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I have almond milk cappuccinos, but regular milk with tea as almond milk and tea don’t mix that we’ll I’ve found.


I only drink almond milk now also and love it, it’s definitely better than soy or any other variations.

For me it was out of necessity originally and now I couldn’t imagine drinking regular milk again.


I drink Soy milk but wouldn’t touch almond milk again.


Why’s that, taste?

I only used to use soy and would only drink coffee with bonsoy, now I can’t stand it. I’d rather order a long back if a coffee shop doesn’t have almond milk.


Yeah the taste. I make smoothies for breakfast and tried almond milk as well. Had to settle for Soy.


Hold my drink…

Depends on who you talk to. :rofl:

Technically, you could make the claim urine is male nut juice…

I’ve squeezed cider (or was it beer) from a fake yak’s teats if that counts. Won a shirt for my trouble too!


That’s not the fluid from your nuts.


Was it apple? If not, it’s technically not cider either.


Meh…it exits in that general area, don’t give a rats.

Don’t know. I didn’t drink it. Was told not to.


Apart from AFL, which events will bring good excitement at Optus Stadium this year?

  • Eminem Rapture Tour
  • State of Origin in June 23
  • Soccer Game in July
  • Bledisloe Cup between Wallabies and All Blacks

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Define “Good excitement”. Are they not “great excitement”? or simply “shitty excitement”? :rofl:

To me, “good excitement” could mean :x::x::x: if you catch my drift. :wink: :rofl:

:x::x::x::x: if you’re in Queensland. :wink:


This post clearly belongs in the Media Spy After Dark thread!


Or the "I’m Gonna Pick On Someone Else’s Grammar Because I Feel Like It " thread.


Where is this thread?


Eminem was great in Melbourne last night


Sorry there isn’t one… It was my tongue in cheek reply that probably needed an emoji :smile:


How much does it cost For a ticket?


Cheapest left in Perth are almost 200


At least it’s much cheaper than a British Airways first class ticket :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It is every thread.