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Where’s Paul Murray?


He’ll be right with us after he’s finishing tilting at windmills.


On the turps?


Given there’s been a few posts on Christmas and religion lately, and that @Zacgb 's survey above says that 45% of those who responded are Christians, I wondered how many of us actually go to Church?

  • Wedding or funeral
  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Monthly in addition to the above
  • Weekly in addition to the above
  • Irregularly in addition to the above
  • Never except those selected above.

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Not really, just because we have a sense about how things work here in our world, that does not mean that is how it has to work everywhere else. I think some things we just weren’t meant to know about.

Not saying I 100% believe in a greater being, but I’ll always be somewhat open. Otherwise would be stupid (in my opinion only).

We weren’t meant to know everything (like how the world started), we just live our lives as best we can.


Something piqued our interest this week.


Does anyone remember what was happening around 8-15th July? Last week’s event seems to have been eclipsed by that.


It was around that time we heard about the failed rebrand of SCA’s Seven-affiliated news services and the results of Metro Radio Ratings Survey(s) #4 were released on July 10.

Also being mid-Winter, people are probably more likely to be online in July.


SCA change to Seven was announced about that time in June and then it was in time for July 1. Nothing really happened in that week apart from the confusion of the SC News returning. I doubt that would have eclipsed Ten though!


And I would think 90% of those posts were in one thread.


Probably the biggest thing in that week was the Thai cave rescue - where there where over 550 posts in the week in that topic plus many others in Sunrise, Today and news areas.


I’d pretty much convinced myself Matlock’s shitposting around that time and Sully’s seasonal obsession with Masterchef had been responsible for the huge amount of posts across that week in July.



Not from @MTLCK it isn’t


You all were lucky to have me.

(Shit I’m supposed to not be posting).



Poll time

I have wondered, when you take a photo with your phone’s camera, do you take it in

  • Landscape / Horizontal
  • Portrait / Vertical
  • Depends on what it is

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But video, always landscape.


Yeah, every time I see someone making a “vertical video” with their phone, I feel like screaming at them.


The BBC is a big advocate of vertical video. I can see the argument to an extent.


If it’s only ever going to be viewed on a mobile device (e.g. messaging, etc.), vertical. If not, always lansdcape.