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Real men drink Nesquik.


The banana one I used to like now tastes like poison, a bunch of grainy chemicals, would rather eat pool salts


Do you know how much sugar is in milo? It’s ridiculous.


We grew up on Ovaltine - since the factory was just down the road. Other than that often the Banana Quik (before it became Nesquik)


Chocolate Quick was always my favourite. I don’t buy it anymore as I put on a tone of weight when drinking it.

I used to have two teaspoons, mix with my milk, then add another 3 teaspoons to lie down the bottom and eat at the end. It was amazing. I swear when I was drinking those I put on about 10kg.


You forgot the option - by the spoonful, in my mouth. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t drink Milo for breakfast, instead i had some pineapple powder in my almond milk.


La di da. That sounds quite elitist. :joy:


Hot, because I’m not a coward.


Almond milk is just weird… milk should never come from nuts, it’s just wrong.

Milk comes from teats.


Where’s the option of Iced?

Had those in Malaysia and I’m never going back to hot milo ever again.


Almond milk is nut juice. Change my mind


When making a cold Milo, do you dilute the powder with a bit of hot water to melt it down before adding cold milk, or do you prefer an inch of powder on the top?

That’s what really separates the men from the boys.


Have you always like almond milk? I just couldn’t handle the taste.


I prefer almond over soy or rice. Much easier to get used to the taste although the mouth feel isn’t perfect.


“Milk should never come from nuts”

I’ll remember that :smirk:


For once there was no double entendre intended :rofl:


I don’t believe you


I can’t drink milk because my tummy goes absolutely funny. Last time I had a milkshake was back in early 2011 at a cafe where I Felt pissed


Interesting. And after you realised this did you just drink Almond milk or did you try other milks first?