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Does anyone know why many people often leave the comment “did you record this with a calculator” on YouTube? What does it mean?


Because they usually say “Did you record this with a potato?”


What kind of Christmas shopper are you?

  • An organized shopper
  • Leaves it to the last possible minute
  • Spends more than you need to
  • Doesn’t shop

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When you have to shop for 8 and 4 year olds, you have to communicate with their parents (my brother and his missus) to ensure you’re buying the right gear.


Why do people have to buy presents for Christmas? You write them on a list and Santa gives you them…


Used to leave it to the last minute but have improved over the years in reading hints from people that I buy from in the months leading up. This doesn’t always work out sometimes though… (fancy yoga mat for my partner has never been used because he stopped doing Yoga just before Christmas and never went back… ugh lol).


Why didn’t you return it? :thinking:


He wanted to keep it anyway despite offering as he assumed he would eventually return to the classes (hasn’t happened yet).

Not to mention it was bought overseas and return shipping for something bulky like a mat is a pain in the ass.


Not last minute possible, but was best answer, as I’m usually well into December, usually a couple of weeks out.


2018 has been a significant event that happened in Perth. From Optus Stadium to concerts to the Qantas Dreamliner. Which is more significant?

  • Optus Stadium opening (21 Jan)
  • Qantas Dreamliner from Perth to London (24 March)
  • Both

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Something significant happened in Perth?
Define significant…




Neither. :wink:


I’d have to say Optus Stadium in that it is more likely to generate tourist dollars from interstate.

The Dreamliner will help a bit to bring British tourists in, but I don’t think it will have the same level of impact as the new stadium.


maybe you should add ‘the opening of the new Raine square’, or 'Renaming Perth Arena to RAC Arena, or $3 pints at the Vic. I mean you can’t get more riveting stuff like this in the city.

for those in the east, Raine square isn’t even fully open yet, that’s how exciting this city is


Raine Square isn’t half bad, it will look good one it’s fully finished and where the old pub used to be there is fully turned into the shops that they are putting there.

How I have missed cutting through Raine square to get to the train underground. There’s still a couple places inside the Raine Square that havent opened up yet. In the food court, there was supposed to be an italian resturant/cafe opening up. Still hasn’t opened and in the gateway toward the Perth Underground another haircut place was suppose to open last month.


Have been following this site for a while. It’s nice to see other passionate people on here. Love the Santa hats.


still pissed about that. cant we have one thing with the perth name on it?


Perth Wildcats.


Perth Scorchers