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Perth Glory


Perth Reds




I think I’ve been to that club… not everything was as it seemed :eggplant:


ngl idk if joke or not but

edit: if joke, I actually haven’t heard that one before lmao


It was a joke :stuck_out_tongue:


Perth Noodle Wok and Mobile Phone Repair


Perth Roadhouse. It’s at the Tasmanian branch of Perth though.


Great spot for a quick nap underneath the bridge there when travelling between the south and the NW coast.


Prefer what on Boxing Day ?

  • Shopping
  • Test match
  • Both

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A pity that you missed “Staying at home in the air conditioning and enjoying the leftovers” because that would probably be quite a popular option…


It’s certainly my option :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You also forgot the “stuck to the toilet after eating something dodgy at Christmas lunch” option.


You need a ‘none of the above’ option. I went with shopping as I did just pop into the city, and it was a fucking nightmare. People (including myself) are actually stupid.


I’m working (and did for a half day on Christmas) so neither for me!


So, following on from a discussion/debate during the Seven WBBL coverage, what rule did you have in backyard cricket?

  • Tippity
  • Tip and Run
  • Something Else (can comment if you like)

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Electric wickie.
Six and out.


We had auto wickie, hadn’t heard electric wickie.

With the tippity vs tip and run, it looked like it was Vic and Tassie for tippity at least.


Tip and Run in NSW.


There’s so many of those naming things that you just never come across, just because of how rarely they would ever come up in discussion.

One for me was the game I’d call “marker’s up” - get a footy, kick it up in the air, if someone marks it, they become the person who kicks. It was earlier this year that I heard for the first time in my life that people call it different things!

“Jack in the pack” was the other name - but it wasn’t even a state thing - it seems to as far as I can tell it is just some weird eastern suburban Melbourne thing. I would put a poll up, but apparently people in SA and WA have totally different names for it as well, so…