour has amazing milkshakes but they’re pretty large and expensive. As well as ice cream I think they add cream to make it thicker. Delicious but only on very special occasions…

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I don’t rate the pancake parlour


Time for something on topic…I think.

If Parrot does leave 2GB, who should his replacement be?

  • Ray Hadley
  • Ben Fordham
  • Karl Stefanovic
  • Steve Price
  • Kyle Sandilands
  • A woman
  • “Stephanie”
  • Dead air
  • El Captian Cranky

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Alan Jones?

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Where’s the ‘off-air’ option?


That’s “dead air”. :wink:


How do you currently watch the majority of your TV content?

  • Broadcast (FTA)
  • Subscription (Foxtel, etc)
  • BVOD (9Now, etc)
  • SVOD (Foxtel Now, Stan, Netflix, etc)
  • DVDs
  • iTunes
  • Other online (unofficial streaming, downloads, etc)
  • Other hardware (USB sharing or whatever)
  • Click here if none of the above, but please comment what :slight_smile:

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Mainly Netflix at the moment, though my trusty DVD boxsets are getting a workout too recently

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No Betamax option? :disappointed_relieved:


What about VHS? 16mm reels? :rofl:

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Did consider that option. But archaic now. Barely anyone would watch majority though VHS. Even though I still have one connected and from time to time revisit.


Haven’t had a cable plugged into the aerial socket for the whole time I’ve lived in my current house (3 years). Commercial FTA doesn’t have anything to offer, and iView and SBS On Demand cover off anything Australian.

Otherwise a mix of SVOD (Stan/Netflix) and downloads… although YouTube takes up a good chunk of screen time too.


Google Play is one I forgot, but unfortunately can’t be added to the poll after the first 60min.


What is the optimal quantity of Bailey? How often can you pump it out on Prime?

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Annually

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Never would be the most popular vote - if it was an option !!!